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Kite buggy



Northern Ireland Benone beach.

GoPro: Kite Buggy

Family outing cruising the Danish North Sea Island of Rømø with kite powered 3-wheeled buggies.

Special Thanks: Kevin Holtze

Shot 100% on HD HERO® cameras from ‪

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Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic

Learning to land basics kite buggy.

Learning land basics on kite buggy.

Extreme high wind kite buggying

Kite buggying in winds ranging from storm force 10 to hurricane force 12. Shielding ones eyes from the freezing horizontal rain that stings the face may not be everyone's idea of a good time at the beach......more -

It would have been better if the beach had been dry and flat.
Not surprisingly, the storm was pushing the outgoing tide back onto the beach carving it up the and creating shallow gullies and lots of standing water that made it dangerous to ride on as the buggy would bounce and aquaplane. The buggy would also not turn left or right, even with full steering lock.

The kite was a little overpowered. The maximum recommended wind speed for the 5m Best Warro is around 40mph but we flew it in almost double that wind speed often with shocking and sudden violent gusts. The wind would drop to 55-60mph then in an instant it would explode to 75-80+mph.

Sheeting the bar inwards by just a tiny amount was scary and giving it no power at all was even worse due to lack of steering response. A fine balance had to be found.

After only half an hour we called it a day. It was clear that in these conditions, no records would be broken, therefore there was no point in risking my life by carrying on, but I felt I had won a small victory just by flying in those conditions and surviving.

Big thanks to Cliff who gave up his day to help me out. No way I could have done it without him.
This is undoubtedly the most extreme thing I've ever done.

Tuesday January 3 2012

Music - Bird Of Prey by Fatboy Slim and Sun Is Shining by Bob Marley

the Vermin kite buggy

The alloy trailer wasn't getting much use so as I had some spare wheels and a Libre fork, I thought I'd turn it into a kite buggy. Had the swan neck welded up at the alloy shop - they advised the extra bracing, put some 5mm Gal plate on either side of the alloy where the fork bolt goes through to stop wear and tear and faced it with some high density PE for the bearing surface. The brackets that hold the wheels on are 5mm Gal. After 40km of bumpy paddock riding, it's held together beautifully. Can't wait to get it down the beach.

As I had a Libre Vmax, I thought I'd call this a Vmin....which became Veemin...then some smart alec who shall remain nameless (CLIVE TEBBET.....oh sheesh, did I just type that?) spelled it Vermin. As good a name as any!

Kite Buggying

See the new blade V in the news on the forum

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Freestyle Kite Buggy @ Ivanpah Dry Lake - Brian Holgate

Brian Holgate laying down some tricks at Ivanpah near Las Vegas, Nv.

kite buggy lessons learn how to kite buggy

Learning to kite buggy with
First you will learn how to control a power kite, then it's in to the buggy!
Stag and hen groups welcome

60mph buggy ride :)

Kite buggying with the Peter Lynn Hornet 3.0

Location: Westend Beachclub De Kwinte

New video with the Peter lynn hornet 4.0 (vs blokarts):

Aberavon Sand Pirates Best of 2015 Freestyle Kite buggying

the best bits of 2015. not loads of sessions but the sessions we did have were quality. 2015 was also the year we switched to depower. pictures from:
Theo Southee

Richard Green

Chris Hayes
Click Photography Wales

Kite Buggy Freestyle @ Ainsdale with 21.0m of Lotus cloth..

FLYSURFER UK buggy freestyle rider Josh Hough just finished an epic video edit, shot on the great wide beaches of Ainsdale in the United Kingdom, Josh takes us with him on one of his first session with the new Flysurfer Speed4 21.0m Lotus kite and some Speed3 CE DLX. Showing some massive jumps with the freestyle kite buggy.

With some awesome quadrocopter video shots, this video is definitely a must see!
Shot & Edit by: Josh Hough
Josh is supported by: Flysurfer Kiteboarding - -

extreme offroad kite buggy

yaehh one of our best rides on the halde norddeutschland watch more videos on


Kite buggy cruising at Monciškės beach, Palanga, Lithuania :)
It's all about having fun, living the life here and now :D

More coming soon :)


held at Pantai Balok, Kuantan, Pahang
1-2 Disember 2012

more info log in
Pelayang Tegar Malaysia group

Organize by Johor Buggy Crazy
Mr. Zulizan Suja
Maker and designer power kite 'Bedesupp'

GT-Race Kite Buggy assembly

Assembly of GT kite buggies,

28 Seconds Kite Jump - Buggy Tow Up

Throwback to a fun kiteboarding jump across the whole lagoon of Taiba.

There wasn't much wind so we decided to go for a high jump session anyways, we attached another Kite Bar to our buggy and set up a 12m Airush DNA kite.

With the buggy at full speed we managed to generate enough wind to fully power the kite and go all the way up and be able to jump the whole lagoon.

It's a bit challenging to control the kite with only one hand whilst the buggy is pulling from behind, so don't try this at home!

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Shot in Taiba Lagoon, Ceara, Brazil.

Buggykiting Les Hemmes 03/2020 part3 Sunshine

06.03.2020: Rainer & Frank went home and missed a sunny day and perfect wind from north. It was still wet, but we went to the tower and to Calais.

Juan CO1 / Peter Lynn Aero V2 10.0 UL
Heiko CO69 / Flysurfer Sonic 9.0
Ralf G2463 / Libre Bora 4.5
Edgar G837 / Jojo RM 3.0
Frank P. G2877 / Cooperkites NexxtOne 4.25
Rinus H268 / Flysurfer Speed5 6.0 / Sonic 9.0
Dennis H712 / Cooperkites Motor


Kite buggy with stormy wind (48 Knots - 89 KM/PH)

TFH Kite Buggy Speed Run

TFH Kite Buggy Speed Run, Both Kite & Buggy are Made by TFH. 06Apr2014



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