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Kiteboarding Is Awesome #7

The best videos of Kiteboarding . Thanks to the kitesurfers out there, you're all awesome!!!

Best Of Kiteboarding 2018 #2 :

Best Of Kiteboarding 2017:
Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #6 :
Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #5 :
Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #4 :
Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #3 :
Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #2 :
Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #1 :
A kiteboarding mix of oldschool, newschool, freestyle, wakestyle, wave riding, sliders and extrême.
#Kitesurf #Kitesurfing #Kiteboarding #Kite #Surf #Extreme #KiteboardingIsAwesome #UniversKite

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The videos of kiteboarding are :

00:00 Aaron Hadlow Megaloop Frontroll Boardoff KOTA 2018

00:17 Alex Caizergues - Stay Fast - Episode 4

00:20 Back On Board - The Line - Episode 3

00:29 Discovering new places

00:37 Howling wind and glassy surf Jalou 's tories #22

00:58 Kitesurfing Scotland A kitefoil journey on the islands - Aerial Filming

Yvon Labarthe

01:11 La Balade Ep.11 (Hors Série)

01:28 Aaron Hadlow jumps over sand bar in safety bay

01:56 Alex Caizergues - Stay Fast - Episode 4

02:01 Back On Board - The Line - Episode 3

02:10 One day with Keahi

02:22 Kite World Champion Karolina Winkowksa in Brazil

02:35 Pure Cocos

02:56 Kite Stress KEVVLOG #202

03:01 Downs and ups KEVVLOG #203

03:16 Parajuru - Kitesurfing paradise

03:28 Pure Cocos

03:50 One day with Keahi

04:06 NOBILE Hydrofoil Unlimited

04:23 Paul Serin - Stay A fighter - Episode 5

The music is :
Jordan Schor X Harley Bird - Home
Far Out - Chains (feat. Alina Renae)

Kite surfer flies away 150m high

Wanna get Thrilled?!
This is Shoky Blue Lagoon- from Blue Lagoon, south sinai, Eygpt.
In this video Shoky is connected to f-one kitesurfing equipment meanwhile he is holding a 200 meters rope, connected to a boat.
As a result, Shoky goes up in the air and reaches over 150 meters hight. Shoky has no safty (reserve) parachute.
Shoky is going big, wild and EXTREME
taking that massive risk just to feel the adrenaline rush flowing through his vains!
Enjoy watching shoky and maybe you can get a taste of the thrill!
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Kite surfer Flies away with a kite

Kitesurfing Value Experiment

In this video we compared two kites (2006 Flysurfer Speed 2 12m and 2018 Flysurfer Soul 12m) to find out which kite, according to our friends, provides more value for money. The result of this new vs used kite challenge actually surprised us - enjoy!

Camera & Kite Gear:



Extreme Kiteboarding in Pumping Conditions | Red Bull King of the Air 2016

Cape Town and its prolific summer South-Easter winds hosted the world’s most progressive kiteboarders in a head-to-head big air competition.

► Watch Jason Polakow Defines Windsurfing Perfection:

During a two-week weather window, riders from 11 nations waited for the windiest day – and with iconic Table Mountain as backdrop – both wind and sea delivered some pumping conditions. The UK’s own Aaron Hadlow claimed the throne ahead of Hawaiian Jesse Richman (who won in 2013) and Kevin Langeree from the Netherlands (2014 winner). The clinically technical Hadlow pulled his trademark Kiteloop KGB to complete the win, his second in a row.

#redbull #RedBullKingOfTheAir #kiteboarding

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your stoke factor to be at an all time high.

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Kitesurfing How-to: Riding & Control Introduction

Find out more at

This Riding & Control Collection contains three in-depth videos, along with a FREE introductory video. Over 50 minutes of in-depth instruction available exclusively through the Progression Player App:
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Find out more about all our kitesurfing videos:

Main Riders:
Jalou Langeree:

Courtesy of Tru Thoughts
Sunset Strut by Lost Midas
Grounded in Fargo by TM Juke
Terrapin by Bonobo
The Plug by Bonobo
Wider than the Sky by Quantic
Magicman by Bonobo

How to Kitesurf: Bodydrag Tutorial

This video looks at bodydragging in detail. We cover upwind, crosswind and downwind bodydragging and explain how to control your direction. We also look at some of the most common mistakes, to help you overcome them.

