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Ice climbing


Ice Climbing a 1,000-ft Waterfall | Ultimate Rush

Ice climber Harald Berger has waited patiently for one of Austria’s most awe-inspiring waterfalls to freeze over. ‘The Supervisor’ is as high as the Eiffel Tower.

Chere Couloir - Alpine Ice Climbing

Guiding and teaching on the Chere Couloir - this is one of the best known ice routes in the Mont Blanc Range; a modern classic that is frequently in condition. Short, steep and technically interesting, with a quick abseil descent.

Basic Ice Climbing Techniques with Dave MacLeod

World leading climber Dave MacLeod offers up some expert advice on how to develop the basic skills required for ice climbing

Ice Climbing 101

Ice climbing is a sport unlike any other, which makes it a bit tricky to get into. In this video, we'll go through the basics and get you on track to start swinging away.

Extreme ice climbing - Cascade de l'Oule, France (V+, 5+)

I've been ice climbing around Grenoble for almost 20 years, and for at least 10 years I've been dreaming of the day when the waterfalls that flow down off the Saint-Hilaire du Touvet plateau would freeze up. In 2001 a cold spell allowed us to climb a number of beautiful lines, but only the upper portion of Oule Falls froze. The consistent and exceptionally cold temps over the course of recent weeks worked wonders! Every day for the last two weeks I carefully watched how the ice was forming... and then last weekend the time had finally come. Oule Falls was frozen and ready... the only problem was that I could not find a partner for Sunday!
-- Erwan Lelann

Directed by Guillaume Broust

Photography by
Chris TongViet - Nico Fabbri - Guillaume Broust - Lafouche

Soundtrack available here :
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Keshty - Leave the Ground -

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How To Pack For Ice Climbing

AMGA Instructor Patrick Ormond explains how to pack for a day of ice climbing.

The future of Ice Climbing

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are watching the future of Ice Climbing says Liam Lonsdale about awesome Safdarian Korouyeh Mohammadreza (IRI) at the 2018 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup competition Rabenstein, Italy.

Ice Pillar Snaps with Climber on It, Here's How He Survived | Sub-Zero, Ep. 3

Sub-Zero explores the souls of four top Canadian ice climbers and this time we meet John Freeman, a mountain guide and rope access supervisor living in Canmore, Alberta, Canada who was recently in the climbing news for establishing a new route at Helmcken Falls with Will Gadd called 'Overhead Hazard'.

John also happens to have survived one of the craziest ice climbing falls ever recorded when a pillar of ice he was climbing detached from the cliff face. This exclusive footage has waited for over two years to see daylight and we're delighted to share it with you.

Director: Lukasz Warzecha/PolishedProject
Producer: Lukasz Warzecha/PolishedProject
Athletes: John Freeman, Will Gadd
Sports: Adventure,Climbing

Ice Pillar Snaps with Climber on It, Here's How He Survived | Sub-Zero, Ep. 3

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2017 UIAA Ice Climbing World Championships Highlights

The best of the action from the pinnacle event of the 2017 UIAA Ice Climbing season - the biennial World Championships held in Champagny-en-Vanoise, France (4-5 February). Video produced by QTV Sports.

GoPro: To Climb An Iceberg in 4K

The fourth of the HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K series. New episode every Tuesday.

Hop aboard La Louise as we venture through the arctic waters of Greenland's Disko Bay in search for the ultimate iceberg to summit with professional ice climbers Klemen Premrl and Aljaz Anderle. The icebergs are very fragile and unstable and to make it to the top the climbers must learn a valuable life lesson.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪

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William Ryan Fritch
Deceptive Dreams
Her Warmth
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New Bones
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How to ice climb Sabotørfossen in Rjukan in Norway | Ice Climbing Vlog Ep. 15

Sabotørfossen in Rjukan in Norway is one heck of an ice climbing classic in the area known as Upper Gorge! This is a stunning 150 meters long WI5 ice climbing multi-pitch that includes an easy slab/ramp, an amazing ice chimney and a beautiful ice face that forms a narrow steep drip at the top.

Watch this ice climbing video to gain essential beta on how to ice climb Sabotørfossen in Rjukan in Norway.

