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How to Train Judo at Home

Your judo does not have to begin and end in the Dojo, there are plenty of ways to keep active and keep yourself judo sharp despite being at home. In this video, I am showing how you can do just that with a belt and somewhere to tie it. Enjoy!


World Judo Championships 2019: Day 1 - Final Block

World Judo Championships 2019
Location: Tokyo (JPN)
Date: 25 August - 01 September 2019

Sunday, 25th August: Categories -48, -60 kg
Start 10:50, Finals 19:00 (local time)

Monday, 26th August: Categories -52, -66 kg
Start 09:50, Finals 19:00 (local time)

Tuesday, 27th August: Categories -57, -73 kg
Start 09:50, Finals 19:00 (local time)

Wednesday, 28th August: Categories -63, -81 kg
Start 10:50, Finals 19:00 (local time)

Thursday, 29th August: Categories -70, -90 kg
Start 10:50, Finals 19:00 (local time)

Friday, 30th August: Categories -78, -100 kg
Start 11:50, Finals 19:00 (local time)

Saturday, 31st August: Categories +78, +100 kg
Start 11:50, Finals 19:00 (local time)

Sunday, 1st September: Mixed Teams
Start 12:50, Finals 19:20 (local time) will not be available during the Final Block in the following countries, please check their local listings to watch on TV:
- Argentina: TyC Sports -
- France: L’Equipe
- Japan
- Kosovo:
- Italy:
- Poland
- Russia:
- Serbia

Visit official IJF channel for the draw and contest order



Judo Grand Master vs Karate. JUKKENDO Official Video.

Judo Jukkendo Grad Master Nori Bunasawa vs Karate-ka at USJF USJA Winter National Judo Championships. Jukkendo is Mitsuyo Maeda (God father of BJJ and MMA) comprehensive all around fighting style.

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Judo Grand Master vs Karate. JUKKENDO Official Video.

60 judo techniques in 4 minutes (Tachiwaza and Newaza compilation)

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TOP 5 JUDO MONSTERS 2020 【柔道の王2020】

Top 5 Judoka 2020 in 73 kg.
73 kg is one of the most interesting categories in judo. There is a very high level judoka. They are masterpieces of sport. Now you will watch the Top 5 real judo monsters of 73 kg.

Judo more the sport. That the slogan of my channel and my life! Judo for the world, judo for the each people. My mission - make judo more popular in the world. Judo is amazing sport with all the traditions and spirit of warrior.
In my channel you will find the highlights from all the judo events and judo player highlights. The special directions of my channel :
- Judo Highlights about japan judo and japanese judokas
- Promo videos about events
- TOPs with the best montage

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JUDO 1990 All Japan: Hirotoshi Watanabe (JPN) - Toshihiko Koga 古賀 稔彦 (JPN )

Judovision is a non-profit initiative to preserve classic and historic Judo videos, and share it with the world. Any commercials you might see on the videos are from third party rights.
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Judo Highlights - Judo For The World Paris 2018

Welcome to judo for the world, which comes to you from the French capital Paris.

Once again this city plays host to one of the most exhilarating events on the world judo tour, the Paris Grand slam.

This year the grass slopes of the legendary Accor Hotels arena are covered in snow as Paris shivers from a cold snap, but inside the temperature was just as hot as usual, with thousands of fans filling the stadium to the rafters in anticipation of top class Judo.

We'll witness the emergence of some phenomenal young talent as they step up to the mark under the spotlights.

We'll bring you a special feature exploring France's love affair with the sport of Judo..

Before returning to see if their current national heroes could raise the roof inside this iconic judo cauldron.

5 exercices de Kumikata avec Emmanuel LEROUX | Stage de Judo Levallois SC 2020

Lors du stage annuel de Judo au Levallois Sporting Club, Emmanuel Leroux, 6e Dan, nous a donné 10 mn 30 de conseils en or sur le kimikata. Profitez en vous aussi !

Judo, Eldar Gazimagomedov, hard training Russia judo team U21 (2015)

Тренировка сборной России по дзюдо под руководством Владимира Драчко и Александра Тарасова.
Ельдар Газимагомедов во время тяжелой тренировки в сборной России по дзюдо до 21 года.
Это видео снято в 2015 году в городе Дмитров Московская область.
Партнёр проекта экипировочный центр - все для дзюдо!

Men's Judo -73 kg Gold Medal Match | London 2012 Olympics

Full highlights from the Men's Judo -73 kg Final between Russia's Mansur Isaev and Japan's Riki Nakaya from the ExCel Arena on 30 July 2012.

Judo made its very first appearance at the Olympic Games in 1964 in Tokyo. However, it was not included in the Olympic programme in 1968 in Mexico City, but returned, never to leave again, at the 1972 Games in Munich. As for women's judo, it was added to the Games in 1992 in Barcelona.

Men and women now compete in seven weight categories. There was originally a men's category open to all weights, but this event was withdrawn after the 1984 Games in Los Angeles.

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Judo Ne-Waza Compilation | Osaka GS 2019

Watch the best ne-waza action from #JudoOsaka which was the final Grand Slam for the 2019 season.

