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Keepie uppie


How to do Keepy Ups (Learn Quick & Easy!)

Want to master control? This tutorial gives you everything you need to know on how to juggle a football in under 4 minutes! Take in all the tips, put in the practise, and you've got it. Let me know how you get on!

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How to juggle a football, (soccer) in the shortest time possible

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Soccer/Football Juggling Tutorial - The Basics for Kids & Beginners

Juggling a Soccer Ball for Beginners | Training - How To Juggle a Football/Soccer Ball - Basic Tutorial for Beginners & Kids #TT Vol.145 ft. AllAttack ► ►Learn Soccer Skills & Tricks | Send us YOUR Tutorials! Die besten Fußball-Tricks - Sende uns DEINE Tricks ! ► ► Join #teamfk / Kommt ins #teamfk:
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Useful Football Skills to learn! These skills are used by the most skillful football players in the world. (Ronaldinho, Guidetti, Sanchez,Neymar & Ronaldo). In this video I show you how they work! Hope you enjoyed and if you did please give it a like and subscribe to my channel. Also other players like Heung-Min Son, Dzagoev, Cavani, Falcao & Suárez are performing tricks like these.

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15 Easy Juggling/Freestyle Skills | Learn These Simple Football Freestyle Tricks

Juggling skills and freestyle tricks are a fun part of playing football. Although they don't improve performance on the pitch, most footballers enjoy juggling the ball before training and experiment with creative skills to get extra touches on the ball as they warm up. Players like Ronaldinho, Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi all practice freestyle skills when they are warming up before training as a way to have fun with the ball and loosen up. In this video I show you 15 easy freestyle juggling skills and tricks that you can learn to enjoy the next time you juggle. Although some may look complicated, all of these moves consist of simple movements combined together to create various tricks and skills. Enjoy learning these 15 easy skills.


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Jim Baxter keepie uppie against England, 1967

Scotland became the unofficial world champions after an epic 3-2 victory against England at Wembley in 1967, the year after the Auld Enemy won the World Cup. Jim Baxter ran the show and performed an infamous set of keepy ups in the middle of the match to rub salt in the wounds of the English.

This is the official YouTube channel for the Scotland National Teams. Subscribe for free here for match highlights, behind-the-scenes access and loads more:

How To Do Kick Ups (Keepy Uppies) - Basic Football Skills Tutorial

Welcome to Fanofootball Tutorials!

We're going to be starting off with the basics and this weeks tutorial is how to do basic kick ups.

Best of luck ;)


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Toilet roll keepie-uppies: sports stars' coronavirus lockdown challenge

With the sporting calendar on hold during the coronavirus pandemic, football stars around the world are challenging each other to perform tricks with loo roll as part of the #stayathomechallenge to encourage fans to practise social distancing

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Learn How to do More Keepy Ups FAST!! | Football skills for beginners

How to do more keep ups, Learn football skills for beginners

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Suarez takes Keepy Uppy Challenge

Luis Suarez becomes the latest Liverpool player to take the Keepy Uppy Challenge with a tennis ball.

Nacer Chadli's Keepie Uppie Quiz 2.0 | Premier League Top Scorers

Watch the second of three videos showing Tottenham Hotspur's Nacer Chadli attempting to answer questions whilst doing keepie uppies.

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Meet Brazil's keepy-uppy champion - BBC News

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Brazilians are famed for their nifty football skills but not many of them can claim to have set a record. Marcelo Ribeiro da Silva has appeared in the Guinness Book of Records for taking off the greatest number of T-shirts while keeping up the ball.

He can also do 15,000 keepy uppies in two hours and 15 minutes.

He gave the BBC's Ben Brown a flavour of his skills at Copacabana beach.

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1000 kick ups

1000 kick ups skill video - football tricks and skills @20 likes/ 5 favourites i will upload 2000 kick ups so please rate this video LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE

Keepie Uppie Challenge Tutorial - CoachCain

Keepie Uppie or Kick Ups, is the skill of juggling a football using any part of your body other than your hands & arms, not allowing the ball to hit the ground.

