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Korfball Promo Video (The World Games 2017)

Promotional korfball video shown during The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, explaining the most important rules, spirit and philosophy of this mixed gender sport played in 68 countries around the world.

Credits: IKF - International Korfball Federation

England Korfball League Final 2015

Bec take on the reigning champions Trojans in this epic clash to become England Korfball League's champions 2015.

Commentary by Tom Brady and Jess Beale.

The Rules of Korfball (Korfbal) - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Korfball - a popular sport in Europe from the Netherlands.
This is a beginner's explanation of Korfball Rules.
Watch this short video tutorial guide on how to play Korfbal under International Korfball Federation Rules as played at University Korfball Clubs.
Learn about defended, free pass, penalty shot, mixed gender and more!

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Video: Copyright Korfbal League, IKF (I do not own any video footage – I claim FAIR USE).
Images: Google
Music: ‘EDM Detection Mode’ by Kevin MacLeod
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

Copyright Ninh Ly 2014 -
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Cashback World Korfbal League Final 2018/2019 (English)

Saturday, April 13th the Dutch 'Korfball League Final 2019' is played between Fortuna/Delta Logistiek and PKC/SWKGroep. The match will be broadcasted live on the IKF YouTube channel with English commentary from Tom Brady (Great Britain) and Manon Wiegerink (The Netherlands).

More info:

Korfball Promotional Video

Play korfball!

Korfball is a fast paced exciting sport played in over 50 countries.

This short video (even though it is a bit old!) will show you the basic principles of the game.


Nuestro trabajo para educación física sobre el deporte recreativo del korfball o balón korf. Nos costó lo nuestro :D
El video contiene la canción de DVBBS & Borgeous-Tsunami (Radio Edit, así como otras músicas de youtube.
Y un vídeo promocional del korfball de Sportaccord.

Netherlands v Czech Republic - Korfball World Championships 2007

Semi-Final of the IKF Korfball World Championships 2007 in Brno.

"Korfball Lessons" by Suzanne Struik

The best korfball tutorials by the best players.



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Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like

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What Is Korfball?

A documentary made for a University project.

Featuring Southampton Spartans Korfball team.

Created by Matt Downer, Georgia Constantinou, James Moore, Declan Carlin and Conor Brosnan

Legal & General Finals 2019 - Promotion Final

Live from the Copper Box Arena in London - Join our live stream of the Promotion Final with the victor securing a spot in the England Korfball Premier Division next season


LFF Playoffs 2017 - Ep. 1 - Bristol Thunder v Cambridge Tigers

Episode 1 is the England Korfball playoff match between Bristol Thunder vs Cambridge Tigers at the LFF Grand Finals 2017

Belgium vs Netherlands - Korfball WC2011 - Final

The final of the IKF World Championships 2011 - Shaoxing China

LFF Finals 2018 - GRAND FINAL: Trojans v Bec

TOP doelpunten zaterdag 13 januari 2018 finale Europa Cup Korfball



World Korfball Championships 2015 - Belgium v Chinese Taipei - Extended Highlights

Belgium take on Chinese Taipei in this day 5 clash at the Korfball World Championships 2015.

Legal & General Finals 2019 - Manchester Warriors vs Highbury

Live from the Copper Box Arena in London. It's the first Promotional Division Semi-Final between Manchester Warriors -v- Highbury.


Legal & General Finals 2019 - GRAND FINAL

The Grand Final of the England Korfball Premier League, the biggest domestic korfball competition in England - Live from the Copper Box Arena in London


Корфбол ( випуск 4): Korfball (episode 4)

У новому випуску корфбольної програми ми розповідаємо про те, як побували на чемпіонаті світу у Нідерландах та побачили, як наші тренери Олег Білик та Віктор Батяла проходили там тренерські курси.

Ще до Львова приїжджав представник міжнародної федерації корфболу, щоб перевірити, чи зможе наше місто приймати у листопаді 2019-го етап чемпіонату Європи.

Junior-Z під дощем у Львові. Тепер львівські школярі вміють грати у корфбол за будь-якої погоди.

"Korfball Lessons" by Laurens Leeuwenhoek

The best korfball tutorials by the best players.



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