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Kajukenbo - Hawaiian Hybrid Martial Art

Kajukenbo - Hawaiian Hybrid Martial Art

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Kajukenbo Eagle Rock
Instructor Sigung Jose Ortega
Emperado Method

2102 Colorado Blvd
Eagle Rock, CA 90041
Ph. Number (323) 259-9009

Join and become part of the Kajukenbo Ohana (Family)
Where kids, adults and families train together.
Instructor Sigung Jose Ortega is great with new, intermediate and advanced students.
Train Strong Remain Strong!

Kajukenbo Portugal:

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Essential Kajukenbo

In this first DVD, GM Licesio Prieto, of the European Kajukenbo Kosho Ryu Kenpo Association, presents the essence of the Art of Kajukenbo, as it was transmitted to him by his Sifu SGM Cherry Ortega and many others. We will see the 1, 2 and 14 Palamas Sets and their applications from a more traditional point of view, from the perspective of the Ka (Karate and Kenpo), and then an application more suited to the Kajukenbo Kosho-Ryu school, working more the Ju aspects (Judo and Ju-Jitsu) of the art. We will also study the first two Tricks or Punch Counters (cons against fist attacks), Grab arts (defenses against grabs), the GM Tony Ramos' cons, Knife counters (against knife attacks), Club counters (against stick attacks), various drills, and a sample of the work on the Ju aspects, emphasizing dislocations and controls. An excellent DVD that will help you assimilate the concepts and ideas of the Kajukenbo essential program, that GM Licesio Prieto will progressively develop in future works.
Available on DVD and Video on Instant download at:

Kajukenbo Mix (This is Kajukenbo) in HD

Kajukenbo Portugal:

Kajukenbo ist eine Kampfsportart. Der Name setzt sich aus den Anfangsbuchstaben der verwendeten Systeme zusammen: Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Kenpo und chinesisches Boxen und wurde von Adriano D. Emperado in Honolulu, Hawaii, in den Jahren 1947 bis 1949 entwickelt.

Bei der Entwicklung hatte er Unterstützung anderer Meister verschiedener Kampfkünste, Choo (Koreanisches Karate – Dangsudo), Holeck (Kōdōkan (Jūdō)) und Chang (Kung Fu). In den Jahren von 1947 und 1949 arbeiteten diese Instruktoren zusammen und entwickelten langsam den Kajukenbo-Stil. Die Veränderung ereignete sich 1959, als Adriano Emperado die Shaolin-Kampfkunst mit dem Kajukenbo vereinigte.

Dieser sanfte Stil legt mehr Wert auf die Kenpo-Elemente im Kajukenbo, und seine Basis ist die Verbindung zwischen den nördlichen und südlichen Stilen der chinesischen Kampfkunst. Die nördlichen Stile, charakterisiert durch lange, weitreichende Techniken, und die südlichen Stile, charakterisiert durch kurze, enge, harte und weiche Infight-Techniken, wurden zu einer all diese Elemente umfassenden Kampfkunst, kombiniert mit einer anwendbaren Selbstverteidigung.

Wawan 15 | Kajukenbo بطولة كاجوكنبو واوان

بطولة كاجوكنبو واوان
Wawan Kajukenbo championship

Joe Diaz - 6th dan Kajukenbo

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This is Kajukenbo

Defesa Pessoal!! Video de demonstração de algumas técnicas de Kajukenbo pelo Sifu Renato Bernardino e Alunos Kajukenbo Portugal.
A nossa organização é representante da KSDI - Europe e do Senior Grandmaster Angel Garcia Soldado.


Demonstration video of some Kajukenbo drills by Sifu Renato Bernardino and Kajukenbo Portugal Students. Our organization represents KSDI- Europe and Senior Grandmaster Angel Garcia Soldado.

O Kajukenbo existe em várias expressões, este é o nosso Kajukenbo
Kajukenbo comes in many flavours, this is our Kajukenbo

Aloha & Mahalo

Fight Club in the Street - Best of Kajukenbo DVD Trailer VPM-162

By Luis and Joe Diaz
No need to be an Olympic champion, a muscular man or a Judo expert to learn how to defend yourself, you just need to really want it and to listen carefully... Learning, understanding, analyzing and anticipating is within everyone's reach. The street is a jungle. You can spend your life without ever being attacked, but one day everything can change without a warning. Do not fear this danger, you just have to get ready and prepare properly.
Discover a whole range of complementary techniques (Krav Maga, Close Combat, and professional Kapap) that will show you the keys to a self-defense that is focused on efficiency against different attacks such as: holding, attacks with and without weapons, with kicks, or threats with knife and gun.
Whether you are big or thin, tall or small, supple or not, beginner or expert, it doesn't matter; Fight Club in the Street will teach you how to defend yourself against the most common attacks. Being a member of Fight Club in the Street is about learning how to defend oneself and not to attack, it is knowing how to help one's fellow man, respect oneself and respect others.