Today's Coaching Points:
1. Keep your eyes on the ball
2. Keep the ball below your chest
3. Always be on your toes
4. Use your arms for balance
5. Never Give Up

Facebook: CoachCain - #PEWithCoachCain
Instagram: @coach.cain

Football Coaching is the best way to improve. I have the UEFA B Football coaching qualification. I have been coaching football for 6 years. You will get the benefit of all the football coaching that I got as a youngster, and have learnt on my UEFA B football coaching courses. I am qualified to be a coach up to National League level, here in the UK. I represented my county (Cheshire) on numerous occasions, including our WIN in the FA County Youth Cup Final against Middlesex in 2015 ( an unbelievable achievement for myself.

Football is a game that lasts 90 minutes as a youth and adult, and 60 minutes for Juniors. If you take the the outfield players only, 10 on each side. Then on average each player will have the ball for 4 and a half minutes during the game (off course no game is average but) with football coaching you can be helped to make YOUR 4 and a half minutes, more productive, for yourself and your team. You have all seen how the ball bounces away from some players when they receive a pass, allowing the opposing player to steal it from them. Well who is to blame for that? Did the players football coaching include for one player what speed, what direction and how hard to send a pass? Or the receiving player how to accept a pass and keep it under control? These are the simple skills that football coaching will start with.The better you get the more often your team mates will seek you out and you will be on the ball for more than four and a half minutes. This will help you get noticed by the spectators, other teams, other coaches etc etc. and you will become a more important player for your team. You will get selected more often. Your teammates opinion of you as a footballer, sportsman and person will grow. You will become popular and respected. It all starts with wanting to get better, being coached and practising hard not only on your skills but on your general fitness too.

You may dream of playing for Manchester United one day, or even your National Team. Well it all starts from here, having a good coach, listening to what he tells you and shows you, and Practice Practice Practice. Lionel Messi didn't get as good as he is today without practising when he was a school kid. Then as a youth player and he still practices now because he wants to get even better.


Wycombe's Luke O'Nien takes on our keepie-uppie challenge

Wycombe Wanderers face Tottenham Hotspur in the FA fourth round this weekend, so we caught up with Chairboys midfielder Luke O’Nien after seeing his impressive keepie-uppie skills online. Having completed 1,000 left-foot, right-foot kick-ups we decided to challenge him with some other sporting goods, including a shuttlecock and a rugby ball

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Keepie-uppie queen wows crowds around Africa to provide for her family

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Tanzanian ball juggler Hadhara Charles Mjeje denied that black magic was behind the outstanding keepie-uppie skills which have turned her into a viral sensation, as she spoke in the Malawian capital of Lilongwe on Tuesday.

Some people think that I use black magic but I don't. There is nothing in this ball. I use my talent which I have developed for six years of practice. It is pure talent, not black magic, said she.

Hadhara, 29, revealed that she started juggling to earn money for her two sons. She has since dazzled crowds in several countries across the continent such as South Africa, Gabon, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya and Mozambique.

I admire players from different teams such as Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, said Hadhara, adding that she wishes to become a professional player.

Hadhara has been in Malawi since January, reports say, where she charges an equivalent of $4 (€3.55) for a two minute performance.

Despite claiming she is able to foot her lodging bills, buy food and save part of the proceeds to support her family, she refuses to disclose the amount of money she earns per day, in fear of robbers.

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26 hrs Keepy Uppy World Record by Dan Magness

Dan Magness

Keepie uppie challenge (English)

Good luck!

Arsenal Keepie-Uppies

Henry, Bergkamp, Reyes, Ljungberg, Silva, Lauren, Cole and Pires demonstrate their ball-control

Dunga shows off keepie uppie skills

Brazil head coach Dunga showed all his juggling skills by taking part in a keepie-uppie game with his goalkeepers and a fellow coaches during a training session in Chile.

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Golf Keepy Ups & Tricks

Golf Keepy Ups & Tricks
Mobile: 07952514656

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre films a fun video on how you can improve your golf ball control and showboating just for fun! Golf trick shots are great fun and an easy way to help you improve your ball control.



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