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We Trained KALARIPAYATTU in India for 30 Days

Training Kalaripayattu in South India in Kerala was an amazing experience. 1 month is a really short time for training this one of the oldest, if not the oldest, martial art. It was a very intensive and fulfilling experience.


- 30 Days Training Kalaripayattu In India [kicks]

- The ORIGIN OF ALL MARTIAL ARTS | Interview with Kalaripayattu Master

- Kalari Yoga Warm Up/ Workout

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????ARTICLES About Our Kalaripayattu Experience
- One Month Kalaripayattu Training Experience In Kerala – Part 1

- One Month Kalaripayattu Training Experience In Kerala – Part 2

- KICKS Kalaripayattu

- ANIMAL EXERCISES Kalaripayattu

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????If you are interested in where we train Shaolin Kung Fu in China, our school is @Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School in China  check their website

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Perfect Kalaripayattu Training For The Europeans In Buddha Kalari Ashram - Kalaripayattu Techniques

Buddha Kalari, an academy of Kalaripayattu and centre for Marma has the distinction of keeping alive the great legacy of martial arts handed down for generations since 1924. This pioneering institution was the first traditional school in Kerala to offer training Kalaripayattu in the Southern style. During the last nine decades it has pioneered many schools of thoughts and practices and has guided the evolution of the tradition of Kalaripayattu. The centre has spearheaded the promotion and propagation of the tradition of Kalaripayattu by organizing many International and National level performances and workshops on Kalaripayattu and by running an year round training programme for local and foreign students at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, South India. Buddha Kalari also runs a traditional 'Kalarichikitsa' clinic specializing in Ayurvedic Orthopaedic treatments. The present Kalari Master Dr. C.S. Suchith represents the third generation of a family that has preserved the ethos of Kalaripayattu and Marma Treatment in its true spirit and value.

email -
Phone - +91 9847093549.

Simple self-defense technique for all - KALARIPAYATTU

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⦁ 0.01 learn the technique of simple locks of kalari. And how to use it practically in life.
⦁ 0.22 - when the hit comes from the right side, you immediately block it from your left hand. -Always use the opposite hand to block
⦁ 0.36 using the same hand to block and hit is an absolutely wrong method -due to increased chances of injury and faults.
⦁ 1.03 block the hit from the left hand- then -
⦁ 1.04 pull the attacking hand down- by RIGHT arm taken Inside.
⦁ 1.05 - 1.11 use the LEFT HAND- to actively double lock his forearm -and grab him- from under his arm - now Pull him down towards the ground.
⦁ 2.03 the solution to tackle the attack from the hand that free is to quickly block, grab, and lock his arm and ultimately pull it down.
⦁ 2.10- 2.14: if the lock is done correctly, you can take his body down as much as you want - using the locked hand itself.
⦁ With the correct application -The opponent gets completely helpless.
⦁ 2.22 increase the intensity of this lock by using -
⦁ 2.29 The wrist bones -to poke into the forearm - that acts as a painful weapon- makes him lose his resistance power.
⦁ 3.00 practically it cannot be achieved slowly. - so-
⦁ 3.05 be alert to grab the arm before it's taken back after the hit.
⦁ The key here is - you have to apply the lock quickly- for the correct result.
⦁ 3.15 -3.34 you can UNLOCK yourself from an opponent with incomplete knowledge of lock by pulling yourself away with the use of unlocked/freehand.
⦁ 3.52 but you can resist the unlocking instinct of an opponent. -
⦁ 3.59 so, the more you tighten the lock and pull him down - the less is the chance for him to unlock from it. - the opponent becomes immovable.
⦁ the correct technique is to LOCK his complete SHOULDER only.
⦁ 4.19 POINTS TO KEEP IN MIND during this technique practice :
1. Initially DO NOT try to apply the lock tightly on your partner.
2. Wrong/immature usage of this technique may lead to shoulder dislocation.
3. Practice it with patience at a slow pace and only with increased experience and confidence increase the speed.
⦁ 4.45 More the speed used in any technique of martial art, better the execution of it.

A Beginning to Kalaripayattu part-4| कलारीपयट्टू शुरू कहाँ से करे |हिन्दी भाग 4 |

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There are 8 animal postures taken in Kalaripayattu that form the root of building strength, endurance and fighting capabilities in this artform.

Martial artist's biggest strength is his physical and mental toughness which in Kalaripayattu is gained through this unique martial posture called GAJA VADIVU.

Practice it for:-
• To gain exceptional strength in the thigh, glutes and hips muscles.
• To improve the flexibility of the spinal cord and neck
• To improve the mind-body balance and coordination.
• For a smooth blood flow and circulation throughout the body
• For a strong and resilient whole body
• A Complete body workout

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Vidyut Jamwal Commando Training kalaripayattu calisthenics And Breakletics Hardcore Gym Workout.....

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Japanese Karate Sensei Reacts To Indian Martial Arts Kalaripayattu

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A Beginning to Kalaripayattu part-1| कलारीपयट्टू शुरू कहाँ से करे |हिन्दी भाग 1 |

Various small and big martial movements taught in a 'carefully thought' chronological order combine to form this boundless and unique art of kalaripayattu - with Ner kaal forming the beginning step towards it.

