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Kite buggy


Aberavon Sand Pirates Best of 2015 Freestyle Kite buggying

the best bits of 2015. not loads of sessions but the sessions we did have were quality. 2015 was also the year we switched to depower. pictures from:
Theo Southee

Richard Green

Chris Hayes
Click Photography Wales

KITE BUGGY 1. Introducción

El piloto de kite buggy Luis Garfia nos explica en que consiste este deporte de viento en tierra. Nos habla sobre el origen del kite buggy y la evolución de las cometas gracias a Francis Rogallo y a Domina Jalbert.

Todos los vídeos de KITE BUGGY aquí:

Agradecimientos: Asociación A Tomar Viento.

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60mph buggy ride :)

KiteBuggy Texel 2017 / RevierKiter meet`s Kitebuggy Texel

Motivation KiteBuggy fahren.

Jeff Howard Eli Anderson Sunset Beach Kite Buggy Madness

Jeff and Eli rippin it up on Sunset Beach Oregon . On Thursday of WSIKF week we would meet at Sunset for a day of kite buggy fun. I was making a video for Jeff Howard & Axtion TV sports. This had to have been mid 90's. Primitive VHS video

Kite buggying with the Peter Lynn Hornet 3.0

Location: Westend Beachclub De Kwinte

New video with the Peter lynn hornet 4.0 (vs blokarts):

Six Years of Making Power Kite Buggies by PTW all started off in 03...I made the funny looking Grass Cutter buggy, without ever seeing a buggy pictures, or real life,...then it wasn't until I had seen other buggies that I made the 06 Fandango buggy in early 2006....from then it has been a constant stream of one buggy after another, always trying to push the envelope that little bit be honest, there are only so many things you can do with three wheels and a bit of bent tube.

I have never been out to make a living from making buggies, but more to encourage other people to have a bash at making there own, (that's why I share so much of my work) and to a certain extent that has worked, many people from all over the world send me photo's of buggies they have made, many of them being copies of what I have done, thats great and also that many people have come up with their own can tell the pride in their emails, that they have created a buggy. It is a fantastic feeling rolling your own creation onto the be different from the rest, to have people come up to you and say where do you get that from?......I MADE IT...great feeling.

I will continue to make buggies for a while....I still have the drive at the moment. I believe the future of buggies will continue with more exotic materials such as composites, carbons and exotic steels.

Freestyle Kite Buggy @ Ivanpah Dry Lake - Brian Holgate

Brian Holgate laying down some tricks at Ivanpah near Las Vegas, Nv.

Kite buggy mishap mega loop on flexifoil 8.5 blade with billy parker.

Billy parker tries kite buggying for the first time and flying his first flexifoil blade- the video starts as he just sits in the buggy for the first time, on his first and only run a freak gust sends him 20ft straight up then backwards maybe 60m down the beach, heroicly he doesnt hesistate in throwing the 8.5m into a kite loop, incredibly he initiates the second loop before landing. To loop an 8.5m almost twice airborne is a crazy prospect. Thankfully he lands feet first and all is well but he's very shook up.

check out - our kitesurfing schools website for more billy parker and other kiteboarding videos and stories.

Cheers, Dave

Learning to Kitebuggy

One of the locals here in Canberra just starting out on both the kite buggy and the depower kites. Thanks to the local crowd there no shortage of experienced kiters more then willing to lend a hand and pass on some knowledge. The kite being flown is a Flysurfer Outlaw 8m.

Delta Secret Run - Kitebuggy - 20130518

Delta de l'ebre
Otro buen fin de semana más :-)

kite buggy lessons learn how to kite buggy

Learning to kite buggy with
First you will learn how to control a power kite, then it's in to the buggy!
Stag and hen groups welcome

Learning to land basics kite buggy.

Learning land basics on kite buggy.

Kite Buggy Carnage

A day at Stockton beach, gusty winds, wind sheer, and outtakes

Wildwood Buggy Bash Spring 2016 - Kitebuggy Event NJ USA - Drone video

Wildwood Buggy Bash Spring 2016 - Kitebuggy Event NJ USA
Largest East coast US landkiting , kitebuggy event !!! Awesome location and about 100 kiters from all over US and Canada gathering twice a year to enjoy power kite sports .


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Extreme high wind kite buggying

Kite buggying in winds ranging from storm force 10 to hurricane force 12. Shielding ones eyes from the freezing horizontal rain that stings the face may not be everyone's idea of a good time at the beach......more -

It would have been better if the beach had been dry and flat.
Not surprisingly, the storm was pushing the outgoing tide back onto the beach carving it up the and creating shallow gullies and lots of standing water that made it dangerous to ride on as the buggy would bounce and aquaplane. The buggy would also not turn left or right, even with full steering lock.

The kite was a little overpowered. The maximum recommended wind speed for the 5m Best Warro is around 40mph but we flew it in almost double that wind speed often with shocking and sudden violent gusts. The wind would drop to 55-60mph then in an instant it would explode to 75-80+mph.

Sheeting the bar inwards by just a tiny amount was scary and giving it no power at all was even worse due to lack of steering response. A fine balance had to be found.

After only half an hour we called it a day. It was clear that in these conditions, no records would be broken, therefore there was no point in risking my life by carrying on, but I felt I had won a small victory just by flying in those conditions and surviving.

Big thanks to Cliff who gave up his day to help me out. No way I could have done it without him.
This is undoubtedly the most extreme thing I've ever done.

Tuesday January 3 2012

Music - Bird Of Prey by Fatboy Slim and Sun Is Shining by Bob Marley

Kite buggy - la franqui - mai 2019 - kite2ouf

2019 05 28 kite à La Fanqui
By La Chariote

Aberavon Sand Pirates Aberavon Kite buggy Jumping flexifoil 11 08 2013

Kite buggy with stormy wind (48 Knots - 89 KM/PH)



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