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Soccer/Football Juggling Tutorial - The Basics

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Juggling a Soccer Ball for Beginners | Training

Juggling a Soccer Ball for Beginners! Improve faster with these training methods!


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—Mental —

The most important quality for beginning jugglers is persistence. You may not improve every time you juggle, but if you keep practicing regularly for several weeks and months, your skills will greatly expand. Try for new records, but be patient when they don’t come right away. Every time you practice juggling you grow muscles in your legs and cells in your brain that improve your skills. With regular practice, you will gradually become the excellent juggler you always wanted to be.

— Use Hands —

Use your hands when you are first learning to juggle. Start by using your hands between each touch, then gradually increase the number of touches until you feel comfortable juggling without using your hands as support. Like training wheels on a bike, using your hands can help you learn faster by enabling you to maintain more control during the early stages of learning.

— Alternate —

One of the keys to successful juggling is using both feet in combination to control the ball. Skillful jugglers develop a rhythm, moving the ball frequently between both feet. It’s important that you begin working with both feet right away, juggling the ball between them as often as you can.

— Use Backspin —

One of the most difficult challenges for beginning jugglers is keeping the ball from getting away from them. To help solve this problem, drop the ball with a slight backspin, and try to maintain the spin as you juggle. You will find that backspin keeps the ball coming back to you rather than getting away. As your skills improve, backspin will become a less important part of juggling. More advanced jugglers can use their toes to keep the ball up with no spin and greater precision.

— Weak Foot —

Juggling is far easier and more effective when both feet are involved. To help your weak foot become a full partner with your strong foot, spend some time improving your weak foot separately. Try to set new records using only your weak foot, even if the number of touches is small. If your weak foot can juggle the ball at least 5 times, it should be strong enough to alternate with your other foot and improve your overall juggling.

— No Hands —

With consistent practice you’ll be ready to go hands free. When you’re ready, practice juggling without using your hands by rolling the ball up your foot and into the air. Place one foot on top of the ball, quickly rolling it backwards and flicking the ball into the air.

— Next Steps —

As you become comfortable juggling with your lower body, your next step is to master ball control with your upper body. In future videos we’ll show training methods for upper body control, tricks, and game-related juggling skills.


Do you want to learn how to juggle, but you just can’t get it right? Have you tried and tried but simply can’t crack the code? Help has arrived in the form of Unisport’s football skills master himself, MR. PWG. The undisputed master of juggling and football skills will give you tips to master juggling and what not to do as well. Watch this video if you want to learn the most basic football skills, which juggling is, and be good at it. Like really good at it.

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When you first start out, learning the basic football skills, you need a good platform - and that is what juggling is. If you’re juggling wrong, then you might be able to go to the next level and learn the really cool football skills. It’s not easy, and it requires a lot of practice, but it is really satisfying when you get it right. So make sure to watch this video if you want to know how to learn how to juggle.

If you're want to know a little more about the juggle master himself, then head over to his you channel for the latest for the latest from the football freestyle world:

If you still can't get it right and still suck at juggling, but still want to learn some cool football skills where you don't need juggle - then watch this video:

If you already can juggle, and you thought that this video was to boring, but you still want to learn some cool football skills that impress your friends then watch this video:

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beberapa waktu lalu aku pernah melakukan experiment dengan menjuggling benda-benda unik seperti kotak kaset, gelas dan ada beberapa lainnya....nah kali ini aku coba melakukannya lagi tapi dengan benda benda berukuran sangat kecil.

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No Look Juggling World Records

My friend Zak McAllister came to visit the other day. He's got a crazy ball juggling style with his foot catches and no look BBB juggling. I enjoyed being behind the camera on this one! Comment/Like for a chance to win some juggling balls! THANKS! Love you all!

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Josh Horton is a gold medalist in the world championships of juggling. He's been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Steve Harvey, and ESPN. Josh performs professionally at corporate functions and corporate events. Josh was inspired by Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, and Legendary Shots to start juggling trick shots which quickly grew his social media following. This YouTube channel focuses on setting or breaking Guinness World Records!

5 Juggling Exercises To Improve Ball Control | Improve Your First Touch

Here are 5 juggling exercises that you can do at home to improve your ball control. Challenge yourself through these simple exercises to improve your touch on the ball to enhance overall ball handling.

