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Ice yachting


ICE YACHTS ICE 44, la prima navigazione

In questo video la prima navigazione del nuovo Ice 44 del cantiere Ice Yachts, nelle acque di La Spezia. Con un incontro speciale...

Fast Piece of Furniture: sailing America's first 15-meter ice boat

A shakedown romp on Bill Buchholz's new 15 meter class iceboat. This design, raced for years in isolation behind the Iron Curtain, finally comes to America in Bill's exquisite craftsmanship. Sail and plans (and video music) came from Estonia, on the Baltic Sea. Ice and wind, courtesy of Chickawaukie Lake, Rockport, Maine, January 21, 2013.

CRAZY DN Iceboat Crash Through Ice Tuning For 2019 World Championship

This iceboat crash took place the day before the 2019 World Championship while tuning up with some other racers. Glad I was with other people and wearing a full helmet and face guard.

Ice boats on Lake Erie - Hard water sailing

Imagine a sailboat with skis on the bottom gliding across the ice at 60 MPH. Ice boaters John Greiner and Brian Goldberg, grandfather and grandson, talk about the thrill of this extreme sport and the community of the Toledo Ice Yacht Club. Ice boating footage is courtesy of Ryan Lashaway.

The Toledo Ice Yacht Club:

DN Junior and Ice-Optimist World Championship 2016

PČ Ice-Opti 2016

2018 DN Ice Boat Racing | Lake Charlevoix, Michigan

~ Ice Yachts of the Hudson~

~ Ice Yachts of the Hudson~ 3/1/2014...Beautiful old wooden ice yachts of the Hudson river NY.... Most were built in the mid-late 1800's ~~

Austrian DN Ice Yacht Racing Team at Liptovska Mara, Slovakia - 2019

A very nice journey from Austrian and Hungarian DN ice boat sailors to Liptovska Mara, Slovakia!

IDNIYRA EC 2019 - Poland - Mikolayki

Austrian DN Ice Yacht Racing Team at European Championship 2019 in Poland

Ice Sailing Ice Boating Ice Yachting DN Wind Winter Speed Outdoor Drone Drones UAV

Ice Sailing has a rich tradition along the Kennebecasis River in New Brunswick, Canada. Here are some clips of the action:

Ice sailing in Saint Petersburg 2019 movie

Music: Sing, Sing, Sci-Fi Swing — The Steampunk Swingers

Зимние гонки в стиле Стим Панк!
Чемпионат в классе Монотип XV и классе С-8.
Я на восьмерочке прокатилась в первый раз :-)
Февраль 2019, яхт-клуб Балтиец, Санкт-Петербург.

Winter Steam Punk Racing In Russia!
Championship in Monotype XV and C-8 classes. I'm on the C-8 for the first time :-)
February 2019, Baltiec yacht-club, Saint-Petersburg.

Ice 52 Test

Portofino, October 2015 Ice 52 Test preview

Marlow 100 Ice

EXCLUSIVE: The editors check out the latest world traveler from Marlow Yachts, The Marlow 100 Ice, built to venture into the icy Arctic...

Ice Yachting Sweden

Ice-Blokart on Ullnasjön Stockholm Sweden in the winter 2015

Music: Without a sound Artist: Letter box

Ice Yachting on the Hudson

Video shot aboard an ice yacht on the Hudson River, just north of the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge.

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Iceboard World Record GPS Speed.mpg

Windsurfer Ice Boards set Official GPS World Record speeds on Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire, USA. Many sailors surpase the 50 knot barrier over miles of clear safe ice.
February 12 2012
World Record Icesled Class: 52.65 Knots avg. 10 second run

Complete listing of record holders:

The perfect ice - Ice boats on Lake Geneva

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Before today I thought a hike was what a center did when the quarterback yelled the word, or a long walk in the wilderness. But I experienced a HIKE today on an ice boat called Zephyr III with Bob Mereness at the helm. In this case a hike is when the boat edges up on two of the three runners. Ice boats can get up to 100 mph although today I think we were only going about 50, which was plenty fast for this newby!

So I started by walking out on transparent ice, so see-through that I felt like I was walking on water. You could see fish swimming underneath. I was questioning my own sanity for just a second but then remembered I am committed to getting the shot no matter what so I charged on about a 1/4 mile into Lake Geneva with my Canon 5D Mark II with 1080p HD video built in. It turned out that a monopod and my 24-105 lens was the perfect combination for the video project.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.

Music by Secrets in Stereo. Used with permission.

We recently shot more photos and video (March 2014) Here is a new video:

Here are more photos to view and maybe purchase as well.

Iceboat Crash Compilation

Some youtube iceboat moments... Some of these look painful.

Just a reminder for us to be careful and try to stay in control for the 2012 season.

Music: Jeff Beck, You Had It Coming, Earthquake

Ice Yachting

Ice-Yachting on Ullnasjön Stockholm Sweden 4 Januari 2015
Song: The Reciver Artist: Letter box

Ice Yachting - The fun and fear of 100kph

Capable of more than four times the wind speed a DN ice yacht can reach 100kph and in a fleet of 50 boats the closing speeds are both alarming and intoxicating.
Former Finn sailor, David Howlett coached three teams to five Olympic Gold medals, including Ben Ainslie. But after 24 years of working towards other peoples’ success, he is using his spare time to work on his own and has switched to racing a DN. He explains to The World Sailing Show what makes ice yachting tick and why he has become so hooked.
[Feature first broadcast March 2017]



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