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Ice yachting


Ice Yachting - The fun and fear of 100kph

Capable of more than four times the wind speed a DN ice yacht can reach 100kph and in a fleet of 50 boats the closing speeds are both alarming and intoxicating.
Former Finn sailor, David Howlett coached three teams to five Olympic Gold medals, including Ben Ainslie. But after 24 years of working towards other peoples’ success, he is using his spare time to work on his own and has switched to racing a DN. He explains to The World Sailing Show what makes ice yachting tick and why he has become so hooked.
[Feature first broadcast March 2017]

Marlow 100 Ice

EXCLUSIVE: The editors check out the latest world traveler from Marlow Yachts, The Marlow 100 Ice, built to venture into the icy Arctic...

2018 DN Ice Boat Racing | Lake Charlevoix, Michigan


IDNIYRA EC 2019 - Poland - Mikolayki

Austrian DN Ice Yacht Racing Team at European Championship 2019 in Poland

Iceboat Crash Compilation

Some youtube iceboat moments... Some of these look painful.

Just a reminder for us to be careful and try to stay in control for the 2012 season.

Music: Jeff Beck, You Had It Coming, Earthquake

DN Ice Yacht Worlds 2012

Short video from DN Ice Yacht Worlds 2012 on lake Hjälmaren, Sweden
source: unknown

S-8 open class ice yacht (boeier), y/c Strelna, Saint-Petersburg, Russia | DJI Inspire1

S-8 open class ice-yach racing in Gulf of Finland, St.-Petersburg.

Saint-Petersburg S-8 open class ice-yacht association
Open class S-8 (Russian: Svobodny vosmimetrovy class or vosmyorka), mainsail - 8-sq.meter, crew - 1.
Free design with Class Rules limitations.
S-8B - wing sail 8-meter iceyachts.

More info about S-8 ice-yachts on FB and VK.

(russian only, more info, news, racing, drawings/building/trimming):

2019 DN Iceboat Western Regional Regatta

Lake Pepin, Mississippi River
Lake City, Minnesota
Jan 5th & 6th, 2019

Video from Sunday, SE wind 10-15mph, about 25degF

Big River by Johnny Cash

Ice 52 Test

Portofino, October 2015 Ice 52 Test preview

Ice Sailing Ice Boating Ice Yachting DN Wind Winter Speed Outdoor Drone Drones UAV

Ice Sailing has a rich tradition along the Kennebecasis River in New Brunswick, Canada. Here are some clips of the action:

Ice Boating Fun

An ice boat (often spelled as iceboat) is a boat or purpose-built framework similar in functional design to a sail boat but fitted with skis or runners (skates) and designed to run over ice instead of through (liquid) water. Ice yachting is the sport of sailing and racing iceboats. Sailable ice is known in the sport as hard water versus sailing on liquid or soft water. A related sport, land sailing, utilizes a configuration with an iceboat-like fuselage or frame equipped with wheels instead of runners. Iceboats commonly used for racing are usually only for one person, but several classes of two-seat and multiple-seat iceboats are more or less common. On some boats, a side car can be fitted to take others along for a ride.

Traditional iceboats from before the late 19th century were used for transportation of goods and racing. These boats reached lengths of 30 to 50 feet (15 m) and were sometimes transported between sites on rail cars. Ice sailing was first developed in Europe. In America, it was done in several locations where the sport also continues today. Many active ice sailing clubs are thriving in the northern States and Canadian Provinces, including on the Hudson River, Long Island Sound, Detroit, Michigan, Sandusky, Ohio, Gull Lake, Michigan, Lake Muskegon, Michigan, Geneva Lake, Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Hamilton Bay, Ontario, Ghost Lake, Alberta and on other venues as far south as Decatur and Springfield, Illinois. Some of the older large stern steerer iceboats can seat several in their baskets. Several of these boats are maintained and raced today. The Northwest Ice Yacht Association sponsors an annual regatta that includes classes for these boats. This annual regatta recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.

iceboat ice boat sport yachting boating sailing racing hudson New York New Jersey clubs boats

Ice Sailing on the Hudson River

On the frozen Hudson River at Barrytown, NY

Ice Yachting on the Hudson

Video shot aboard an ice yacht on the Hudson River, just north of the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge.

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New Sport: Solo Ice-Skate Sailing (1926) | Sporting History

In 1926 the people of Stockholm in Sweden invented a new sport...Solo Ice-Skate Sailing! Ice skaters strap sails to their backs. Apparently at the time, 'Skate sailing' became so popular that it rivaled ice-yachting in the 'City of Bridges'.

License this film: (ID: 448.14)

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La Spezia 2013-05-28. First navigation trial of the new fast cruiser built by ICE YACHTS and designed by FELCI YACHTS.

The Deuce: 54ft of fast

Cabbage Patch Boatworks
Owner: Rick Hennig

Ice Surfing Roxen Lake Linsurf jan 2009

Windsurfing on frozen water lake Roxen Linkoping Sweden. Snow surfing.
Filmed by C-G. Surfers Patrik, Oscar, Douglas, and Andreas.

Ice Yachting

Ice-Yachting on Ullnasjön Stockholm Sweden 4 Januari 2015
Song: The Reciver Artist: Letter box

Ice Yachting Sweden

Ice-Blokart on Ullnasjön Stockholm Sweden in the winter 2015

Music: Without a sound Artist: Letter box

Ice Yachting Around Ice Fisherman

Ice Boating Around Ice Fishing Holes And Shanty's



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