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2016 HO Sports Kneeboard Collection

The 2016 HO Sports Kneeboard Collection includes Frankie Panno's hard charging pro model Agent board, the flagship Joker Board and the all new cable park Reflex Board. No matter what type of knee-riding you're doing, we've got you covered. HO Sports Kneeboards also include the Proton, Neutron and Electron boards, for those who prefer the feeling of a Roto molded style. For 2016 we've also added several kneeboard accessories including the Pannoshock inflatable pad for cushioned landings, the Pannolock dual locking strap and more! Check them out at!

Kneeboarding for the first time

As the title says, went kneeboarding for the first time. Skip to 5.30 if you want to watch me stack it

Kneeboarding 101

victoria learns to kneeboard

Best Kneeboard Compilation 2019!!!

Well I went through the archives and found all of the best footage of my friends! Hope you guys like the compilation!

If you'd like to follow these athletes you can find their Instagram names below.


kneeboarding 2016

obrien sozo kneeboard

2017 International Kneeboard Rider Cup Recap




kneeboarding flips and tricks


Kneeboard Professionals Shred at Wake the Lakes 2018!!!

The first ever Wake the Lakes 2018 was an amazing event! Come along with me on my journey and catch a glimpse of what went down and prepare yourself for part 2!!!

Here are the two movies I watched in the airport ;)

Barefoot Start off a Kneeboard

60 year old man does a barefoot start off of a kneeboard

Kneeboarding Expert--4 yo turning 5 in 2 months.

21 month old swimmer--now she's kneeboarding & pulling 360's. Good times.


Kneeboarding at Lake Eildon

GoPro: First time wakepark, Penrith

Trip to Penrith Wakepark, Sydney

Best Beginner Kneeboard - How to Kneeboard

The Defy kneeboard! Designed for beginner and intermediate riders, the Defy’s classic shape provides a smooth ride and easy pop off the wake. Comfortable neoprene grip knee pads and easy-pull Velcro fitting belt give maximum control for every maneuver and trick. Extreme graffiti graphics are available in either cool blue or warm red.

* Ideal rider weight - No limit

*Board Dims: 50x 20.125 x 4.5

*Board material LLDPE outside+ PU foam inside

*Strap material Nylon strap+ neoprene protection 30cm x 7cm

*Board surface Glossy surface on top, Matte finish on bottom

*Kneepad material Super Flex Sponge + Normal EVA

GoPro Hero 2 Kneeboarding fun

Kneeboarding with a friend and my GoPro, no jumps, just 360 fun . Subscribe Please

Kneeboarding the Wedge

Max Bollinger talks about kneeboarding the Wedge in Newport Beach California.
Video ©

Luke's 1st flip on a kneeboard 2015

Kneebording on Lake Martin with the Merrett's. Luke landing his first ever back flip.

3 UP Kneeboarding

3 Up Knee boarding in the Able Tasman with Mitchell Denton, Matthew Denton, Josh Canton.

Kneeboarding @ Hip-Notics Cable Park - Pierre Petit

A Quick Edit made using i-Movie

Shows Myself (Pierre Petit) Kneeboarding at the Hip-Notics Cable Park, Turkey while on the Uniwake Annual Holiday

April 2011

Kneeboarding Tricks: "Gettin' Dizzy" with Mario Fossa. Highlights from 1993 Instructional DVD

The Colorful Opening Montage from Gettin' Dizzy (1993). Starring Super Mario Fossa, the King of Dizzy. Kneeboarding was at its peak of popularity, but wakeboarding was on the brink of taking over the towed watersports industry.

This step-by-step instructional and entertaining video is available on DVD. Tips and Tricks from the basic beach start to wake and air flips.
Buy Gettin' Dizzy here:

The Best History of Kneeboarding (Playlist):

WET & WILD Playlist (My best skiing spanning 30 years)

WACKY WATER SKIING Playlist: Picnic Table, Hydrofoil Bike & more!

HOW TO HOT DOG Playlist:

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