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Kite flying


Kite Festival Singapore - NTUC Income Children's Kite Carnivale

Kite Flying in Singapore.
NTUC Income Children's Kite Carnivale at West Coast Park 2013.

Giant squids, teddy bears & angry birds dotted the skies at this inaugural event for kids. The weather was perfect and it was a great day for families to have fun. Location was near the McDonald's restaurant and children's playground off the West Coast Highway.

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Soundtrack from melodyloops.
Event by NTUC Income. Presented by Act3 International.
Video recorded by Panasonic HPX250

Quad line Stunt kite - Flight In Daejeon

Kite : Sharp E pro -std- quad line stunt kite
Line Set : 22m
Pilot : LEE.J.Y
Wind : m/s 2.0 ~ 5.7
Heat : 27.0 c'

May 26, 2013 (Daejeon Korea)

Abu Dhabi kite flying club 05/01/2018


3 meter Power Kite flying in fresh wind

Other flying test with my 3 meter kite in fresh wind
Wind speed: about 20-40 km/h, 5-12 m/s
Flying area: Czech Republic Liberec, Vratislavice
3m power kite, 20m flying lines
Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30

Další létání s 3m drakem (kitem) při čerstvém větru

Rychlost větru: cca 20-40 km/h, 5-12 m/s
Místo létání: Liberec, Vratislavice
Kite 3m, délka šnůr 20m
Nahráno: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30

An America Themed Kite Fly - featuring Premier Killip Foil 20 & Power Sled 24 Kites

This is my 25th YouTube Video and I wanted to celebrate the beautiful weekend with some beautiful kites so I give you my America Themed Kite Fly featuring Premier Kite's Killip Foil 20 and Power Sled 24 both in Patriotic Colors. I also have a special guest Sky Breeze join me for this week's video.

Also in this video, I used information gained from a fellow YouTube Kiter Glenn Mitchell on how to attach a flag on a kite line. Please check out Glenn's very helpful video Flag on kite line Tutorial

Music: Staunch and True
Musicians: The United States Marine Band

Real kite flying game/Real festival gameplay/real kite match.

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Ten big rules of kite-flying

My 700th kite video. With no kite-flying recently because of bad weather, I got bored and put this together from old video clips. I hope the message comes across. Just don't expect any real rules - this is meant as a fun video, not a lesson!

Kite A Pult™ - Setup and Flight Instructions

Learn to prepare your Kite-A-Pult for flight!

Multi Kite Flying for Advanced Players

Free video about Kite flying. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this Kite flying video.

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Kite flying is one of the autumn classic. Two dragons experts from Moers explain what you need for this hobby and reveal where children or adults in the western Ruhr Area and the Lower Rhine can let their kites at the best rise. Depending on the material of the kite you need sometimes more, sometimes less wind: A kite made of silk already flying at half wind strength, the heavy cotton dragon needs more wind force five to six. For the standard dragon, as it is to buy at the store, wind strength two to three is optimal.

Widely used are the so-called one and two liners - the number represents the number of lines on which the kite is attached. Kites exist throughout many different forms of imagination are almost no limits. Of the two liners, also known under the name of kites, there are about ten different forms. This is the classic entry-level kite for children. The cracks then let even dragons with four linen rise, with which they can perform more flights tricks. The area in front of them is their flight window in which they can fly their kites. This airplane window, there are several areas in which the dragons more or less strong pulls.

In the middle of the window the kite is pulling heavily, this zone is called is called Power Zone. At the edge of the window, the area at the outside is very little to no pressure in the kite. There can be many dragons to park a little break to have. After the kite up, or the steering mat is spread, they have the linen completely unrolled, make the dragon in front of him in the wind, so that they have the wind at your back.
now they can bring a slight train on the lines, so that their kite in the wind prepares. Let it almost outstretched arms forward.

They fly their kites just to the right or left at the edge of the window and let it ever float down it with a slight train on the lines towards the ground. Lightweight, large dragons usually need less wind and fly often more stable than small heavy kite. A little tip: if you buy a new dragon, usually the wind speed is on it, which is ideal for the dragon. Autumn is the time dragon. So we get our good piece from the cellar or buy a new colorful kites. Since kite achieve higher speeds and heavier to handle, they should first try with children ages 8 and up. In order for the kite flying fun right, the area must be as large as possible so that the dragon does not get tangled.

Anyone who has ever experienced the force with which a kite tip can pitch, knows how important a certain distance from other people. A kite string can be quite cut the time in your hands! Children especially feel this to be very uncomfortable. By tightening your offspring a pair of gloves, you prevent sore spots on the hands, which could spoil the fun fun. A hat can be very helpful if the paper tiger but once crashes straight. overestimate yourself not! kites is not equal to flying kites. Would you dismiss the homemade kites in the air, so you are sure do not need any prior knowledge. But if you want to venture to a sports kite, so you should take a friend with experience in the field in the first flight tests. For such a dragon is hard to get under circumstances under control.

