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International rules football


The Rules of International Rules Football - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of International Rules Football – a hybrid game that combines the rules of Gaelic Football from Ireland and Australian Rules Football from Australia.

Specific to GAA and AFL Rules - watch this short beginner’s tutorial video guide on how International Rules Football is played, Compromise rules, Inter Rules and guidelines, and how to play International Rules Football.
Learn about goals, overs, behinds, marks, free kicks, 20m penalty and more..

For the rules of Gaelic Football:

For the rules of Aussie Rules Football:

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Video: GAA/AFL – International Series (I do not own any footage and claim fair use!)
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Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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AFL - Australia v Ireland International Rules Highlights 2015

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Australia v Ireland IRS Game One Highlights

Australia ran away with a ten-point victory over Ireland in the first test of the 2017 Virgin Australia International Rules Series.

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Football Basic- Football Rules- Understanding Football

The video Football basic is describing basic rules of football for understanding football. The video shows how football is played, parameters of ground and football, player positions in football, football game duration and time rules. Besides this ball in/ out rules such as kick-off, ball throw-in, goal kick, corner kick, direct and indirect free kick, penalty kick and dropping ball have been discussed. Rules about offside position also has been discussed.

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International Rules 2013 - First Test Highlights

Highlights from Cavan as the AFL's Indigenous All Stars played Ireland in the International Rules first test. For more video, head to

International Rules Series 2014 Highlights - Australia v Ireland

The Aussies and Irish clash in Perth. Highlights from IRS 2014. For more video, head to

International Rules 2017 2nd Test Highlights

Ultimate International Rules Fight Compilation

The long awaited release of the huge international rules compilation i promised some time ago is finally here. Footage comes from all games from 2002-2008, however the picture quality of the 2004/2005 games are less than perfect as they're from the bigpond website. Enjoy, if you don't mind 6 and a half minutes of the repetitive beat of darude's sandstorm. Still, it goes ok and isn't as cliché as 'boom' or 'eye of the tiger' as seen on so many montage videos. As a final word - Brian White is better than Michael Collins and Ger Canning is better than Marty Morrisey.

Football rules

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Often referred to as 'the beautiful game', it involves two teams of eleven players, a spherical ball and a rectangular pitch marked out by touch lines and goal lines. Play starts with a kick-off from the centre circle. The international governing body FIFA organises world cup tournaments every four years.VIDEOGRAPHIC

International Rules 2011 1st Test

1st test of the 2011 International Rules series between Australia and Ireland at the Etihad Stadium

VFL Football 1st Gaelic Test 1986 - Australia v Ireland

Channel 7 broadcast from the 1st Gaelic Test in 1986 between Australia and Ireland. This match took place at the WACA

I am looking for VFL (and VFA) footage pre 1990.

International Rules Ireland v's Australia

Taken from the Channel 10 coverage of the Ireland v's Australia game held at Croke Park Ireland in November 2006. Much of the biffo is off camera.

Australia v Ireland IRS Game One Highlights REACTION

Today on Sports Reactions - Australia v Ireland IRS Game One Highlights!

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Best Australian Moments -International Rules Series

The International rules has been around for over a decade and Australia Vs Ireland has always been a fierce rivalry! Here are some of the best moments from Australia in the IRS!

Thanks for watching - I hope you enjoyed!
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Campbell Brown Smashs Finian Hanley International Rules 2008

Campbell Browns great hit on Finian Hanley at the International Rules First Test at Subiaco Oval

Ireland win the 2011 International Rules Series over Australia convincingly

Australia were defeated by Ireland in both tests by an overall amount of 65 points over the two tests. Many brawls and fights occurred during the 3rd Term.


NO CHANCE of winning the International Rules series, Australia tried to win the fight in an ugly 1.13.5 (50) to 0.7.8 (29) loss to Ireland.

Needing to win by 45 points to claim the series trophy after their opening game capitulation last week, Australia opted to play the aggression card - only to be met by a lot of yellow ones.

At one stage it appeared a game of International Rules had broken out at a scuffle as Australia racked up more yellow cards in the third term (three) than they scored points (one).

In all, a total of six players received the yellow vest on the way to the sin bin - including five in a spiteful third term alone.

Somehow Australian captain Brad Green stayed on the field after being involved in a series of altercations, including one before the game started.

Australia's physical approach appeared to have early results when they banged in the opening two three-point overs via Green and Mitch Robinson.

But from there Robinson and Green turned more heads in the amount of scuffles they were involved in as Ireland kicked into another gear.

Ireland led at the first break by just four points but extended the buffer to 1.8.4 (34) to 0.6.5 (23) by halftime before all hell broke loose in the third.

At one stage an all-in brawl threatened to erupt as Irish players reacted angrily to late shots by Australians that left Joe McMahon in a crumpled heap.

When the dust settled Australia's Angus Monfries, Mark Nicoski, Robbie Gray were all yellow-carded while Ireland's Finian Hanley and vice-captain Ciaran McKeever were also given their marching orders.

Ireland's Michael Murphy had been sin binned late in the second term.

The bully tactics spectacularly backfired for the hosts who managed just six points in the second half.

Indeed when Ben McGlynn potted over an over late in the last term, it marked the first three-pointer by Australia in 25 minutes.

The difference in skill level between the teams was summed up by Leighton Glynn's superb goal for Ireland in the second term.

Glynn cheekily chipped to himself, rounded goalkeeper Matt Suckling and soccered through the only goal of the match.

Ireland avenged their 0-2 series loss last year in spectacular style, winning not only the trophy but also with a 65-point superior aggregate.

For Ireland, Tommy Walsh and Steven McDonnell kicked three overs while Australia's Zac Smith also kicked three.

Full-time scores:

IRELAND 0.3.3 1.8.4 1.10.5 1.13.5 (50)
AUSTRALIA 0.2.2 0.6.5 0.6.6 0.7.8 (29)

Ireland: Goals: L Glynn.
Overs: S McDonnell 3, T Walsh 3, K Donaghy 2, M Murphy 2, J McMahon, M Murphy, T Kennelly.

Australia: Goals: Nil.
Overs: Z Smith 3, B Green 2, M Robinson, B McGlynn.

Crowd: 12,545 at Metricon Stadium, Gold Coast.
Series: Ireland wins 2-0.

international rules australia ireland

That's called Football Rules. I've never heard of this before in my life and looks like a game for very fit and strong people.

International Rules: Second Test Highlights

Watch all the action as Ireland take on Australia

Selwood gets sent off - IRS

Joel Selwood was given a black card, which caused tensions to boil over in the second test of the 2017 Virgin Australia International Rules Series.

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What is AFL? Aussie Rules Explained

What is AFL?

Australian Football, also known as AFL, Aussie Rules or Footy, is a fast, skilful and tough game played by some of the fittest professional athletes on the planet. And AFL fans are as passionate as any sports fans in the world.

With an American and Canadian competing against each other in the AFL for the first time, here’s a 5 minute AFL lesson for those in North America and all around the world.

If you're overseas and would like to find your local Australian Football Club, please visit See you out on the field!



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