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Thailand's Ancient Weapon Fighting Art: Krabi-Krabong

The ancient art of Krabi-Krabong is not taught at but a hand full of places in Thailand, however Tiger offers classes three times a week.

Kru Waigoon Oh Promsuwan is a bit of an institution here at Tiger Muay Thai, heading up the Krabi-Krabong classes at Tiger.

Krabi Krabong is a weapons-based martial art originating in Thailand. It began with the Siamese military and was used by warriors on the battlefield, often alongside Muay Boran. Warriors fought for survival, thus combat techniques at the time were especially deadly, utilizing spears, swords, knives and arrows.

When unarmed, Krabi Krabong employs a variety of strikes, locks, holds, kicks and throws as well. If weapons broke for example, battle would resume using these deadly unarmed techniques. Krabi Krabong is therefore not merely some weapons exhibition, but rather a complete battlefield art teaching principles of deadly combat. It can further be applied to everyday self-defense, using everyday objects as weapons.
Kru Oh has fought in Muay Thai, Muay Boran, MMA, Boxing and has had over 60 bare knuckle fights. No wonder he is one of the most popular trainers with both staff and clients alike, he is also one of the best.
Produced by Jeff Sainlar

Krabi Krabong Double-Sword Demonstration

Get more of Krabi Krabong Double Sword:

Col. Nattapong Buayam, a former Thai spec-ops hand-to-hand and weapons instructor, trained elite troops in Southeast Asia on the combative essence of krabi krabong (Thai traditional weaponry) and muay Boran (the forefather to muay Thai) for decades. The aggressive footwork and rapid-fire weapon attacks make it a nightmare to defend against. Black Belt contributing editor Dr. Mark Cheng traveled to Thailand to train intensively with the colonel. From sunup to sundown the colonel taught me krabi krabong's trademark weapon, the daab song mue (double sword), he said. By the end of the week I was able to use live blades so fast that I raised sparks with almost every movement. It was one of the dopest experiences of my life. In this exclusive video, sparks fly (literally!) as Dr. Cheng demonstrates one of the double-sword lessons he learned from Col. Buayam.

Krabi Krabong - Training in Thailand 2011


AVSE (Association of Ving Tsun, Security System and Escrima)

Old footage - Krabi-Krabong in Bangkok (1960)

Krabi-Krabong at the Poussam festival in Bangkok 1960 with French commentary

Krabi Krabong 03 - WorldMAC 2015 Bangkok

Krabi Krabong match during the World Martial Arts Council Games 12 - 22 March 2015 - Bangkok.
Visit the Photo Gallery of the event here:

Sword Fighting (Krabi Krabong) Demonstration

Krabi Krabong Demonstration with teachers, Kru Oh and Chris Lawrence at the BBQ Beatdown. Come learn with us!


Krabi Krabong class @ Tiger Muay Thai

Krabi Krabong class with Kru Oh at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA training Camp, Phuket Thailand. Kru Oh has studied Krabi Krabong inBangkok for many years with his Master Instructor and Fighting Muay Chaiya.
Krabi krabong is a weapon-based martial art from Thailand. Its name refers to the system's main weapons, namely the sword (krabi) and staff (krabong). It is closely related to other Southeast Asian fighting styles such as Indon-Malay silat, Burmese banshay and the armed component of Cambodian kbachkun boraan and bokator. Unarmed krabi krabong makes use of kicks, pressure points, locks, holds, and throws. The royal bodyguard corps of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) are said to be highly trained experts of krabi krabong.

Krabi Krabong

Krabi Krabong Demonstration
Check out this krabi krabong demonstration performed by Kru Oh and one of his students during a Muay Thai event. We are one of very few schools who offer this class, so if you want to learn we offer it Mon-Fri at 5 p.m.

Krabi Krabong Thai Sword Lotus Shape - Kru Praeng

Krabi Krabong Thai Sword Lotus Shape. This sword is replicas of ancient swords.

weight - balance test and sword demonstration by kru praeng

Kru Praeng adviser of Conservation Group of Ancient Weapons in Southeast Asia

ครูแปรง ครูสอนกระบี่กระบอง-ดาบไทย ที่ปรึกษาของชมรมสืบสานศาสตราอุษาอาคเนย์
สาธิตการใช้งาน ควงดาบ ทดสอบน้ำหนักและสมดุล ของ ดาบไทยทรงปลายบัว สร้างใหม่เลียนแบบของโบราณ

Two Swords Wai Kru Dance

Two Swords Wai Kru Dance by Tak

The Muay Thai Sangha Fighting Arts School is a camp located in North Thailand. The training program includes empty hand program Muay Chaiya & Muay Thai fighting and the weapons training Krabi Krabong Thai Weapons. As well in the Camp students practice everyday Meditation, Warrior Yoga and Martial Breathing to improve their awareness health and sensitivity.


