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Keep away


3v1 Keep Away - NSCAA Soccer Coaching Clinic Video

This Kwik Goal soccer coaching activity is selected from the NSCAA Player Development Curriculum Season 1 eLearning diploma course – a series designed to help coaches plan for the development of players. The series includes 100 unique activities, clinic presentations and activity plan downloads. Visit our website to learn more and register for this low cost course: Full description of the activity via LinkedIn:

Playing Giant Fish Keep Away While Fishing Florida Monster Goliath Grouper

Playing Florida giant fish keep away from monster goliath grouper's. Watch Captain Ben Chancey do his best to land Bonita threw a plethora of giant monster goliath grouper and bull sharks off the East Coast of Florida.
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Chew On This provides the viewer a first hand look at catching mean aggressive high intensity fish fishing videos on the web. Captain Ben Chancey does fishing at its pinnacle and highest level of difficulty. Captain Ben has caught giant fish on just about everything including paddleboards, Kayaks, floats tubes, ultra skiffs, bay boats, flats boats, sportfishers and even gheenoes. Chew On This videos and content have been featured on Discovery, National Geographic, Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, ESPN, Fox Sports, The Weather Channel and many more!

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Offensive soccer drills--5 v 2 keep away

Score more goals with Sigi Schmid's Offensive Soccer Tactics. This DVD provides a unique look at coaching tactics, while providing demonstrations, games, and drills for teaching your team precision passing, combination plays, finishing, and masterful restart plays to capitalize on every offensive opportunity.

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Keep Away Nightmare At Practice

If you've ever been stuck in the middle of a keep away drill, you know the pain!!

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Datsyuk playing keep away with Chris Chelios

Another video I took of Pavel Datsyuk playing keep away with someone. First it was Hudler and Cleary, now its Chris Chelios lol

Keep away

- Two teams of four play in the allocated space (approx one third of a netball court)
- Teams score by completing 3 consecutive passes within their team
- Defenders can block or intercept the frisbee to gain possession (same turnover rules as Ultimate Frisbee apply)
- Throwers can not run with the disc and have 10 seconds to make a pass
Tip: set up multiple games, and rotate teams to play new opponents after 3-4 mins.

Pavel Barber vs. BonesOnDemand - Floorball Keep Away!

Pavel Barber & Bonesy go head to head in a game of Floorball keep away...but what are those?

5 puck keep away

hockey drill

Keep Away

See the University of Denver players work on a keep away drill. In this particular scenario, there will be one more offensive player than total defensive players, so it's imperative for them to move around and keep their feet moving as they catch and throw the ball. It's also crucial that players work hard on putting pressure on the offense as they catch the ball.

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Colton plays one man keep away.mpg

@ Westchester Flames on 04302011

Datsyuk playing Keep Away

Detroit Red Wings all-star forward Pavel Datsyuk plays a game of keep away with FSN Detroit reporter Trevor Thompson.

Crazy Keep-Away Dribbling Skills

Handles plays keep-away for a minute while dribbling sitting down! Stealing a basketball from a Globetrotter is like... (leave your answer in the comments below).

Video Credit: News Talk 6PR 882.

Jeremy Bracco, Dmytro Timashov and Auston Matthews keep away drill.

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Toronto Maple Leafs - Jeremy Bracco, Dmytro Timashov and Auston Matthews keep away drill.
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Keep Away Project

TSN - Top 10 Keep Away Plays

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Triangle Keep Away

Dimensions: 5x5 Yard square

How to: One Defender inside the square who must remain in the square so passing players are under passive pressure only. Three players must pass, keeping the ball away from the defender. Players score a point every time the ball passes through the square.

Coaching Points The person with the ball should always have two passing options, move to keep a balanced field (don't both be stood together and make it easy to be marked)

Move the ball quickly when possible, don't force the opportunity if it isn't available.

Make full use of off the ball runs. Keep passes simple.

Canucks play keep-away

Canucks showing tremendous puck control. Too bad they didn't bury one.

Henrik Zetterberg plays keep away on a 1 on 5 man rush - Jan 22 2013

Henrik Zetterberg just ragging the puck on the penalty kill

PSL 2019 | Bad News For Multan Sultans | Russell Keep Away From Multan Sultan

4 Player Passing - Progresses to 2v2 Keep Away

Helsinki IFK 11U



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