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World JOUSTING Championship in... Australia?!

The 2019 World Jousting Championship will be held just east of Melbourne this weekend! Here's a sneak peek of the action, including a fully-armoured high-five! 👏👏

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Knights of Valour Action Promo


Jousting Concussions

Jousting competition at Arundel Castle - August 2014

International jousting competition at Arundel Castle in August 2014. The lances used are solid ash, but with a softer balsa section for the last metre. Original jousting lances were made entirely of solid ash wood, or sometimes hollowed. In this competition achieving a broken lance with a strike to different target areas scores different points. You are not allowed to strike the horse of course.

Knights Of Valour Extreme Jousting Tournament

A HighWay Pictures film.
Music by Adrian von Ziegler.

Jousting Arizona Renaissance Fest 2017

Seems jousting is a really popular thing :-)

World Jousting Tournament of the Phoenix

Highlights from the Tournament of the Phoenix in Poway, CA 2008

International Jousting Tournament 2015 // Jousting Ground

International Jousting Tournament 2015

Jousting Ground

held in Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

21st and 22nd of February 2015

Medieval. Highs and Lows of the Jousting actions on the day.

Competitors from all around the world fight for the prestige title of World Jousting Champion.


2004 Full Contact Jousting Championship

2004 World Jousting Championship London Ontario. This is for real. No scripts. World Championships brought to you by HPN Multimedia

Is Full Contact Jousting the Next Extreme Sport? With Shane Adams from the Knights of Valour

Full contact jousting with Shane Adams and the Knights of Valour. This was episode 162 of The Strenuous Life Podcast, free on your iPhone at or on your Android device at

Click here to see previous Strenuous Life Podcast episodes on my website:

Thanks to Shane for taking the time to do this interview in the middle of a very busy schedule at the PNE! Check him and his knights out at

Medieval Jousting Mini Documentary

For a school project on Medieval Jousting

Medieval Times Joust at Skylands Stadium

The Yellow Knight and Black & White Knights battle at Skylands Stadium on Medieval Times: A Knight to Remember.

Jousting at Blenheim Palace

Jousting training

Jousting training on Connor the Cob. Practice using a flag, the beginnings of jousting with a quintain and sword and ring work. Connor took to it quite easily!

Jousting - Knights of Nottingham 4th September 2016

Jousting - Knights of Nottingham 4th September 2016 at Sutton Bonington Show

RIP Paul Cooling

Jousting: WorldJoust™ Tournament of the Phoenix 2010 DVD Trailer

Preview of the WorldJoust Tournaments' DVD for Tournament of the Phoenix 2010.


Produced by Jeffrey Hedgecock of WorldJoust Tournaments, in cooperation with the Higgins Armory Museum, Worcester MA. Directed by Eric Dubé.

Contents include a 30 minute documentary of the event, running edit of all the joust passes captured on video and interviews with all the competitors and key tournament staff.

Available through WorldJoust Tournaments, Historic Enterprises Inc, and the Higgins Armory Museum gift shop.

St. Olav's Tournament 2014 Joust Finale passes

The last 6 passes during the jousting finals of the St. Olavs Tournanament 2014.

Jousting w/ unhorsing

Memorial Day 2009 @ Tennessee Renaissance Festival. Several impacts and finale with an unhorsing (when the rider gets knocked off), including slow motion.

See also my Flickr photo set:

Jousting - 1st Session, Double Unhorsing, Mark Desmond & Charlie Andrews, Sherwood Forest

Two passes shown. The first pass, Charlie Andrews of the Knights of Mayhem (yellow feathers in his helm) breaks his lance against Mark Desmond (blue, black & silver caparison) of the New Riders of the Golden Age. The second pass is the first of two double unhorsings by this same pairing of Charlie and Mark during the first day of the mid-faire jousting tournament at Sherwood Forest Faire. (February 28, 2015) For more information about competitive jousting, check out The Jousting Life website at:

Shane Adams | 2015 U.S/INT"L Championships Estes Park (Full Contact Jousting)

Shane Adams at the 2015 U.S/INTL Championships in Estes Park Colorado.



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