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Kart racing


Best Kart Races EVER Part 1 | Super 1 British Karting Championship Racing

The last race of the Comer Cadet Class at the Super 1 British Karting Championships in 2013....BEST EVER end to a motor sport championship season!

Shifter Kart Racing at PIR (music version)

No music:
Practice 1
Practice 2

2014 Gold Cup Road Race #1 @ PIR race highlights. Data from mychron4 + GPS sensor rendered in video with Race Render 3.

First time I even sat in the shifter kart. Racing in Sprint Stock CR125 class which uses a Honda CR125 2-stroke dirt bike engine and the 6-speed gearbox that goes with it.

Only got 4 laps of driving on my first practice run in the dry with slicks on and the track was a bit damp. Next time it was raining and I ended up rear-ending a guy who spun out in front of me in the 2nd lap (wreck at 4:05). This bent a steering column and tie rod and I was unable to compete in the first race. Second race it was raining while I was in the pits so I kept the rain tires on but then it suddenly became sunny and dry while I was waiting on grid. The rain tires burned up after a couple laps and then I was pretty much just having fun drifting around all the corners with no rubber for the rest of the race. Check out my tires at 7:00, haha. Anyone who chose slicks was much faster than me but I did pretty well against most of the other people who chose rain tires, which was about half the starting grid.

[Music:] FULL METAL CARS / Daniel (M.Rizzi - C.Moroni) - Delta Music Industry CD: Super Eurobeat Vol.184 (Avex Trax)

Special thanks to Delta Music Industry for the use of their song Full Metal Cars by Daniel in this video.
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Crash! Amazing Minibikes and Karts Compilation

Crash action from the British Minibikes and British Karting Championships.

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Kids from age 8+ in Great Kart Race show F1 how to do it... Super 1 Karting 2018: Rd 1, IAME Cadet

Grass Roots Motor Sport Race action from TDi Media. The Tuto Money Super 1 British Karting Championships get underway at PF International in Lincolnshire. Ft. kids from 8+ years of age in a classic battle. One of if not THE best cadet kart race ever, with constant overtaking.

Superkart - Hockenheim Ring - April 2014 - Race 1

This race is from Hockenheim 26th of April 2014, Round 1 of the European Superkart Series.

The Superkart I drive has a 250 ccm, 2 stroke, 2 cylinder, PVP engine.
Chassis is also made by PVP. The kart has aprox. 100 HP and does around 250 km/h as topspeed.

Video is made with Trackvision software, Gopro2 camera and AIM datalogger.

Super 1 British Karting Championships 2015: Rd 1 Rowrah Snr Max

Race action from the latest round of the British Karting Championships. Part 4 Snr Max

Go Cart Racing | CLONE 340 | Sept 9 , 2016

Clone 340 | 20 Lap Feature

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£35 vs £3500 Go Karts

Have you ever wondered what it's like to compare a top of the range £3500 kart with a much cheaper, standard £35 rental kart? Is there that much of a difference? We test the cheapest and the most expensive go-karts around Whilton Mill.
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Tom Kent:

TERRIFYING onboard race karts !!!!! Impressive !!!!

Montecarlo '88, ultima sessione di qualifica. Ero già in pole e continuavo a girare sempre più veloce. Un giro dopo l'altro. Davo mezzo secondo a tutti, poi un secondo... E continuavo ad andare. Improvvisamente realizzai che stavo dando due secondi a chiunque altro, compreso il mio compagno di squadra Prost, e che non stavo più guidando consciamente la mia monoposto. Ero in un'altra dimensione.

- Ayrton Senna -

KART VLOG 15 - CKNA Grand Nationals 2018 | LO206 Kart Racing Vlog

Stahl Racing takes on the CKNA Grand Nationals 2 at New Castle. We had a blast at this huge LO206 race, but really struggled to come to grips with a new tire compound. Family and LO206 kart racing. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE

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Cup Karts North America Grand Nationals 2 2018 LO206
206 Cup Grand Nationals 2018
CKNA Grand Nats
LO206 Grand Nats

Lawnmower Racing Battle | Dude Perfect

Time to race 60 mph lawnmowers!
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CRAZY KART RACE! 160 km/h! Isle of Man! Peel Kart GRAND PRIX 1991!

Britain's only street race for karts, takes place at historic Peel in the Isle of Man where, every June the UK's top karters do battle between the kerbs and walls.

Capture what its like to cover 2 miles of narrow streets at an average of eighty miles an hour with ‘Kartcam’ on-board action. We're on INSTAGRAM:
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Kids dirt track racing-mini wedge kart racing action

Great week of racing here in West Michigans Thunderbird Raceway dirt track. Great competition with some new faces and a huge 12 car field just in the younger age group. Check out the drifting, crashing and crazy backwards checkered flag finish. Stay tuned for next weeks racing and some up and coming how to maintenance videos



8 Year Olds Racing Karts: Superprix 2017 Part 7, Honda Cadet

Race action from the annual Superprix Karting event. 4 stroke Honda cadet class with drivers from 8 years of age.

Shifter Kart Racing on the Streets of Lancaster 2015

Shifter kart racing is a blast, shifter kart racing on the Streets of Lancaster is absolutely incredible. 2015 was my first time out to the Street of Lancaster event hosted by SKUSA and admittingly it did not go perfect for me but this kart race was not only a highlight for the weekend it was a highlight for my entire karting career so far. Big thanks again to for the broadcast, Streets of Lancaster for such a great venue and Superkarts! USA for putting on great events time after time.

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BEST KART RACES EVER PART 2 | Super 1 British Karting Championship Racing

Junior Elite Final at the TKM Festival 2013.... THE BEST KART RACE EVER!


Sarno (Italy)
Kart Race
Live Streaming by WSK Promotion

Kart Crash & Fail Compilation Ⅲ ★ Best of British Karting Championship Racing

Kart Racing Crash & Fails Compilation part Ⅲ ✪ British Karting Championships ✪ 2013/2014. More kart crashes:
► ◄ Kart Crash Compilation part V - British Karting Championships 2016
► ◄ Kart Crash Compilation part Ⅰ - British Karting Championships 2015
► ◄ Kart Crash Compilation part Ⅱ - British Karting Championships 2013/2014
► ◄ Kart Crash Compilation part Ⅳ - British Karting Championships Spinners & Winners

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2016 VKA Springfield - Misc Vintage Kart Racing Video Clips



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