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Final men's single: Vietnam vs China 8th World Champion Federfussball Jianzi shuttlecock plumfoot

8th World Championship of shuttlecock 2015 in Rome #8Wshuttlecock,
Final of men's single event: Vietnam vs China

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Kikbo with Chinese Jianzi (毽子) Masters

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-- Plastic & Flashing Lights by Professor Kliq --

Kikbo channels a lot of the same skills used in footbag and freestyle football, but has a different dynamic. It moves slower through the air, allowing for big kicks and different tricks. Besides being ridiculously fun both in groups and alone, it's an excellent workout.

Kikbo Kick Shuttlecocks are based on the ancient Asian games of: jianzi (毽子), chapteh, da cau, sipa, sepak, and jegichagi.

JIANZI! Benteke, Sakho, Cabaye and Hennessey play Chinese Shuttlecock.

One Shuttlecock. Four Crystal Palace players. How long can they keep it in the air?

Christian Benteke, Mamadou Sakho, Yohan Cabaye and Wayne Hennessey have a go at a traditional Chinese game.

Jianzi sg - Techniques Part 1

Chapteh or capteh, is a traditional game in Southeast Asia that requires a shuttlecock. It is a favourite pastime among children and the playing of this game requires athletic skills and agility.

The game is played using a feathercock made up of feathers attached to a rubber disc (base). The idea of this game is to keep the capteh airborne for as long as possible by kicking it. Another method of playing is to kick the shuttlecock back and forth between two people, similar to sepak takraw. Only a very small area is needed to kick a shuttlecock, so it can be practiced in space-confined places. The game is physically intensive.

This game was commonly played in Singapore and Malaysia during the kampong days where boys gathered in groups to have a kick-a-about. However, recently interest for this game has declined as boys traded this simple game for more sophisicated video and computer games.

Ancient game and art - ti jianzi 踢毽子 踢毽 毽球 shuttlecock

Ancient game and art - tijianzi 踢毽子 shuttlecock is a traditional Chinese national sport. Thus the game has a history of two thousand years. Several ancient books attest to its being played. The primary source of jianzi is a Chinese ancient game called cuju of the Han dynasty 2000 years ago. also known in English as a 'hinese hacky sack' or kinja.

There are several variations of the game, such as trying to keep the feathercock in the air until an agreed target of kicks (e.g. 100) is reached, either alone or in a pair. In circle play, the aim may be simply to keep play going. In all but the most competitive formats, a skillful display is a key component of play. There are 2 informal games in Chinese JJJ games using the same middle net: Team game having 3 players on each side & Half court game using just a half court for double player game only. Some handmade jianzis make use of a washer or a coin with a hole in the center.

Jianzi has been played since the Han dynasty 206 BC–220 AD, and was popular during the Six Dynasties period and the Sui and Tang dynasties. Jianzi 毽子, tī jianzi 踢毽子, tī jian 踢毽 or jianqiú 毽球,

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Association of traditions and culture of China

Jianzi challenge: Part 2

Previously team Gardner won the Jianzi challenge ( now Gary & Albert go head-to-head. Decide the winner in the comments or by voting in the video poll. Gong Xi Fa Cai to all our fans celebrating the Lunar New Year this week.

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The Jianzi Champion! Chinese National Sport | This is China (Day 4)

We watch the Jianzi Champion show off his amazing skills in Beijing, China. He previously managed to keep the Shuttlecock in the air for 2 hours and 50 minutes!

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Jianzi - Voetpluim - 毽子

Jianzi gastles van VOETPLUIM.NL bij Shaolin Kungfu Brummen.

Jiànzi is een traditioneel spel dat in China populair is maar ook in Europa steeds bekender wordt.

Jiànzi (voetpluim in het Nederlands) is een gewicht met veren. Het doel is om de Jianzi hoog te houden.

Shaolin Kungfu Brummen organiseert jaarlijks een aantal gastlessen die raakvlakken hebben op het gebied van Martial Arts. meer info:

中國功夫踢毽子@天壇公園 (Chinese Jianzi )

Free Style籃球過時了,Nike應該找他們來代言球鞋。

2012中国花毽/毽子/jianzi/shuttlecock/毽球比赛China Shuttlecock Championships 2012

China Shuttlecock Championships 2012 Women's Freestyle 1st Place

Inspirational Uncle Lim @AMK Kicking Jianzi sg, chapteh, da cau, feather shuttlecock

Inspirational Video about uncle Lim from Ang Mo Kio in singapore
Kicking Jianzi every morning at the Garden and sharing the knowledge with fellow retiree about having a healthy workout with kicking chapteh/ jianzi.
Hope many can be inspired by this video. Thanks for watching.

Đá Cầu Shuttlecock Fhuttle Jianzi Fitness Workout

Đá Cầu is a Vietnamese national sport in which players aim to keep a shuttlecock (fhuttle) in the air by using their feet. In other countries, it is known as jianzi, sipa, peteca and indiaca. The rules of the game in each country are a little bit different and you can make it with your opponent or teammate.

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Expert Kikbo Tricks by HOF Andy Linder

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Kikbo Kick Shuttlecocks are based on the ancient Asian games of: jianzi (毽子), chapteh, da cau, sipa, sepak, and jegichagi.

As you can see from the video, Kikbo channels a lot of the same skills used in footbag and freestyle football, but has a different dynamic. It moves slower through the air, allowing for big kicks and different tricks.

If you've got questions, check out If you'd like become part of the Kikbo community or follow what we're up to, like Kikbo at - we'll do our best to keep you entertained!

Китайский волан ЦзяньЦзы (Jianzi)

Китайский волан ЦзяньЦзы (Jianzi).
Пекин. В парке рядом с Храмом Неба. август 2017г.

Jianzi Practice, Good Healthy Workout Part 1 @ Bt Batok Singapore

The shuttlecock, called a jianzi in the Chinese game and also known in English as a 'Chinese hacky sack' or 'kinja', typically has four feathers fixed into a rubber sole or plastic discs. Some handmade jianzis make use of a washer or a coin with a hole in the centre.
During play, various parts of the body, but not the hands, are used to keep the shuttlecock from touching the ground. It is primarily balanced and propelled upwards using parts of the leg, especially the feet. Skilled players may employ powerful and spectacular overhead kicks

Kicking and Smacking a Jianzi

Hanging out in Beijing

Federfussball / Shuttlecock / Jianzi / German Open 2007 Finale Herren

German Open 2007..

Federfussball / Shuttlecock / Jianzi / Part 1 / 5

Shuttlecock Part 1 / 5.

Trainingslager Federfußball-Nationalmannschaft Deutschlands, DFFB Shuttlecock Jianzi

Video von dem ersten Trainingslager der deutschen Federfußball-Nationalmannschaft im Sport- und Tagungszentrum Hachen(Sauerland) als Vorbereitung auf die Weltmeisterschaft in Rom im September 2015.
Dabei waren Spieler vom FFC Hagen, Flying Feet Haspe, CBC Wuppertal und TV Lipperode.
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Jianzi Freestyle Session

Jianzi with shuttlecock I bought from Bruce Li Footbag Player in Oregon..



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