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Kite landboarding


It's Windy kite landboarding

Just your average Saturday at the local kite spot of Frinton on sea in the Uk, first time out on the new Peter Lynn Escape V5 7m kite !!!!!

Flyboarden (Kite landboarding) Romo 2012 team

8 day Kite landboarding trip to Rømø Danmark with Team in the period of 28th of July until 5th of August. All 8 day kite landboarding (in the Netherlands we call it Flyboarden), kitesurfing and buggying.

Kite Land Boarding is FUN !

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Kite Land Boarding is awesome !!

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Kite LandBoarding in mountains ! Part #1

Kite landboarding in the Alps! That's how it looks like, epic landscapes and awesome view for a cool land kite session in the mountains :)
This is the part #1 of my land kiting series riding the mountains.

Spot : Col du Lautaret, Pyramide.
Wind : 12 knots

In this video I ride with the PEAK3 :

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How To Kite Land Board Tutorial FULL video

If you enjoyed this video please support this project for making it free to watch.
Welcome to the Super Kite Day How to Kite Land Board Tutorial!
It's finally here, the full free video. It took a lot of time to get this ready but here it is. Share it with your friends, get them into kiteboarding too. I made this video to help people learn and benefit from this free video, but please remember this is not a substitute for kiteboarding lessons with a qualified instructor. Kite Landboarding is a dangerous sport so please take great care. Practice with a trainer kite and read the manual. Get lessons from a kiteschool and your progression will be much faster and safer. This video is only a guide and you can't beat a lesson with a real instructor in the real conditions.

Kites used in this video:
Flysurfer Viron2 DLX 6m

Flysurfer Speed 4 lotus 18m

Flysurfer Cronix 10m

MBS Pro 90 board

Abe Alzouman
QuiCk ShOt FilMs

Filmed with GoPro 4 Black edition and GoPro3 Black

All Footage is owned by 'QuiCk ShOt FilMs' - Super Kite Day Youtube channel
I have full permission to use music from the Artists 'Anitek' and 'Kognitif'.

Full music credit goes to:
Anitek Music

Kognitif musique

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Sunset Beach Freestyle Kite Landboarding

Took a week off at home. Here's some the highlights that were caught on film

Deluxe Super Kite Land Boarding

October home spot sesh, Good wind and sun all day. Trying out my new Flysurfer speed 3 Deluxe.

Music: Parov Stelar - Catgroove

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KiTe Landboarding HD

Kitelandboarding crash kitesurf kiteloop Super Bock Party

crashes fails kite landboarding

crash and fails back when we started landboarding

Kite landboarding speed 49,08 mph GoPro 4K

Kite landboarding inside action max speed run 49,08 mph (79 km/h)!!!

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Freestyle Kite Landboarding 2011 UK

Kite Edit from the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012.
Filmed on a GoPro HD, Nikon D90 and Nikon D5100

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Adam Barstow - 9m North Vegas, 12m Ozone Frenzy, MBS Pro 95
James Grant - 7m & 12m North Vegas, Scrub GLD
Tom Wilkinson - 12m Flysurfer Speed 2, MBS comp 16?

Edited by James Grant, with Thanks to Ollie Lucas and Sam Dodd for filming and driving

Kitelooping over land! Extreme kiteboarding during "The Beast from the East"

to see other videos, pictures, team riders, information about lessons and more!

Here's our new video Taming the Beast

The Beast from the east arrived and bought with it super strong easterly winds, just what we need for an epic kite land board session. The PUSH Kiting crew assembled and we had our first 7m Kiteloop session for a long time!

It's hardcore throwing big loops on land and it gives you a huge rush, if you want to learn then come get some lessons, watch videos and take it slowly!

Kite LandBoarding Max Speed 81,7km/h (50,67mph)

New goal in my kiteboarder career, reach 62,14mph (100km/h) on my landboard !
This video presents my first kite landboarding speed training session in strong wind about 30 to 38 knots, max speed recorded on GPS : 50,67mph (81,7 km/h) !!
I customized a special landboard for my speed record, I have a X-shape full carbone deck, X-Race model, this deck is super stable, perfect for the speed !
I'm flying the Flysurfer BOOST2 7m.
Watch in 4K !!!!
Spot : Leucate La Franqui, south coast of France
Date : 14th July 2016
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X-shape X-Race deck :
More X-Race details :
Powerkiter :
Flysurfer kiteboarding :
Camera : Karl Zaepffel - BSD prod
Edit : BSD prod

Kite LandBoarding sesh 06April2018 - Back on grass!

I'm back to my first love for few days in Northern of France, Kite LandBoarding on grass !
Check out the cool session we had with friends few days ago, always good fun to shred with a landboard ;)

Thanks to my KLB sponsors :

Big up to my kite club Kite Unit :

In this video I'm riding with the new closed-cell foil kite called SOUL from

Kite Landboarding Tips & Techniques : Different Stances for Kite Landboarding

Learn basic kite landboarding essentials such as kiteboarding stances, in this free video lesson.

Expert: Francisco Escudero
Bio: Francisco Escudero is the owner of Sky Banditz Kiteboarding Center in Miami, FL.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Kite LandBoarding at La Franqui

J'étais du côté de La Franqui ces derniers jours, et j'ai profité de ce bon spot de LandKite !

Un grand merci à mes partenaires de ride X-Shape, Powerkiter et FLYSURFER Kiteboarding pour tout ce matos parfait !

Le kiff de faire des prises de vues aériennes avec mon Mavic dans ce lieu magique, et merci à Did BTA d'avoir pris un peu de temps pour me filmer en drone :)

Maintenant quelques jours de taf au Pont du Gard, puis direction l' Outdoormix Festival 6th edition official, j'y serais du 19 au 21 Mai, see you there les z'amis ;)

I was on a kite trip in Leucate La Franqui few days ago, and I had 2 nice KLB sessions on this sick Land Kiting spot !

Lots of fun riding the FLYSURFER Kiteboarding SOUL 18m in light wind :)

Kite Land Boarding - GoPro Hero6 240fps super slow motion

GoPro just launched their brand new Hero6 action camera, which is able of an amazing feature, 1080p 240fps super slowmotion!
And that might just be the perfect tool for filming KiteLandBoard action at it's finest. See Lolo BSD in action with our SPEED5 12.0m closed-cell all-terrain kite.
Video by rider Lolo BSD:

Kite Landboard Lessons WIND WARRIORS, Foxton Beach

Want to learn to Kite Landboard, well youve come to the right place!
Wind Warriors at Foxton Beach can show you how with all the gear and the ONLY qualified Kite Landbaord Instructor in NZ.
Learn on the latest Ozone Kites and a selection of the Sickest mountain boards on the planet.
Dont be shy, sign up today, and bring the family with you....
They'll LOVE IT!

beginner landboard


Kite Landboarding, Getting Air and the Consequences of it.

Kite landoarding at Big Sabine Beach in Pensacola Florida. I am riding a mountain board with the brake removed on a trail/sidewalk alongside Via De Luna Drive. I used a five meter HQ depowering kite and a GoPro Hero 4 silver.

I have no rights to the song in this video.
Spirit In the Sky - Norman Greenbaum



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