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Finals - 18th All Japan Jukendo Championships (2010)

Held at the NIppon budokan in Tokyo on the 6th of August, the finals of the 18th All Japan Jukendo Championship.

Yamada Soichi from Miyagi vs. Kimura Tomohiro from Saitama.

Yamada wins the fight with an uwa-doh.

Naginata/Jukendo/Tankendo vs Kendo

Exhibition match @ Butokuden, Irvine 2016 Xmas Tournament/Party

*first ippon by the kendoka on the jukendoka on the second to last match is missing because I had to change batteries

Jukendo and Tankendo Demonstration in Nihon Budo Sai 2014 4K

This is the record of Nihon Budo Sai (All Japan Martial Arts Festival) held in Nihon Budo Kan, in 2014-10-05.

Jukendo & Tankendo Demonstration - Nippon Budokan Kagamibiraki 2018


Jukendo & Tankendo Demonstration during the 2018 Kagamibiraki & Budo Hajime, at the Nippon Budokan.

--- Introduction ---
Jukendo & Tankendo - The art of the Japanese bayonet.
We’ll see different combats of Tankendo and Jukendo. These two martial arts established during the Taisho period, and focus on the usage of the bayonet, and the kodachi, the short sword.
Compared to the Tsuki-Waza in Jukendo which starts from a distance, in Tankendo the emphasis lies on directly jumping into the opponent's bosom, breaking the distance while controlling his technique and body.

--- CREDITS ---
Footage by Seido Co., Ltd.:
Brian Kamei

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NHK Sports Japan — Jukendo

NHK Sports Japan — Jukendo; by Kendo World team.

第62回全日本銃剣道優勝大会 防衛省第1部 準々決勝戦1 銃剣道 Jukendo


19th All Japan Jukendo Championship - final

August 5th, 2011, Nippon Budokan.
Tobinaga Masazumi VS Takeshita Yuuji

23rd All Japan Jukendo Championships — final

Saito (Kouchi) vs. Ichihara (Kumamoto)
2015 - Nippon Budokan

Jukendo Demonstration - Kagamibiraki 2019

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Jukendo Demonstration during the 2019 Kagamibiraki & Budo Hajime, at the Nippon Budokan.

Demonstration by:
- Ishii Hiromori, Hanshi 8th Dan
- Watanabe Masakazu, Kyoshi 8th Dan
- Ogura Hiroyuki, Kyoshi 7th Dan
- Sato Gaku, Renshi 6th Dan
- Iwashita Hideki, Renshi 6th Dan
- Hashimoto Shingo, Renshi 6th Dan

The Kagamibiraki is a traditional ceremony which translates to opening the mirror (symbolically).
Taking its roots in the Shogunate, it is strongly linked to Budo practice and it is natural that the Budo Hajime (first practice of the year) is celebrated at the same time.

At the Nippon Budokan, the ceremony is held at the beginning of January and consists in:
- The Kagamibiraki, with a historical reconstruction (in armor).
- Budo Demonstrations (by the 9 official Budo).
- Budo Hajime (first practice of the year, all practitioners present can practice).
- The Oshiruko kai. “Oshiruko” is a traditional and popular sweet azuki bean paste soup with mochi (which symbolize the sharing of the mochi that was broken before during the ceremony).

--- CREDITS ---
Footage by Seido Co., Ltd.:

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銃剣道 其の一 Jukendo PART1


第63回全日本銃剣道優勝大会 防衛省第一部 決勝戦 副将・大将戦 Jukendo


第62回全日本銃剣道優勝大会 防衛省第1部 決勝戦2 銃剣道 Jukendo


第24回全日本銃剣道選手権大会 決勝  Jukendo Budo Jananese Bayonet

2016年8月5日に開催された「高松宮杯争奪 第24回全日本銃剣道選手権大会」決勝戦です。

Europalia Jukendo

Jukendo demonstration Brussels Belgium 1995

Lancer Report: The Way of the Bayonet

Japan Self-Defense Force members gave Soldiers a taste of jūkendō also known as the way of the bayonet. The Soldiers worked up a sweat while participating in this martial art. Through this they hoped to strengthen bonds with their Japanese allies.

Produced by
SGT Kingston Dillard
Public Affairs Broadcaster
2-2 SBCT

第59回全日本銃剣道優勝大会 防衛省第1部 決勝 大将戦 Jukendo Budo

第59回全日本銃剣道優勝大会 防衛省第1部決勝 大将戦。

Old WWII Kendo Jukendo Bayonet Footage

Black and white footage of WWII Japanese Navy Soldiers practicing Bayonet and Sword fencing.

You can see them wearing the half armour. The body armour Dou and Tare only covers the left half of the body.

But interesting, even the swordsman also wears the half-armour. Perhaps it's due to convenience? By right, the swordsman should be using a standard full armour.

For more on historical Japanese fencing, please visit:

第63回全日本銃剣道優勝大会 一本特集 Jukendo


第61回全日本銃剣道優勝大会 ダイジェスト Jukendo japanese bayonet


高松宮記念杯争奪 第27回全日本銃剣道選手権大会 一本特集 Jukendo 27th All Japan Jukendo Championships Ippon

令和元年八月二日、日本武道館にて開催された「高松宮記念杯争奪 第27回全日本銃剣道選手権大会の一本特集です。



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