Luis et Joe Diaz:
Official delegates of Kajukenbo for France, students of Master Angel Garcia, 10th Dan and successor of Master Emperado. Official representatives of the K.S.D.I.F.
Languages: Français - English - Deutsch - Español Extra Features: Photo Gallery - Trailer

Martial arts MASTERS magazine

with Clarence Emperado Luna &

Chuck E. Turner

Clarence Emperado Luna
Kajukenbo is a hybrid martial art from Hawaii. The name
Kajukenbo is a portmanteau of the various arts from
which its style is derived: KA for Karate, JU for Judo
and Jujutsu, KEN for Kenpo and BO for Boxing. It was
developed in the late 1940s and founded in 1947 in the
Palama Settlement of Oahu, Hawaii. The art was created
through the cooperative efforts of five martial artists,
each with a different specialty: Peter Choo, Frank
Ordonez, Joe Holck, George Chang and Adriano Emperado.
Kajukenbo training incorporates a blend of striking,
kicking, throwing, takedowns, joint locks and weapon
disarmament. Today, Kajukenbo is practiced all over the
world in many different branches. In contrast to many
traditional martial arts, students are not required to
mimic their teacher, but are encouraged to develop their
own expression of the art.

Chuck E. Turner
It is unique when a man develops a philosophy he can
live and work by - but it is a much greater
accomplishment when those around him choose to follow
that philosophy. Grandmaster Chuck Turner was just such
a men. He belonged to a group of martial artist who
broke rules, developed new ways, and found hidden
avenues for a higher level of knowledge when their
fellow practitioners were stuck in old concepts and
primitive training methods. As a leader, GM Turner’s
path was the solitary road of a personal quest. The road
to a find a better way of doing things was never was an
intent to gain independence from any teacher or system -
or the result of a maverick attitude - but the fruit of
an endless search for a more effective martial art.
Item: 065-1MM - TRT:96 minutes - ISBN:8526684221194

Kajukenbo Training Videos - Part 1 of 2

These are excerpts from Emperado's World Kajukenbo Organization training videos. More information at:

KAJUKENBO Sistema hawaiano para defensa callejeras

El kajukenbo es un arte marcial hawaiano creado por Adriano Emperado y 4 maestros mas. defensa personal para peleas callejeras el kajukenbo es un sistema de defensa personal destacado por su efectividad en las peleas callejeras. El kajukenbo de sijo adriano emperado es reconocido arte marcial y sistema de defensa personal callejero hawaiano. karate, judo, boxeo chino y kung fu están formando el kajukenbo hawaiano.

#kajukenbo #adrianoemperado #artemarcialhawaiano

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Kajukenbo VS Kick-Boxing año 2002

Año 2002 Velada reglas kick Boxing .
Velada Kajukenbo vs Kickboxing
Competidor de Kajukenbo fractura de empeine en asalto 3.
Ganador segun jueces a competidor Kick Boxing por puntos.


Trailer of the DVD 228 KAJUKENBO Hawaiian Self-Defense

Bande annonce du DVD 228 KAJUKENBO Hawaiian Self-Defense

Kajukenbo. Defensa Personal. Tecnicas KCC. Paulino Martin Perez

Kajukenbo. Defensa Personal. Tecnicas. KCC. Paulino Martin Perez
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Angel Garcia Soldado (10e Dan) - Kajukenbo

Music: WAR EPIC MUSIC! Aggressive Orchestral Megamix!


Grandmaster Charles Gaylord, tenth degree of Kajukenbo and President of the KAA and the ICKKF, learned from his instructors, Paul Seronio and Emperado, a strong, tough, effective style. However, over the years, he developed internal and external skills through a practical and applied training, meditation and constant pursuit of mind over body training, creating his own method. In this posthumous DVD, recorded few weeks before his death, the Master presented various aspects of his teaching method, explaining in detail the techniques against grabs and punches, defenses against stick or knife attacks, pressure points, Pinan and Kata.
Available at
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FIGHT-TEST : Le Kajukenbo avec Cyril Huillard

Cyril Huillard est préparateur physique diplômé d'Etat en haltérophilie et musculation sportive, ainsi qu'en sports de contact : Muay-Thaï, Kick-Boxing et Full-Contact.
Suivez-le lors d'un cours de Kajukenbo, un art martial originaire d'Hawaï.
Les représentants français de discipline Joe et Luis Diaz, seront là pour le guider au Cercle Tissier à Vincennes !
Realisation : Johann Vayriot - Montage : Clément Louëdec

Martial Arts Kajukenbo Sigung Jose Ortega

Kajukenbo Eagle Rock
Instructor Sigung Jose Ortega
Emperado Method Techniques

2102 Colorado Blvd
Eagle Rock, CA 90041
Ph. Number (323) 259-9009

Join us and become part of the Kajukenbo Ohana (Family)
Where kids, adults and families train together.
Instructor Sigung Jose Ortega is great with new, intermediate and advanced students.
Train Strong Remain Strong!

Shot and Edited by: Ben Cornelius


Lucie Bertaud part à la découverte du Kajukenbo, une discipline réputée pour son efficacité !

Tournage au cercle Tissier

Kajukenbo VS Rugbymen du stade Français sur BeIN Sport

Séance d'entrainement de Kajukenbo, MMA de self-défense, par les représentants DTN pour la France de la discipline, au Dojo Cercle Tissier de Vincennes.
Avec les Rugbymen du stade Français diffusée sur l'émission de la chaine BeIN Sport dans la rubrique le Coach avec Vincent Parisi!
Cercle Tissier Vincennes
Fushan kwoon Vanves
kajyn Paris
KTC Chilly Mazarin

Kajukenbo defensa en la calle

Sifu Paulino Martín, cinturon negro 5º Dan de Kajukenbo.
Un video que muestra una pequeña parte de este arte en el que la supervivencia y la seguridad personal son lo primero. Una serie de golpes rápidos y dirigidos a zonas vitales, persiguen la neutralización del enemigo en el menor tiempo posible.



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