To ice climb Sabotørfossen you would need at least 8 ice screws of various lengths (e.g. Black Diamond Express 13 cm, 16 cm and 19 cm) and at least the same amount of alpine quick draws (two carabiners with an extendable sling). The belay at the final pitch will be from a couple of trees, so you also need to bring some slings and carabiners to build an anchor from that. And based on the conditions you could bring a set of nuts (e.g. Black Diamond Stopper Nuts) for the chimney to take advantage of the surrounding rock.

And speaking of gear remember to watch the video about how to choose the right ice axe or ice tool.

► How to choose the RIGHT ice axe or ice tool -

Sabotørfossen has some history behind it. The name can be translated from Norwegian into English to The Saboteur Waterfall and derives from a World War II legend.

The legend states that a Norwegian commando team along side British troops ice climbed the waterfalls of the Upper Gorge after following the Sabotørstien (The Saboteur Trail). They did not necessarily climb the Sabotørfossen itself as there are some debate about which specific route they took. Anyway, the Norwegian commando troops silently made their way to the Vemork hydroelectric plant, where the Nazi was experimenting with heavy water for nuclear weapons of mass destruction. The Norwegian commandos successfully sabotaged the experiments by bombing the Vemork hydroelectric plant, and thereby disrupting the Navi progress of nuclear weapons. There has actually been made a Hollywood feature about this legend called The Heroes of Telemark. So you could be your own hero of Telemark by ice climbing the Sabotørfossen!

Sabotørfossen could however easily have been the route that the Norwegian commandos raided the Vemork hydroelectric plant through as you are hidden from the surroundings in the Rjukan Upper Gorge, when climbing inside the stunning ice chimney on the second pitch.

You approach Sabotørfossen from Rjukan by driving up to the Vemork bridge near the Vemork hydroelectric plant in the Upper Gorge. From here you hike down to the river for a couple of hundred meters until you come to the base of the climb at the left. It is pretty straightforward as Sabotørfossen starts with a broad, wide ice slab/ramp for about 40 meters.

When you are done ice climbing Sabotørfossen you should hike back toward the Vemork hydroelectric plant.

Music: Moon by Lemmino

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Will Gadd Is One of the World's Best Ice Climbers...Guess How Old He Is | Sub-Zero, Ep. 4

Sub-Zero explores the souls of four top Canadian ice climbers. In the series finale we sit down with Will Gadd, a man widely thought of as being among the most versatile outdoor athletes in the world. A veteran of the sport, Will's boundless energy has him constantly seeking new adventures. Not bad for a man in his mid-forties. All-round action hero Will Gadd is a living legend in the truest sense.

Director: Lukasz Warzecha/PolishedProject
Producer: Lukasz Warzecha/PolishedProject
Athletes: Will Gadd, John Freeman
Sports: Adventure, Climbing

Will Gadd Is One of the World's Best Ice Climbers...Guess How Old He Is | Sub-Zero, Ep. 4
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GoPro: Ice Climbing Interstellar Spice

Helmcken Falls is the fourth highest waterfall in Canada. The flow from Murtle River drops down 140m without a break. Despite cold winters, the main stream never freezes, but the freezing spray from the massive waterfall covers overhanging rocks behind it. Steep overhanging walls and big roofs covered in ice, makes it home to the hardest ice and mixed routes in the world.

Name - Interstellar Spice
Height - 80m
Grade - WI 12 (water ice 12)
Location - Helmcken Falls, Wells Gray Provicial Park, BC, Canada
Date of ascent - Feb 2016
Climbers - Tim Emmett (GB) and Klemen Premrl (Slovenia)

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪

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William Ryan Fritch

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Ice Climbing in the dephts of a glacier - Dani Arnold

His aim is usually to stand on mountain peaks. Even for Dani Arnold, starting a climb with a descent into the darkness was a new mountaineering experience. Follow Dani’s adventure in the depths of the Plaine-Morte glacier and his climb back to daylight with an ice axe.

Ice Climbing Frozen Niagara Falls - Will Gadd's First Ascent

CLICK for the full story of his historic ascent:
Internationally renowned ice climber Will Gadd takes ice climbing to the next level by scaling the frozen sections of the world’s largest flowing waterfall, Niagara Falls. Gadd, a world-renowned ice climber and paraglider from Alberta, Canada, has traveled to the ends of the earth to find the world’s most challenging climbs, but Niagara Falls, one of his home country‘s most iconic landmarks, is a lifelong mission that he previously thought impossible...until now.

