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Ice climbing


GoPro: To Climb An Iceberg in 4K

The fourth of the HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K series. New episode every Tuesday.

Hop aboard La Louise as we venture through the arctic waters of Greenland's Disko Bay in search for the ultimate iceberg to summit with professional ice climbers Klemen Premrl and Aljaz Anderle. The icebergs are very fragile and unstable and to make it to the top the climbers must learn a valuable life lesson.

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5 tips and tricks on how to start ice climbing

Would you like to know how to start ice climbing in 2020? Then this is the right video for you! Ice climbing is very different from other types of climbing, so in this video I will give you 5 tips and tricks you should to know if you want to start ice climbing! And if you watch the video to the end I will also share a few very good ice climbing destinations for beginners.

In this ice climbing video I will give you tips and tricks on ice climbing technique. Whether you are a ice climbing beginner or have been ice climbing for some years, these tips and tricks on ice climbing technique will help you improve your climbing abilities.

I will also talk about what essential ice climbing gear you need. The most essential ice climbing gear are technical ice axes, crampons, ice screws and a helmet!

Besides this I will talk about the ice climbing grading system called the Water/Ice or WI system. It ranges from WI1 to WI7. WI7 is very rare, and most climbs are between WI3 and WI6. Tjønnstadbergfossen in Rjukan In Norway is a typical WI3 with a few sustained moves and long bulges of ice, while Cascata di Patri near Cogne in Italy is a classical WI4 with long sections of 90 degrees ice. And finally Sabotørfossen in Rjukan is WI5 with its final full pitch of about 85 degrees steepness.

According to the water/ice grading system can be described as:

WI1: Low angle ice; no tools required.
WI2: Consistent 60º ice with possible bulges; good protection.
WI3: Sustained 70º with possible long bulges of 80º-90º; reasonable rests and good stances for placing screws.
WI4: Continuous 80º ice fairly long sections of 90º ice broken up by occasional rests.
WI5: Long and strenuous, with a ropelength of 85º-90º ice offering few good rests; or a shorter pitch of thin or bad ice with protection that’s difficult to place.
WI6: A full ropelength of near-90º ice with no rests, or a shorter pitch even more tenuous than WI 5.Highly technical.
WI7: As above, but on thin poorly bonded ice or long, overhanging poorly adhered columns. Protection is impossible or very difficult to place and of dubious quality.
WI8: Under discussion.

Grades differ from region to region. A WI4 in Cogne might not be the same as WI4 in Valdez. Like all other climbing grading systems providing a specific climbing route with a grade will always be a subjective decision. And especially with ice climbing routes as they might change from season to season. And they will also differ from early season to end of season.

In this ice climbing video I will also give you tips and tricks on how to build ice climbing experience. If you have some friends who have experience and you are on a budget, you could see if they are willing taking you ice climbing. If not, you should consider hiring a mountain guide who can introduce you. In most of the major ice climbing areas you can hire mountain guides – they are not cheap, but it is an excellent way of getting started with ice climbing. Or, you could also consider joining one of the many different ice climbing festivals. They usually run clinics and workshops to build basic ice climbing skills, and that it is not that expensive.

If you are based in Europe you should check out the ice climbing festivals in:

► Rjukan Ice Festival
► Abisko Ice Climbing Festival
► Argentiere Ice Climbing Ecrin
► Cogne Ice Opening

And if you are in the US check out:

► Ouray Ice Festival
► Valdez Ice Climbing Festival
► Bozeman Ice Festival
► Cody Ice Festival

And there are plenty more!

You could also go online! If you are looking for ice climbing partners these are good places to look:

Unlike rock climbing routes, ice climbing routes change from season to season. This also means that ice climbing routes can vary in conditions throughout the season. So you have to learn how to look for whether a route is in the right conditions or not

Finally, I will give tips and tricks on a few destinations you should visit if you are a beginner. Cogne in the Gran Paradiso National Park in Northern Italy is an ice climbing mekka! But if you are looking for introductory ice crags I would highly recommend Krokan and Ozzimosis in Rjukan in Norway or Moline in Cogne in Italy. And both Rjukan and Cogne have ice climbing festivals with loads of clinics and workshops.


Time Stands Still by A Sappheiros

Where Silence Is Nonexistent by A Himitsu
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Which Type Of Ice Axe Do You Need? | Climbing Daily Ep.1539

On today's Gear Show we take a look at the different ice axes available for climbers. We look at how the axes fit into different types of climbing and check out some specialized, high end gear.

