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Ki-O-Rahi Brief Overview

This is a brief overview of how to play the widely renouned ancient Maori sport of Ki-o-Rahi. For a more in-depth view of Ki-O-Rahi, Sport Waitakare holds a 25 minute in-depth DVD that you can source from us.

Please comment for more details about where to find the DVD or visit our website listed below.

Mauri Ora!

Ki-O-Rahi | Traditional Maori Game on Trans World Sport

Ki-O-Rahi contains elements similar to those found in Rugby Union, Australian Rules, Touch Rugby and Handball. Two teams of seven compete on a circular field which is divided into zones. Points are scored by touching the pou, or boundary markers, and by hitting a central target known as the tupu. Ki-O-Rahi has been passed down the generations and is bound up in Maori legend, or purakau.

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The Legend Of Rahi

A comic book adaption of the story of Rahitutakahina and his wife Te Arakurapakewai

Ki O Rahi Nonoke - Nats

A short clip from the Ki O Rahi Nonoke (Full contact) Nationals grand final between Whanganui and Te Arawa.

Ki O Rahi

ki o Rahi 101

Ki o Rahi nonoke rules. Visit to learn more.

Rahi Legend

ki o rahi legend

Ki-O-Rahi Instructional Video - Part 1

ki o rahi: harko brown defends the tupu in ki o rahi .MPG

Harko Brown defends the tupu for NZ mens team during a game of ki o Rahi vs nz secondary schools boys team in Turangi

Ki o Rahi - Push Play TV.mpg


ki o rahi school nationals 3 step score

Nationals in Turangi
mean step to beat 3
let us know if you know the names of anyone in the vid

Ki o Rahi at Kaurihohore


Ki O Rahi

Ki O rahi, ashs

Ki O Rahi

Ki O Rahi school tournament, Invercargill, June 2013

Ki o Rahi at Kamo High


Te Kura o Hirangi vs Taumarunui High School - 1st quarter

Tuwharetoa Ki-o-Rahi Regional competition held at Tongariro Area School 2019

Te Kura o Hirangi vs Taumarunui High School - 1st quarter

Semi final 1
Evidence for

ki o rahi on hoiho.wmv

Ki-o-Rahi, we've seen it on TV, played it on foot and now is the time to showcase it on hoiho (horses). Held at the HEHA Rugby World Cup Ki-o-Rahi Event on Tuesday 4 October 2011 at Rawene School.

Ki o Rahi | Traditional Maori Games for Schools

What is Ki o Rahi? Glenbervie and Kaurihohore School demonstrate the exciting Māori game as they battle it out in Northland. Ki o Rahi is an exciting, fast paced sport for children of all ages.

Contact the He Oranga Poutama team at Sport Northland if you would like to get your school involved!

Ki o Rahi Taipa welcomes Small Blacks tv.

Taipa Area School welcomed channel two Small Blacks tv, at the begining of March 2010

Poi Rakau

poi rakau



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