How To Do Judo Sweeps

This guide shows you How To Do Judo Sweeps
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Kyuzo Mifune God of Judo 75 year old Judo Master destroys students (MUST SEE!)

The God of Judo. Old footage of Kyuzo Mifune accepting challenges and taking on students to show his full skills at the Art of Judo. Watch his techniques and almost unstoppable skills. At 159cm (5'2) tall, Kyuzo Mifune was not a big man. But as this amazing video of the judo master shows, strength doesn't come from size.

National Combat Judo - Filipino Martial Arts

Basic Street Self Defense (using real knife) of National Combat Judo (NACOMJU)

Best Judo Ippons of 2019 (柔道 2019)

2019 is in the books and it's that time to sum up best Judo throws of the year, so sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy some of the most powerful, innovative and skillful throws of 2019.

Name of the song: Legends Never Die (ft. Against The Current) | Worlds 2017 - League of Legends

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Top Judo Ippons from Paris Judo Grand Slam 2020

Fabulous ippons over the weekend at the Paris Grand Slam 2020! Lots of newaza this time with LIPARTELIANI, VAN T END, and ZANTARAIA with some amazing techniques. There are 3 newaza ippons from Zantaraia in this video actually. Also, like always, there are TWO WAZARI Can you find them?

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大野将平 柔道 Ono Shohei Judo Highlights 2016-2019

Best Judo Ippons 2019

丸山 城志郎 柔道ハイライト - Maruyama Joshiro Judo Highlights

TOP 10 JUDOKA OF 2019 (MENS) PART 1 - 2019年柔道家トップ10

おすすめ⬇️ Recommended Judo Goods
▶ 東海大流 柔道勝利のメソッド

▶ 井上康生の改革

▶Inoue - The Boxset 井上康生DVDボックスセット

▶古賀稔彦の柔道教室 一本柔道 JUDO clinic by Toshihiko Koga / Aim to win by ippon ! [DVD]



2020 Goals:
Judo 2020. Here we are. This is an Olympic year so I hope to cover the best judoka leading up to the Olympics. Also, from this year I plan to make REPLAYs of tournaments. As this is the first year I will be doing this, I will be skipping the judo grand prixs, but focusing on the judo grand slams. Obviously, I will make many judo highlights for each tournament, including the best ippons and judo highlights for the winning judoka. I hope my videos are motivating for you as they are for me and I’m sorry that I focus too much on Japanese judo. Judo in Japan is popular you know, and a lot of my audience is from Japan so I have to fill that need first and foremost. BUT, I love the judo world and you can expect me to cover all the top judo - whether it be French judo, Mongolian judo, Georgian judo, Korean judo, etc etc. Oh and remember to post in the comments if you have any questions or requests. I usually end up replying to most people! Lots of love, and stay injury free!

Established in 2015, we have been providing the best judo highlights on YouTube! The goal of this channel is to make judo and judoka more popular around the world! A big shoutout to the IJF - You should subscribe to their channel, too!
- Judo Highlights for the Best Judoka Each Year.
- Judo Throws and Judo Technique Montages.
- Best Ippons.
- Tournament Recaps.
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Self-defense using Judo

Self-defense using Judo. I make a few assumptions here. Self-defense is not as simple as this. Also, if the person that is attacking you is skilled, then it things change.

Judo is a self-improvement tool! That being said, here are some self defense tips and ideas:

1. Always keep your hands up.
2. Assume that most people are right-handed. You can usually tell what side they are dominant to based on which leg they are leading with.

Part one: Circle to their weak side and expect a looping hand. Close distance and pin their dominant hand with an overhook and use your dominant hand to collar tie. Turn throw time! Or o uchi, de ashi, and a huge ko soto gake.

Part two: Fake double leg with a level change to avoid strikes. Climb up the body and take the back. From here, there are many options. Te guruma, or a high crotch is one.

Remember, as a grappler the goal is to close the distance before getting hit in the face.My youtube membership

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6 Judo moves performed in finals by World Champions

courtesy of IJF

World Championships Baku 2018

1. Daria Bilodid (UKR U48) : O Uchi Gari
2. Naohisa Takato (JPN U60) : Ko Uchi Gari
3. Uta Abe (JPN U52) : Uchi Mata
4. Changrim An (KOR U73): Ko Soto Gake
5. Clarisse Agbegnenou (FRA U63) : Harai Maki Komi
6. Guram Tushishvili (GEO +100) : Seoi Nage

Music : Nujabe

5 basic judo throws everyone should know

5 basic judo throws everyone should know

I hand selected these five techniques because I think they are very basic and effective. Also, with these techniques as a base, you can put together many many combinations.

1. O uchi gari
2. O soto gari
O uchi and o soto work great as a combination. O uchi gari is an inside trip, and o soto gari is an outside trip. They are both backwards throws.
3. Koshi Guruma
Wrap your dominant arm around the head, elevate and pull the sleeve.
4. O goshi
Can be done off of the underhook with a belt grip. O goshi and Koshi guruma are both hip throws and turning throws.
5. Sasae tsuri komi ashi
Fake o goshi and then block the ankle for sasae.

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2. ???? Ever wanted pockets on your Gi pants? Here it is! ????

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