Beginners use the best one so-called kites, a kite with only one string! For advanced Kites are located with two or four lines. The more linen, the faster the dragon. However, the more difficult to control. Never fly a kite near power poles! Catches a dragon in a power line, let go immediately!
Can not fly kites during thunderstorms! In the event of cases one should inquire whether the liability arises for damage caused by the dragon!

More sophisticated kites fans come with sport kites with two lines at their expense. Quad line kites are the professionals who fly competitions or be drawn with the dragon on skis, off-road-capable boards and buggies across the landscape.

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Extreme kite flying gone wrong

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Beautiful Kite Flying at the Lake

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An interesting day at the lake. Believe it or not, we shot this entire video in one day. :) We edited and uploaded two different videos of the same event as an experiment. Please like, favorite, and subscribe. Leave a comment and tell us what you want to see on this channel.

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We have been granted usage rights for this music. This video is property of this channel and is an original work.

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Kite Flying Day | BIG Kite | A GREAT Day To Fly Kites

Kite Flying Day
5 Sept 2017
Big Kite

Kite flying | Snake Kite

A kite is an object, usually used as a toy, which is flown in the air. It consists of a light frame covered with paper or cloth and has a long string attached which you hold while the kite is flying. #Kite #kites

First kite-fly of 2020, with Pelican & other interesting items

My 1,444th kite video. With our summer continuing to provide few flying opportunities, this was the first chance to get some kites in the air this year. The Pelican, a wonderful kite designed by Joel Scholz, came from and would be a good buy for any kite enthusiast.

A lazy day's kite-flying - Two big inflatable kites

My 664th kite video. With changeable weather and lack of time, sometimes it's good to put up only one or two kites. When they're as big as these, they still make an impact.


YELLOW & RED COLOR 1.5 TAWA KITE (GUDA) FLIGHT in Pakistan, Asia 2019
We Pakistani want safe basant ( Kite Festival ) in Pakistan from Imran Khan as we elected him for safe basant, and Kite Festival brings tourism in Pakistan!
we can accept safety measurements and we people of Pakistan should also do something for safe basant. only Government can not do all..
its also responsibility of society and its people to make a safe basant by leave the dangerous stuff..

World is accepting and adopting Basant Kite Festival and Pakistan banned it :-( it's sad!
Pakistan & India famous same cultural Kite flying and kites, patangs, guda kites Pech in the sky 2019.
We all Pakistanis want safe kite flying from Imran Khan PTI.

#Yellow #Red #BigKite #YellowRed #RedYellow
World Accepting Pakistani Basant Festival 2019 | Pakistan Tourism
it was good experience and i took some photographs of kite flying and made some video clips from top roof
Kite flying in winter season in Pakistan 2019
Kite flying top videos shots of 2019 in Pakistan !
Kite Flying Passion in Pakistan 2019 |
#OldDays #DerTawa #Guda
Famous Festival in Pakistan & India Specially #Lahore, #Lucknow, #Rawalpindi, #Ahmedabad, #Faislabad, #Delhi, #Quetta, #Punjab, and other famous cities of Pakistan and India.
Kite Flying environment in Pakistan 2019
Kite flying an old culture of Pakistan and India,
how to fly kites in Pakistan.
Basant is ban in Pakistani city areas. and it's good by Government.
Pakistan in love of kite flying festival. 2019.
Children of Pakistan are flying kites and enjoying basant sports in their top roofs, kite flying is a sport and children and kids enjoy it, it spreads and makes happy to our children. Children Enjoying Kites..

#KitesPech #Pech #FlyingKites
Kite Flying Sport in #Asia, #Subcontinent
kids #Flying #kites pakistan2019
Pakistan & India Flying Kites Pech/ #Culture/ #Festival 2019
if you want to share your videos with me than contact me on
We all Pakistanis want safe kite flying from Imran Khan PTI.

Dubai Patangs Paich | UAE Kite Flyers Flying Kites by Asad Aslam, Sheikh Naveed

UAE, Abu dhabi kite flying teams are flying kites/patangs, at UAE beach. and enjoying some beautiful paich. different days patang pech and different videos .. i hope you will enjoy.
these clips are mixed and different days.
The location is al Dhafra air base near al Hameem beach, tarif road, Abu Dhabi.
Umair Bhai, Asad Aslam, Zeeshan, Rana Kamran - Mr. Naeem Iqbal captain of Abu Dhabi patang paich ...
Rana Kamran -
Umair Rafiq in action.
Wind was over control - some flying patangs by Rana Naveed Panjabian

First autumn kite-fly 2020

My 1,469th kite video. Summer is over in New Zealand, but autumn started with blue sky and a favourable on-shore breeze for kite-flying, so I took advantage of it to put a few items into the air.

Callaway Kite Flight 2019

Scott McCullough's video from the Callaway (NE) Kite Flight, 2019. It was a great weekend of kites, friends, and family fun over Labor Day Weekend!

Some music used in this video provided by

Jenny's Theme by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Corncob - Country by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Basant in Sajja, Sharjah UAE | Kite Flying | Patang Baazi | 2018

#Basant #Kite #PatangBazi
Basant in Sajja, Sharjah UAE | Kite Flying | Patang Baazi | 2018

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