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Keep away


Offensive soccer drills--5 v 2 keep away

Score more goals with Sigi Schmid's Offensive Soccer Tactics. This DVD provides a unique look at coaching tactics, while providing demonstrations, games, and drills for teaching your team precision passing, combination plays, finishing, and masterful restart plays to capitalize on every offensive opportunity.

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Timed 4v2 Keep-away

The objective of this attacking soccer drill is to create a pressure situation in which SPEED of soccer play is trained. This soccer drill focuses on speed training.

4 soccer players spread out in a confined space setup by cones try to keep the soccer ball away from two defenders that come into the middle. The defenders try to kick the soccer ball out of the space or steal possession of it as quickly as possible. Once the two defenders steal the ball or kick it out of the space, they run to the back of the line and two new defenders try to do the same thing and beat the previous time. Use a different ball for each new set of defenders, and usually 6 balls works well for the entire soccer drill.

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Datsyuk playing Keep Away

Detroit Red Wings all-star forward Pavel Datsyuk plays a game of keep away with FSN Detroit reporter Trevor Thompson.

Playing Giant Fish Keep Away While Fishing Florida Monster Goliath Grouper

Playing Florida giant fish keep away from monster goliath grouper's. Watch Captain Ben Chancey do his best to land Bonita threw a plethora of giant monster goliath grouper and bull sharks off the East Coast of Florida.
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How to Turn to Get Away from a Defender - Soccer Drill

In this video, we show you a soccer drill which consists of turning away from a defender. That move can very useful during a soccer match as it will help you move from one direction to another escaping from a defender.

The drill is all about controlling the ball and then suddenly turning to the other side to escape the defender. The defender must follow the steps of the forward to make it more challenging.

To add a little more difficulty to this soccer drill, the defender can place is arm next to the forward to make it like a realistic match situation. Then, the defender can also try to take away the ball from the forward to make it even more challenging.

Make sure to practice this soccer drill to improve your game!

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Messi, Suarez, and Neymar play keep away with the Barcelona squad and it doesn't go as expected

Good things these guys are goal scorers because their defense still needs some work.
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Football Training - Keep Away Possession

A keep away possession practice some coaches or footballers may like to take or adapt to encourage forward passing.

Real Madrid Players Play Keep Away in Training

Final clip from Saturday's practice session, including Zidane training with the rest of the team.

Iker Casillas, Ricardo Carvalho, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Nuri Şahin, Sami Khedira, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaká, Karim Benzema, Mesut Özil, Esteban Granero, Marcelo, Antonio Adán, Xabi Alonso, Fábio Coentrão, Hamit Altıntop, Álvaro Arbeloa, Raúl Albiol, Raphaël Varane, Gonzalo Higuaín, José Callejón, Ángel di María, Lassana Diarra, Jose Mourinho

TSN - Top 10 Keep Away Plays

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Relay Race, Keep Away & More! 🕺🏿 | Best Dances & Celebrations of Week 11 | NFL Highlights

Check out the best celebrations from Week 11 of NFL action.

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Pavel Datsyuk Playing Keep Away! Insane!!!

Check out my favorite upload:

Pavel Datsyuk of the Detroit Red Wings plays keep away with FSN analyst Trevor Thompson on the segment Trev Takes On

6v2 Keep-Away (Extended)


Drill: Keep Away | Owen Rinehart

Former 10 Goal player, Owen Rinehart, shows how he uses the game of keep away to get young horses used to the game. No rules, every man for himself.

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Great Soccer Drill - Simple and Easy Keep Away

Everyone uses keep away from youth to professional teams. Its an excellent little drill that can start out small and expand into many different progressions.

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3v1 Keep Away - NSCAA Soccer Coaching Clinic Video

This Kwik Goal soccer coaching activity is selected from the NSCAA Player Development Curriculum Season 1 eLearning diploma course – a series designed to help coaches plan for the development of players. The series includes 100 unique activities, clinic presentations and activity plan downloads. Visit our website to learn more and register for this low cost course: Full description of the activity via LinkedIn:

Fort Rock 2018 Godsmack Live Keep Away, Awake, Bulletproof, 1000 Horsepower

Fort Rock 2018 at Markham Park in Sunrise, FL.

Godsmack Live Performances Part 1:
Keep Away
1,000 Horsepower

6v2 Keepaway

Evan professional soccer players warm-up with a game of keep-away.

In this video: Kevan George (Columbus Crew), Danny Szetela (NY Cosmos), Chris Christian (Colorado Springs Switchbacks), Jon Okafor (Atlanta Silverbacks), Dilly Duka (Montreal Impact), Marin Gjoka (Warkaus), Mehdi Ballouchy (NYCFC), Jason Hernandez (NYCFC).

Alex Kovalev Playing Keep Away vs Three People

From the show les boys. Kovalev dekes around 3 people.

L'Artiste rend visite aux Boys!
On connaissait déjà les talents de notre artiste favori Alex Kovalev comme joueur de hockey. Cet hiver, on a eu la chance de découvrir ses talents d'acteur alors qu'il incarnait un rôle dans la série Les Boys diffusée à Radio-Canada en mars dernier! Le tournage des scènes s'est déroulé à l'aréna du Lower Canada College, à Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

Kovalev enseignait aux non moins célèbres Bob, Méo, Mario et Philippe, nouveau personnage incarné par Patrice Bélanger, quelques leçons de hockey. Il leur a donner quelques trucs notamment sur leur coup de patin, au grand dam de Méo....! Dans la grande majorité des scènes, notre Russe Chéri prend la parole et c'est en français que ça se passe. En Russie pour l'été, notre AK27 avait fait le voyage expressément de New York pour participer au tournage l'an passé.
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Soccer Warmup: The Keep Away Drill

This fundamental warmup drill can challenge your team to use strong passing and apply keen defensive pressure.

One of the best ways to take your warmup to a new level is with the Keep Away Drill.

The drill can be set up with anywhere from five to eight players forming a circle on the outside. There will also be another one or two players will be inside the circle.

The group on the outside is tasked with trading the ball off to another with crisp, clean passes. The players on the inside, meanwhile, should be focused on stealing the ball and gaining possession.

By running through this drill before a practice or game, your team will come to the pitch revved up and ready for success.

Add these dynamic stretches to your warm up for practices or games:

Check out how to improve your passing and striking for the next time you are on the pitch:

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Datsyuk playing keep away with Chris Chelios

Another video I took of Pavel Datsyuk playing keep away with someone. First it was Hudler and Cleary, now its Chris Chelios lol



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