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Ki-O-Rahi Brief Overview

This is a brief overview of how to play the widely renouned ancient Maori sport of Ki-o-Rahi. For a more in-depth view of Ki-O-Rahi, Sport Waitakare holds a 25 minute in-depth DVD that you can source from us.

Please comment for more details about where to find the DVD or visit our website listed below.

Mauri Ora!

Ki-O-Rahi | Traditional Maori Game on Trans World Sport

Ki-O-Rahi contains elements similar to those found in Rugby Union, Australian Rules, Touch Rugby and Handball. Two teams of seven compete on a circular field which is divided into zones. Points are scored by touching the pou, or boundary markers, and by hitting a central target known as the tupu. Ki-O-Rahi has been passed down the generations and is bound up in Maori legend, or purakau.

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Ki-O-Rahi Instructional Video - Part 1

Ki O Rahi

Ki O Rahi school tournament, Invercargill, June 2013

Ki O Rahi Nonoke - Nats

A short clip from the Ki O Rahi Nonoke (Full contact) Nationals grand final between Whanganui and Te Arawa.

Ki O Rahi


Ki-O-Rahi Training Session.AVI

Ki-O-Rahi Training Session with Harko Brown 15 Mei 2010
Matakitaki Mai...

The Legend Of Rahi

A comic book adaption of the story of Rahitutakahina and his wife Te Arakurapakewai

Ki-O-Rahi Instructional Video - Part 2

ki o rahi on hoiho.wmv

Ki-o-Rahi, we've seen it on TV, played it on foot and now is the time to showcase it on hoiho (horses). Held at the HEHA Rugby World Cup Ki-o-Rahi Event on Tuesday 4 October 2011 at Rawene School.

ki o Rahi 101

Ki o Rahi nonoke rules. Visit to learn more.

Ki o Rahi - Push Play TV.mpg


Ki-O-Rahi (Māori Rugby)

Ki-O-Rahi is a traditional Māori ball game - an ancient game that was a forerunner to Rugby as we now know it. Ki-O-Rahi will be featured at several REAL New Zealand Festival events - Learn more about the history of this sport in this short video.

Ki o Rahi Kawa

Rahi Legend

ki o rahi legend

Playing Ki o Rahi at the Te Arawa Pride games

TE ARAWA PRIDE is a three year SPARC active community project delivered by Te Papa Tākaro o Te Arawa to reengage and re-culture Te Arawa in collective iwi development through mediums of sport, recreation and traditional physical activity.

Ki O Rahi

Ki O rahi, ashs

Ki o Rahi Taipa welcomes Small Blacks tv.

Taipa Area School welcomed channel two Small Blacks tv, at the begining of March 2010

2018 Yr 7&8 Lower North Ki-o-Rahi Event

Promoting Fun and Whanaungatanga through Sport

Northland Secondary Schools Ki-o-Rahi Tournament

Taipa Area School vs Northland College



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