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Krabi Krabong Baan Kru Praeng 1

Krabi Krabong Baan Kru Praeng 1 record from trip to Siam Yuth Baan Kru Praeng Phuket

Introduce about Krabi Krabong Thai Sword

กระบี่กระบองบ้านครูแปรง บันทึกไว้ตอนเดินทางลงไปเยี่ยมศูนย์ศึกษาสยามยุทธ์บ้านครูแปรงสาขาภูเก็ต



Krabi Krabong und Muay Chaiya Workshop in Münster

Am 20.11.2012 fand ein Krabi Krabong und Muay Chaiya Workshop für Anfänger bei uns in der Kampfsportschule Münster statt.

Die Trainer waren dieses Mal Lamp Thaiachira und Ralf Kussler.
Vielen Dank an beide für die tollen 3 Stunden.

Weitere Info's zu den Trainern findet ihr unter:

Trainingszeiten, Kontakt und Anfahrt findet ihr unter

Archie & Fareoh - Feathers

Kamera & Videobearbeitung:


Krabi Krabong Bangkok part 1

Krabi Krabong techniques part 1.
Thanks to Kru Thod - Bangkok. Thai Sword Bangkok.

Krabi-krabong is a weapon-based martial art from Thailand. It is closely related to other Southeast Asian fighting styles such as Malay silat, Burmese banshay and Cambodian kbach kun boran. The royal bodyguard corps of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) are said to be highly trained in krabi-krabong.

The system's name refers to its main weapons, namely the curved sword (krabi) and staff (krabong). Typically, two swords are wielded as a pair. Unarmed krabi-krabong (muay boran) makes use of kicks, pressure point strikes, joint locks, holds, and throws.

The weapons of krabi-krabong include the following:

กระบี่ Krabi: sabre/single-edge sword
กระบอง Krabong: staff/pole
ดาบสองมือ Daab song mue: double swords, one in each hand
โล่ Lo: shield/buckler made from wood or buffalo hide
พลอง Phlong: stick/ cudgel, usually either paired or used with a shield
ง้าว Ngao or Ngau: bladed staff
ไม้ศอก Mai sok san: a pair of clubs worn on the forearms

クラビー・クラボーン กระบี่กระบอง Краби-крабонг

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Krabi Krabong exhibition, 22.9.2013

Krabi Krabong exhibition, 22.9.2013 Praha

Maestro Lek exhibicion krabi krabong


The truth about Krabi Krabong

This Video shows why Krabi Krabong is no fighting style at all!!

Fight Vision Season 1. Krabi Krabong BKK

Road of our trip turned to Bangkok right to Ramkhamhaeng University.

We met Kru Thod Tosapon, Krabi Krapong Trainer.

So you'll learn more about Krabi Krapong in Thailand, about it's history. And if you have a wish to practice old style of Muay Thai like Krabi Krapong - welcome to Bangkok. In this video you'll get to know more about old styles of Muay Thai, types of swords and how martial artists use swords in Krabi Krabong.

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Krabi Krabong (Daab swords) Part 1/2

krabi free practice, in Greece

Krabi Krabong Thai Sword Real Fighting

Krabi Krabong Thai Sword Fighting in Wai Kru Ceremony 2012

One Hand Sword By Master Ying And Tuk
Two Hand Sword By Big And Da

การต่อสู้กระบี่กระบอง ลงเชิงแบบตีจริง ไม่จัดคิว ในงานไหว้ครู มวยไชยา และ อาวุธไทย บ้านครูแปรง ปี 2555

ดาบเดี่ยว โดย ครูยิ่ง และ ตัก
ดาบสองมือ โดย บิ๊ก และ ดา

BBQ Beatdown 130 krabi krabong demo

A spectacular Krabi Krabong (Thai sword fighting) exhibition at last month's BBQ Beatdown put on by our Thai traditional martial arts instructor Kru Oh and his daughter.
This month edition of our famous BBQ Beatdown event is taking place this Saturday and, as usual, will feature a card of pro & amateur Muay Thai, MMA and boxing fights, all-you-can-eat buffet, live DJ, 2 free drinks and a fully stocked bar. Get your tickets now for a special pre-booking price!

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