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Ice yachting


Ice Yachting - The fun and fear of 100kph

Capable of more than four times the wind speed a DN ice yacht can reach 100kph and in a fleet of 50 boats the closing speeds are both alarming and intoxicating.
Former Finn sailor, David Howlett coached three teams to five Olympic Gold medals, including Ben Ainslie. But after 24 years of working towards other peoples’ success, he is using his spare time to work on his own and has switched to racing a DN. He explains to The World Sailing Show what makes ice yachting tick and why he has become so hooked.
[Feature first broadcast March 2017]

Austrian DN - Ice Yacht Racing Team at Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia - 2016

April 2016 is the 1st time that the Autrian team started at the Baikal DN - Ice Yacht Races. :-)

Ice Yachting

Ice-Yachting on Ullnasjön Stockholm Sweden 4 Januari 2015
Song: The Reciver Artist: Letter box

Skatesailing1/1 2010.MPG

My friend Mats trying out his new SkimBat wingsail, a multipurpose wingsail with good performance, an almost ten year old Finnish design. However, as can be seen no match for a traditional Swedish skatesail- a design from 1905! NE wind 2-4 m/s in the South of Sweden at the northern part of the East Ringlake.

Ice Sailing Ice Boating Ice Yachting DN Wind Winter Speed Outdoor Drone Drones UAV

Ice Sailing has a rich tradition along the Kennebecasis River in New Brunswick, Canada. Here are some clips of the action:

Ice 52 Test

Portofino, October 2015 Ice 52 Test preview

Austrian DN - Ice Yacht Racing Team at Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia 2017

March 2017 is the 2nd time that the Autrian team started at the Baikal DN - Ice Yacht Races. :-)

Iceboating And Landsailing The Evolution Of The Solid Wing

The Evolution Of The Solid Wing For Landsailing And Iceboating
More wing boat information -

International DN Ice Yacht Championships 2015

The International DN Ice Yacht World and North American Championships are being held in Kingston, Ontario (right in front of our office). For the Kingston Yacht Club, we skated out to the middle of the lake, and put together a little highlight piece for them to remember the event by. Great job Kingston Yacht Club!

Ice Yachting on the Hudson

Video shot aboard an ice yacht on the Hudson River, just north of the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge.

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Ice Yachting at Leigh & Lowton

Ice Yachting

AWESOME Iceboating in March with the Toledo Ice Yacht Club


Iceboating and racing with the Toledo Ice Yacht Club March 2-3, 2019. Although there were only DN iceboat races this weekend, the club is notorious for a variety of iceboat fleets. Particularly the 15-meter iceboat.

Find the latest updates on the Toledo Ice Yacht Club on their Facebook page here:

Iceboard World Record GPS Speed.mpg

Windsurfer Ice Boards set Official GPS World Record speeds on Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire, USA. Many sailors surpase the 50 knot barrier over miles of clear safe ice.
February 12 2012
World Record Icesled Class: 52.65 Knots avg. 10 second run

Complete listing of record holders:

Iceboating Best Day Of The Year | Toledo Ice Yacht Club sailing Maumee Bay

Some choose Key West to sail year-round, and some of us choose Ohio! Fun weekend of ice boating in Toledo, Ohio. LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for the latest iceboating and windsurfing adventures.

Just used a Polaroid Cube for this video. This was recorded January 23-24, 2016.

The exact date of the Toledo Ice Yacht Club founding is unclear. The most widely accepted date for founding occurred in 1919. The purpose for the club is to promote the sport of ice boating as well as provide ice boaters and opportunity to discuss the sport and find where the best ice is. The club primarily sails on Maumee Bay in Toledo, although traveling does occur if there is good ice. There are those that race and those that “cruise.” If there is good ice people will be out. Come down and ask questions.

Ice sailing with Gaastra

Since it´s still cold outside we thought it would be nice to show you a day in the life of an ice sailor. What are you waiting for? Grab a boat & hit the ice!

Ice Sailing with crazy creek Skis

Ice sailing with crazy creek cosmic way skis at George Wyth lake at George Wyth State Park Cederfalls Iowa.

Baikal Ice Yacht Racing 2013

Yacht stuck in ice sheet in Antarctica

A sunken 76-foot powerboat in Antarctica, now trapped under ice, is the subject of an eerie photo making the rounds on the Internet.

ICE 62

Uno yacht modernissimo che si propone al mercato come un fast cruiser, pensato per armatori appassionati e competenti alla ricerca di forti emozioni e divertimento al timone, con una grande qualità costruttiva.
Si distingue per prestazioni, comfort di bordo e per la sua elevata marinità.

FareVela test: ICE 62

Cala Galera, 24 febbraio 2014. Intervista a Marco Malgara (Ice Yachts) e anteprima della prova che sarà pubblicata su FareVela di aprile 2014



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