Kite: Core XR4

Location: Aruba

Kiter: Christie

Drone: Phantom 4

Kitesurfing vs Windsurfing Injuries

Who is more likely to get injured: a kitesurfer or a windsurfer? While the answer may not surprise you, what is truly interesting is the breakdown of injuries that occurred by skill level, as well as where kiting and windsurfing injuries are most likely to happen.

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How to Kitesurf: Jumping, Part 1: small jumps, medium jumps & mistakes

This kiteboarding tutorial starts by explaining very small jumps – designed for you to practice with less risk. We then explain how to jump a little higher; and finally look at the problems you are likely to face while learning to jump.


BOARD: Core Fusion


MUSIC: Stratosphere by Adam Vitovský. This file was downloaded from the

How To Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing Self Landing

Pro's Evan Netsch and Damien LeRoy breakdown how to self land your kite when no one is around to help you. We always recommend to have someone grab your kite if you have the option.

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The Best Kitesurfing Spots in the World 4K - Part 1

Enjoy the most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World for Kiteboarding
World's Most Beautiful Landscapes for kitesurfing, from all over the world: Hawaii, Turks and Caicos Islands, Australia, British Virgin Islands, Cook Islands, Fiji, Necker Island, Brazil, Cape Town, Cayman Islands.
#Kitesurf #Kitesurfing #Kiteboarding #Kite #Surf #Extreme #Best #Spot #UniversKite #TheBestKitesurfingSpotsInTheWorld

Thanks to the kitesurfers out there, you're all awesome!!!

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The videos of kitesurfing are :
Karlie Thoma and her Amazing Kiteboarding skills! 4K + Drone - Paia Beach, Maui, Hawaii
Cayman KiteBoarding Sweet Spot Aerial Drone 4K + - Cayman Islands
'Chapter One' - The Kiteboard Legacy Begins (Official 4K Trailer) - Fiji, Hawaii, Necker Island, Brazil, Cape Town
Best Kitesurfing Island in the world - Aitutaki, Cook Islands
BVI | The Baths | Necker Island | Eustatia | Cabrinha | Kiteboarding | DJI Inspire 1 - The Baths, Necker Island, British Virgin Islands
Worlds most beautiful Kiteboarding destination - South Pacific
Kiteboarding the South Pacific - MarcJacobs drone action - South Pacific
Safety Bay Kiteboarding Nov 2015 - Safety Bay, Western Australia
The Getaway Kiteboarding in Paradise 4k - Turks and Caicos Islands
Windsurfing and Kiteboarding at Jaws (from a drone) - Jaws, Peahi, Maui, Hawaii

The music is :
VentiCoco - Tranquil
Silencyde - Reminisce

Video to watch before your first kitesurfing lesson (Basic kitesurfing overview)

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Watch this video to help you get the most out of your first Kitesurfing lesson saving time and money.

There are a lot of simple things you can learn from a video, to help give a general understanding of, kite surfing, equipment, dangers, wind theory, basic kite piloting, etc, so that when you get down to the beach with an instructor, it will help you progress faster. I hope this helps What to know before your first Kitesurfing lesson to help

How to Kitesurf: Waterstart Tutorial 2017

The tutorial looks at the waterstart. It's designed to help people taking lessons, not replace lessons.

We look at kite control, body position, board control and typical mistakes to be aware of.

Learning to Kitesurf - 10 Things to Know

Yuri traveled to Hatteras with a kite school recently, and while he was there he interviewed a bunch of people who are learning to kitesurf. Here are the tips they had for anyone who is considering kiting and what they can expect as they learn the sport.

Gear We Use:


Extreme Kitesurfing in Cloudbreak, Maui & Indonesia - Patri McLaughlin

Best of Kitesurfing 2017, HD, 4k, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, tutorial kitesurfing 2017, top kitesurfing2017
1. Rory Chapman and myself teamed up recently for some kite/camera swapping, riding the new BWSurf Aeneema at Cloudbreak, Fiji.

2. Youri Zoon has spent his life focussing on one goal: the world championship. After spending every windy day on the water for the last decade, his dream becomes reality in 2011.