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Surprise football juggling in the streets of India

More adventure around the world HERE:
Sean Garnier challenges India with some incredible freestyle football tricks, taking the locals totally by surprise with some impromptu juggling battles. Watch Sean take to the streets with his magic feet and freestyle soccer moves in preparation for the Red Bull Street Style finals in India.

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How to do The Around the World Juggling Trick | Tutorial

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How to do The Around the World Juggling Trick! Learn this juggling and freestyle skill in our tutorial.


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How to Juggle a Soccer Ball | Break your Juggling RECORD | Tutorial

Train Like a pro!

#Goluremi Train Like a Pro

Today's training video is the perfect beginner's juggling tutorial on how to juggle. We'll show you how to improve your skills from beginner tricks to advanced soccer drills.

If you're trying to improve your soccer skills then you have to know how to juggle. Improve your touch and become a better footballer.

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Can MARCELO juggling anything!? FT. Séan Garnier

So once again Séan Garnier and Marcelo team to bring you this week's video, and today we test what objects Real Madrid and Brazilian star Marcelo is able to juggle.

We also put both him and Séan Garnier in a test of skills.

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Séan vs Marcelo

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The 1000 Juggle Workout Plan

Become Elite's 1000 Juggle Workout.

Juggling is the act of keeping up the soccer ball in the air using everything on your body except for your hands or arms. The best/most practical way to do so is by using your feet. Juggling with your feet is a intermediate soccer skill that will help you with your touch and control of the ball. All the best soccer/football players in the world know how to consistently keep the ball up.

This guide will walk you through a juggling training program that will make you juggle the ball over 1000 times.


1. Hands to Right Foot - 25 Juggles
2. Hands to Left Foot - 25 Juggles
3. Hands to Right then Left Foot - 25 Juggles
4. Hands to Left then Right Foot - 25 Juggles
5. Right Foot Below Knee - 100 Juggles
6. Left Foot Below Knee - 100 Juggles
7. Alternating Feet Below Knee - 200 Juggles
8. Right Foot Above Waist - 100 Juggles
9. Left Foot Above Waist - 100 Juggles
10. Alternating Feet Above Waist - 200 Juggles
11. Seated Juggles - 100 Juggles

Total - 1000 Juggles


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Craziest Skills & Tricks In Training • Freestyle • Juggling

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How To Juggle A Ball | Basics Of Juggling | For Beginners | In Malayalam

This video shares typical basics of juggling which will be very helpful for beginners.

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Footballers funny Juggles everything ► Cristiano Ronaldo ● Lionel Messi ● Ibrahimovic ● Neymar Jr

Greatest Footballer funny juggles everything compilation!

Youth Soccer Juggling Hunter does 136 Soccer Juggles!

Hunter does 137 Soccer Juggles. Hunter Sets another Soccer Juggling record.

Football Skills Tutorial - Learn Juggling in Hindi, Kaise karte hai juggling

Learn football skills in Hindi by a professional football freestyler: Aarish Ansari. In today's video, we will learn juggling, which is very important in terms of football skills. This tutorial will help you learn soccer juggling in just seven days.
Aarish is a world record holding football freestyler from Mumbai, India. Subscribe to the channel for the latest updates.

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some simple challenge between akmal and kunnuti

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6 year old juggling soccer balls. Size 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and tennis ball.

Watch him play soccer at age 8

Watch him play soccer at age 6

JUGGLING BOLA 3,5 JAM, Rekor Terlama di Indonesia..!! #YtCrash

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JUGGLING BOLA 3,5 JAM, Rekor Terlama di Indonesia..!!

#YtCrash - Kita terima tantangan dari kalian nih, juggling tanpa henti selama waktu yang ditentukan. Tulis tantangan kalian di kolom komentar, kita bakal ngelakuin apa yang kalian mau.


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Juggling Dengan Benda-Benda UNIK !!

Hey guys!!
di video ini saya coba melakukan beberapa tantangan menjuggling benda-benda unik selain bola yang memiliki bentuk cukup unik, salah satunya adalah mainan bebek kuning.

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