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Kite buggy


Delta Secret Run - Kitebuggy - 20130518

Delta de l'ebre
Otro buen fin de semana más :-)

Freestyle Kite Buggy @ Ivanpah Dry Lake - Brian Holgate

Brian Holgate laying down some tricks at Ivanpah near Las Vegas, Nv.

Aberavon Sand Pirates Aberavon Kite buggy Jumping flexifoil 11 08 2013

Aberavon Sand Pirates Best of 2015 Freestyle Kite buggying

the best bits of 2015. not loads of sessions but the sessions we did have were quality. 2015 was also the year we switched to depower. pictures from:
Theo Southee

Richard Green

Chris Hayes
Click Photography Wales

Extreme high wind kite buggying

Kite buggying in wind speeds and gusts ranging from storm force 10 to hurricane force 12 while shielding my eyes from the frozen horizontal rain may not be everyone's idea of a good time at the beach......more -

It would have been better if the beach had been dry and flat.

Not surprisingly, the storm had carved up the beach creating shallow gullies and lots of standing water making it very dangerous to ride on as the buggy would either bounce or aquaplane.

The kite was extremely overpowered. The maximum recommended wind speed for the 5m Best Warro is around 40mph but we flew it in almost double that wind speed often with shocking and sudden gusts. The wind would drop to 55-60mph then in an instant it would gust to 75-80+mph.

Sheeting the bar inwards by just a tiny amount was scary and giving it no power at all was even worse due to lack of steering response. A fine balance had to be found.

After only half an hour we called it a day. It was clear that in these conditions, no records would be broken, therefore there was no point in carrying on, but I felt I had won a small victory just by flying in those conditions and surviving.

This is undoubtedly the most extreme thing I've ever done.

Tuesday January 3 2012

Music - Bird Of Prey by Fatboy Slim and Sun Is Shining by Bob Marley

Kite buggy with stormy wind (48 Knots - 89 KM/PH)


GoPro: Kite Buggy

Family outing cruising the Danish North Sea Island of Rømø with kite powered 3-wheeled buggies.

Special Thanks: Kevin Holtze

Shot 100% on HD HERO® cameras from ‪

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Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic

Kitebuggy Brouwersdam

Kitebuggy Brouwersdam
Buggy: Protask
Matte : Speed 4 10qm

Learning to land basics kite buggy.

Learning land basics on kite buggy.

Kitebuggy World Championship 2018 Tag 3

Musikalische Untermalung zur Verfügung gestellt von

Kitebuggy fahren in Ouddorp

Kitebuggy fahren Ouddorp
Ende 2015 war ich mit Timo in Outdorp Buggy fahren.
Das Wetter war so gut, auch wenn es ablandiger Wind war, dass
wir in der Nähe des Strandes auf einem Campingplatz zelten konnten.

Bolton Le Sands Summer Meet 2013 - Kite Buggy

A couple of runs out of 85 miles I did this day, using Landsegler UL Beach Wheels, 2.7m PL Vapor, XXtreme Apexx

Kitebuggy, La Franqui 2011/12/04

Kitebuggy en la Franqui. 25-30 Nudos Cooper 2.1.
Grabado con GOPRO HD. Modo r2.

KiteBuggy Texel 2017 / RevierKiter meet`s Kitebuggy Texel

Motivation KiteBuggy fahren.

Buggykiting Maasvlakte 07/2017

Tagestour am 16.7.2017 nach Maasvlakte2 / NL. 14kn Westwind (später dann nur noch 8kn) und ein fast leerer Strand sorgten für jede Menge Fun! Der neu aufgeschüttete Sand ist extrem weich und fast unbefahrbar, aber 5km abwechselungsreiche Wasserkante machen das locker wett!

53.8 mph in the Kite Buggy

This is video of my second fastest run this season in the kite buggy. I usually don't have the camera running on fast runs because you never know when a fast run will happen and the speed has already built too fast to want to distract myself with working the camera. This time I saw dust blowing across the lakebed (indicates stronger winds) and started the camera before I accelerated. This run was 53.8 mph according to my gps and the seat of my pants. Thanks to Landsegler Manufaktur for making the finest kite buggy wheels in the world.

60mph buggy ride :)

old re-uploaded video

Kite buggying with the Peter Lynn Hornet 3.0

Location: Westend Beachclub De Kwinte

New video with the Peter lynn hornet 4.0 (vs blokarts):

Quelli del Buggy - Kite Buggy 2018

Kite Buggy racing at Weston Super Mare with SWATK

Another older video put here for easier access. This was one of the SWAKT Buggy fun races held at Weston Super Mare, serious winds and serious fun! :-)



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