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Ono-ha Itto-ryu Kenjutsu - 41st Kobudo Demonstration 2018

Yabuki Yūji Sensei and his students demonstrating Ono-ha Itto-ryu Kenjutsu at the 41st Kobudo Enbutaikai at the Nippon Budokan. The event took place on February 4th and marked the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration.

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Iaido Kenjutsu Iaijutsu Japanese Martial Arts Demonstrations

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Kenjutsu - The Art of the Sword① 剣術~活人剣①~

The samurai warrior remains an enduring symbol of Japan. In the 17th century, when peace came to the country after more than a century of wars and turmoil, samurai continued to practice their sword-wielding skills, with emphasis shifting from the demands of the battlefield to ideals of self-cultivation. With expert Alex Bennett, we examine the philosophy of influential swordsman Yagyu Munenori, who popularized swordsmanship as a means of cleansing one's heart and achieving one's full potential.

Kenjutsu e o Kendo

Instituto Niten

Secrets of Kenjutsu Revealed

Kenjutsu is a Japanese fighting technique that uses wooden swords in ritualized patterns called Kata. They train safely and it takes more than 10 years to master the techniques. The goal is to achieve reconciliation.

This webisode from is associated with our full segment on Kenjutsu and Japanese Zero fighter planes in our episode Inside the Smithsonian Institution.

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Ogawa Ryu - Kenjutsu Toritake - Juliana Galende - Class Moments - 2014

in Valencia - Spain

【Infinite art by Tetsuzan Kuroda Komagawa kaishin-ryu kenjutsu】 駒川改心流剣術 無限の術理が見えてくる!

Komagawa kaishin-ryu kenjutsu by Kuroda Tetsuzan
(11th Saitama traditional bujutsu Demo 2018)







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Sword Technique for Kenjutsu and HEMA | NB&T #14

A nice sword technique explored and then compared to its execution in Historical European Martial Arts! Find us with #whatwouldninjasdo (YT, IG, FB) **See Disclaimer Below**

Ninja Basics & Tips | Learn the Basics also known as Kihon of the Ninja and Samurai. The skills will vary from unarmed techniques to weapons and more that would be learned as parts of the basic curriculum in our dojo. Of course, we will expand the techniques to cover Street Application as well generally, but the 1 technique being explained will be the main focus unlike in Ninja Street Defense where there may be a combo of very different techniques to handle a situation.

Camerawoman: Rishi D.
Guest: Sir Kirk Knight of Green /

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All of our videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only. Please do not try anything you see in a “What Would Ninjas Do” video without the supervision of a qualified instructor, and always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. These actions are potentially dangerous and may cause injury or death. Always exercise the highest level of safety when training in martial arts, handling weapons, and using firearms.

Please check with your local authorities & laws regarding the use of self-defense/martial arts skills and lawful ownership and use of any weapons, firearms, kit and gear you see in any of our videos. We are not responsible for the consequences derived from any implementation of the skills shown in our videos or the purchase, importation, possession or use of any items that you see on our channel. Once again, it is important that you check with your local authorities & laws first. @whatwouldninjasdo

NOT Iaido not Iaijutsu not Kenjutsu not Kendo

My objective here is to draw my sword, slice up invisible ninja's and return my sword to the scabbard without cutting myself. Its is a shinken. I will worry about chiburi when I have actual blood on my blade. I am not interested in formalised Japanese sword work. With a few exceptions I find it boring and impractical and its practitioners anally retentive. I have learned as much as I could from my teachers, but my sword work is my own. Practitioners of iaido and kendo and many schools of kenjutsu believe they are practicing traditional sword work, but their sword work was formalised in a time when samurai were no longer fighters but bureaucrats. That is why the true objective of their styles is to get people in line and be little copies of each other. I do not fit into that mould, but I love sword work, and as with body work, it is what you make of it. I know my skill level on this video is poor, but it is a work in progress.

Kendo vs Kenjutsu

kenjitsu fight with wooden swords

Kashima Shinto-ryu Kenjutsu


Knight vs Samurai Hema vs Kenjutsu

This is a exhibiton fight between to Polish fencers. One of them have been training Kenjutsu for many years and the other one is a high respekted HEMA fencer.
I have closed the opportunity to comment on this clipp cause it mainly where the same discussions poping upp.

15°TBEK - Kenjutsu Combate

Kenjutsu Combate - A Magia da Espada

Instituto Niten
Filosofia, Cultura e as Artes da Espada Samurai
Mais de 40 Unidades pelo Brasil

Mundial de KENJUTSU - Nito Do

Instituto Niten

1º MUNDIAL KENJUTSU realizado nos dias 20 e 21 Outubro de 2018 em São Paulo com participação de delegações de:
Portugal, Inglaterra, Estados Unidos, México, Colômbia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguai e Brasil.



Combate con Espadas Wushu vs Kenjutsu 1

Encuentro amistoso entre maestros de diferentes Artes Marciales Orientales: Wushu (Arte Marcial Chino) vs Kenjutsu (Arte del Sable Japonés)


玄黄二刀流 其之三 Genko Nito-ryu PART3 Bujutsu Kenjutsu


Practice Kendo At Home

How do we practice kendo at home? What are the important things when you train kendo at home?

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Kendo training is similar to katana (sword) trainining. You can use the sword or bokken (bokuto) or shinai.

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玄黄二刀流 其之一 Genko Nito-ryu PART1 Bujutsu Kenjutsu




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