Ner kaal : the straight leg raise ,
Is a kick that focuses not just on its attacking application , but is a 1st building block towards achieving the
●body balance
●thorough speed
●stretched hamstrings
●powerful core
A perfectly achieved ner kaal is the key to fathom the character of this treasured art of india.

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kalaripayattu championship 2017 Lucknow

Glimpses from the Kalaripayattu National Championship organised by KFI (kalaripayattu fedeation of India), WKF (world kalaripayattu federation) and UP kalaripayattu association at Lucknow.


カラリパヤット (Kalaripayattu) part5

正統的なインド伝統武術「カラリパヤット」の普及のために来日したデニィーシュ カリンビル氏に鉄製の武器術(盾と剣、ウルミ)をご紹介いただきました。

Kalaripayattu, Martial art form of kerala

Kalaripayattu, the martial art form of Kerala is regarded as the oldest and most scientific of its kind in the world.Kalari is a special kind of gymnasium, where the martial art Kalari Payattu is practiced.

カラリパヤット (Kalaripayattu) part1

正統的なインド伝統武術「カラリパヤット」の普及のために来日したデニィーシュ カリンビル氏にお話を伺いました。

What is the oldest martial art? Kalaripayattu?

Karate Teacher Learns the OLDEST MARTIAL ART | Kalaripayattu

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In this video, I learn a lesson on the oldest Martial Art in history, Kalaripayattu, a style founded in Southern India supposedly in the 15th century. While they have some really cool weapons like katara, Kuntham, Gada, Urumu, Val Parija, and more... thats not what we're after today. I learn from Shinto Mathew a part of a Meipayattu and also learn some important history about the worlds oldest Martial Arts Style!

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カラリパヤットゥ ボディコントロール 基本のポーズ編  Kalaripayattu


カラリパヤットゥ 武器術 剣と盾 Kalaripayattu Sword and Shield Indian Martial Arts


カラリパヤット (Kalaripayattu) part3

正統的なインド伝統武術「カラリパヤット」の普及のために来日したデニィーシュ カリンビル氏にカラリの動物のポーズを紹介していただきました。

Kalaripayattu : The Secret of Kundalini 2 കളരിപ്പയറ്റ് कलरीपायट्टु

Activate the sacrum is a key to develop kundalini.
Master: Vijayan gurukkal, C.V.N Kalari - Gopalan Gurukkal Smaraka

Sangam Institute of Indian Martial Arts / Japan
Website :

究極の柔軟性としなやかな蹴り カラリパヤット入門 Kalaripayattu Basic




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Real Benefits of Weapons Training- KALARIPAYATTU

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kalaripayattu- The first Martial art is A Indian form of martial art, and the beauty of this art is. that it's not a creation of a man, but its a creation of GODS themselves.
IT is carefully constructed with the sharp observations made on the complexities of nature and survival instincts, prey techniques, and basic anatomy of wild animals.

What sets Kalari apart is its method of teaching.

It follows the ancient method of imparting lessons by following the guru -shishya parampara. in Kalari, The skill of combat and weaponry is not taught to the student immediately. The First lesson is involved in gaining patience and the right conduct to become eligible for learning
The guru silently observes his every shishya and promotes them into learning the warfare techniques only when he is satisfied by their character.

In Kalari, the ultimate goal of a gurukkal is not to produce the best fighters in the world but to produce the selfless, courageous human beings into society. People, often ask me about the relevance of the weaponry training in this art now It is a thoroughly thought-out structure that is applicable even in today's modern times.

Like for eg.
The sword and shield weapon forming a part of the 3rd stage of kalaripayattu training, in sharp weapons, known as angathari, its choreographed basic fighting routine is actually taken from the fight between an elephant and a tiger. It consists of the swift, use of sharpness, ruthlessness, and speed in its every move and attack. Through this weapon training, the student learns to be attentive, alert, aware of his surroundings, and become fierce inside -out.

The practitioner's survival instincts are awakened by weapon mock Fighting, and constant practicing to such a level that it leads to the transformation of his whole body language where his bare arm becomes and acts like a sword in times of need.

Thus, The lesson in weapon training in Kalari leads to an incomparable defensive preparedness of a practitioner. Adding on to its uniqueness,
There is a complete in-depth therapeutic branch of Ayurveda attached to Kalari. It consists of massages and vital point treatments of a body, Irrespective of the fact that you're a martial artist or not. The secret to the healthy and proper functioning of all the organs and parts of your body lies in this field of therapy.

Basically, The lesson to hurt and rectify that hurt both are imparted to the practitioner of Kalari. And that's the power of it.!!!!
Because of these, and various other reasons kalarippayattu still..stands tall, even in today's modern world.
It will never lose its relevance because it's not just a martial art...but a complete way of life


കളരി പൂട്ടും ഒഴിവും part-7 kalari tutorial video /#kalari_tutorial_video #kalaripayattu #കളരി








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