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ICE FALL: Night Ice Climbing | Scandinavian Frost Giants

The Frost Giants of Norse mythology were huge, cold and practically indomitable. At night they taught the people of the North to fear, only to freeze again the next day. In January 2013, extreme sports photographer Thomas Senf headed off for Norway with a team of fearless Mammut ice climbers. The plan was to set the professional athletes against the nocturnal backdrop of the legendary world of the Frost Giants using flares and spotlights. The project produced unique photos, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Find out more about the story on our blog:


Daniel Arnold
Stephan Siegrist
Aljaz Anderle
Ralf Weber
David Fasel
Anne-Aylin Sigg
Mirjam Limmer

Music & Sound Design:
Original Song The Ascent of Man
Sam Ewing

Executive Producer:
Christian Gisi

Joseph Areddy

Line Producer:
Cordelia Müller

Production Manager:
Christoph Schaub

Rahel Schelb

Assistant Camera:
Maxime Raymond

End Photographs:
Thomas Senf

Lighting Technician:
David Hedinger


Camera Equipment:
Visuals Geneva

Post House:

A movie by Mammut Absolute alpine.

Desert Ice: a 3 Strings video production.

Desert Ice - Ice climbing in Zion National Park, Utah.
Created for Arc'teryx by 3 Strings Productions -

“No one has found a venue this big since they invented the f**kin' ice tool.

“This is different than just hiking up to the Cave or the Amphitheater or whatever… You gotta use a compass.”

“These things are not waiting on you. When it is in, it’s in.”

“Climbing routes like this is like defusing a time bomb, and you can’t walk away from it.

Jesse Huey
Scott Adamson
Angela VanWiemeersch
Pete Takeda

3 Strings Productions:
Andy Mann
Cory Richards
Keith Ladzinski
Josh Povec
Lilly Rosenthal

How To Place Ice Screws - Ice Climbing | Climbing Daily, Ep. 678

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In the fifth instalment of our new ice climbing series on Climbing Daily, we talk to mountain guide Isabelle Santoire, who goes through some ice screw placement technique for ice climbing.

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Ice climbing axe or mountaineering axe? What is the DIFFERENCE (2018) | Climbing Vlog Ep. 6

Choosing the right ice climbing axe or mountaineering axe for you can be really hard!

In this alpine climbing vlog episode I will touch the differences between the two major types of ice axes - the mountaineering axe and the technical ice climbing axe. And besides that, Petzl has released the Petzl Quark 2018 version, which now contains some pretty cool features making it a contender for the best allround ice axe - at least in my opinion

The Petzl Quark 2018 is now a standard item in my alpine climbing kit.

There are several key differences between a mountaineering axe and an ice climbing axe such as length of the shaft, the aggressiveness or curve of the shaft, the handle of the ice axe, and the teeth on the pick. Besides that the mountaineering ice axe comes in different sizes that should suit you, which the ice climbing axe does not - watch this alpine climbing vlog episode and find out how to choose the best size.

In the vlog you can see the:

- Grivel Tech Machine technical ice climbing axe
- Petzl Summit Evo mountaineering axe
- and the Petzl Quark 2018 allround mountaineering and ice climbing axe

Other brands have made ice axes like the Petzl Quark such as Grivel North Machine, Black Diamond Viper or the Edelrid Riot. However the Petzl Quark 2018 adds some nifty features such as adjustable finger rests and a foldable handrest.

Before you watch the alpine climbing vlog episode on the differences between the ice climbing axe and the mountaineering ice axe, here is a short disclamer; I am not associated with any or the brands mentioned, nor have I received any product from neither Petzl or Grivel. What I tell in the vlog is solely based on my own experiences and personal views! Yup, now go ahead watching i vlog!

Music: I Love You by Vibe Tracks

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Always Above Us

The North Face: Always Above Us. Leading the life of a climber involves a tremendous amount of sacrifice and hardship, but for team athletes Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson, there's no living without it.

In 1999, on an expedition in Tibet, team alpine climbers Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson lost their good friend and exploration companion, Alex Lowe, to an avalanche that narrowly missed Conrad himself. To preserve Alex's honor, Conrad and Kris establish and send the Nutcracker, a new ice climb route in Hyalite Canyon, Montana. Their story, and climb, are captured here by Sherpas Cinema.



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