3. Patri McLaughlin: Reverie
Take a kitesurfing journey to the best spots on the planet. Watch Patri explore the outermost reaches of Africa. After experiencing the incredible waves of Namibia he jets on over to Mauritius and kitesurfs left after left at the infamous One Eye. Next, Patri makes his way to Indonesia for an unbelievable barrel fest. In the end, Patri makes it back to Maui and is blessed with the once in lifetime El Nino winter and Jaws. Reverie has beautiful photography of wind, water and waves. Shot on the land, in the water and from the air, Reverie is a once in generation kitesurfing event. Throw your cell phone away and experience this in full HD and watch the way kitesurfing should be! Aloha and Good Luck

1. Electro-Light - The Ways (feat. Aloma Steele) [NCS Release]
2. K.Safo & Alex Skrindo - Future Vibes feat. Stewart Wallace (Uplink Remix) [NCS Release]

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Best Kitesurfing Island in the world - Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Check out

Kiteboarding Aitutaki, Cook Islands, north of Rarotonga, is one of the best kitesurfing locations in the world.

Kiteboarding massive shallow sand bottom areas, perfect to learn to kiteboard, mixed with super flat water to push your new kiteboarding freestyle tricks. The magnificent blue lagoon is over 11km wide, full of small sand islands and amazing fish life for you to explore.

Join Marc Jacobs, Greta Menardo, Felix Pivec and the Switch Kiteboarding crew enjoying their annual trip to Aitutaki.

Wet and Wild - Aitutaki Kiteboarding and Fishing Charters
Ranginui's Sunset Retreats - Accommodation
Manureva Aquafest - Kiteboarding Competition

How to downloop safely kitesurfing

This is the safest way to learn to downloop.. The 'downloop' is one of the most important skills to perfect, it will help you with everything from just turning around to landing massive jumps, check it out...

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Have you ever heard of Sal? It is a small island in Cape Verde off the coast of Western Africa with welcoming people and good vibes. This is where the GKA set their bags for the first stage of the 2019 season.

We decided to go there and to follow the best strapless riders on the planet throughout the event. Mitu Monteiro, AIRton Cozzolino, Camille Delannoy, Moona Whyte and Charlotte Carpentier open us the doors of the world tour.


#ThisIsTheBestOfKitesurfing #Kitesurfing #Kiteboarding

Extreme Endurance Kitesurfing Race | Red Bull Coast 2 Coast

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2 coasts, 40 kilometers and over 400 competitors: This is Red Bull Coast 2 Coast, the toughest kitesurfing marathon in the world. This years event has racers hauling ass thorugh the open ocean, starting in Germany and ending on the coast of Denmark.

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your stoke factor to be at an all time high.

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00 Special Agent Foil Board (Cabrinha Kitesurfing)

The Special Agent is a freeride foil board like no other. It has been freshly designed for riders wanting performance and simplicity in one easy to use foil board. The UD carbon, fiberglass construction added to a geometric stringer from tip to tail gives incredible stiffness and responsiveness. The reduction in sizing is made comparable to bigger boards due to an advanced new outline that maximizes its length while the bottom shape adds volume and float to your ride.

The full EVA deck pad with kick tail allows complete freedom of movement and direct board control. Riders using foot straps can utilise the 2 or 3 strap configuration for a fully customizable ride.

The industry standard 9cm new adjustable foil tracks come complete with integrated T-nuts allowing you to finely tune the mast position.

Available in:
105 X 39.5
125 X 42.5

For more info, please visit:

Tunnel Vision - Keahi de Aboitiz (Cabrinha Kitesurfing)

For Keahi, kitesurfing has become an extension of surfing and a way to spend as much time in the ocean as possible. It’s a tool that turns windy sessions into a whole new world of fun.

It’s an obsessive addiction that has led him to drop everything when a forecasted big swell appears on the horizon and scramble into planning to make it there. 2019 marked the beginning of a journey to go in search of some of the best waves on the planet.

Tunnel Vision is an action-heavy film that highlights my love for barrels and shows the similarities between sports that I have grown to love

A Cabrinha Films production by Anders Krüger, in association with Patagonia.

Produced by Keahi de Aboitiz & James Boulding

Additional Filming:
Jesse little, Phil Sobolev, Owen Milne, Jake Stone, Jacob Laham, Spencer Frost, Shane Grace, Thomas crews, Mickey Bernardoni, Dan O Sullivan, Taylor Curran, Aidan Gunn, Diogo D’orey, Bernt Bruns, Josh rowe, Ritxi Goya, Javi Goya, Nate Fisher, Dylan Roberts, Damea Dorsey, Jon Aspuru, Moona Whyte, James Boulding

Music: The Walking Who

For more information on Keahi's kite of choice, the DRIFTER, check out:



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