Grivel Air Tech Evo:
Black Diamond Raven:
Petzl Ride:
Cassin X-All Mountain
Petzl Quark:
Petzl Nomic:
Cassin X-Dream:
Grivel North Face Carbon:
Black Diamond Fuel:

Which Type Of Ice Axe Do You Need? | Climbing Daily Ep.1539

Ice Climbing in Gudvangen

Far from a walk in the park, the glacial ascents of Gudvangen present numerous challenges for even the most experienced climbers. For Aymeric Clouet and Guillaume Omont though, the Norwegian frozen waterfall is a challenge they are more than willing to take. Fortunately, our athletes are equipped with Norrøna’s new trollveggen collection; the first choice of mountaineers with high requirements to excessive durability, innovative functionality, and high-performance weather protection.

See the collection:


Extreme ice climbing - Cascade de l'Oule, France (V+, 5+)

I've been ice climbing around Grenoble for almost 20 years, and for at least 10 years I've been dreaming of the day when the waterfalls that flow down off the Saint-Hilaire du Touvet plateau would freeze up. In 2001 a cold spell allowed us to climb a number of beautiful lines, but only the upper portion of Oule Falls froze. The consistent and exceptionally cold temps over the course of recent weeks worked wonders! Every day for the last two weeks I carefully watched how the ice was forming... and then last weekend the time had finally come. Oule Falls was frozen and ready... the only problem was that I could not find a partner for Sunday!
-- Erwan Lelann

Directed by Guillaume Broust

Photography by
Chris TongViet - Nico Fabbri - Guillaume Broust - Lafouche

Soundtrack available here :
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Glacier Ice Climbing in Alaska with Lucie Hrozová

Incredibly beautiful footage here from Tim Thompson ( ) of Lucie Hrozová ( climbing ice on the Matanuska Glacier, Alaska.

A photo essay from this shoot appeared in ASCENT 2019! (Subscribe to Rock and Ice by April 20, 2020, and you'll get ASCENT 2020:

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Ice Pillar Snaps with Climber on It, Here's How He Survived | Sub-Zero, Ep. 3

Sub-Zero explores the souls of four top Canadian ice climbers and this time we meet John Freeman, a mountain guide and rope access supervisor living in Canmore, Alberta, Canada who was recently in the climbing news for establishing a new route at Helmcken Falls with Will Gadd called 'Overhead Hazard'.

John also happens to have survived one of the craziest ice climbing falls ever recorded when a pillar of ice he was climbing detached from the cliff face. This exclusive footage has waited for over two years to see daylight and we're delighted to share it with you.

Director: Lukasz Warzecha/PolishedProject
Producer: Lukasz Warzecha/PolishedProject
Athletes: John Freeman, Will Gadd
Sports: Adventure,Climbing

Ice Pillar Snaps with Climber on It, Here's How He Survived | Sub-Zero, Ep. 3

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Lead Finals l Ice Climbing World Cup 2017 l Cheongsong

UIAA and MountainTV present live coverage from day two of the Ice Climbing World Cup in Cheongsong, South Korea.

Coverage includes both the men's and women's lead finals.

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The future of Ice Climbing

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are watching the future of Ice Climbing says Liam Lonsdale about awesome Safdarian Korouyeh Mohammadreza (IRI) at the 2018 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup competition Rabenstein, Italy.

Chere Couloir - Alpine Ice Climbing

Guiding and teaching on the Chere Couloir - this is one of the best known ice routes in the Mont Blanc Range; a modern classic that is frequently in condition. Short, steep and technically interesting, with a quick abseil descent.

Ice Climbing in the dephts of a glacier - Dani Arnold

His aim is usually to stand on mountain peaks. Even for Dani Arnold, starting a climb with a descent into the darkness was a new mountaineering experience. Follow Dani’s adventure in the depths of the Plaine-Morte glacier and his climb back to daylight with an ice axe.

Basic Ice Climbing Techniques with Dave MacLeod

World leading climber Dave MacLeod offers up some expert advice on how to develop the basic skills required for ice climbing.

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What I learned from my massive ice climbing fall?

I just had my first and hopefully last massive ice climbing fall at an ice climbing trip to Hemsedal in Norway. And that was a scary experience!

In this short ice climbing video I will show you what happened and talk you through the ice climbing fall, and in the end also talk a bit about how I see such an ice climbing fall could have been avoided in the first place.

And I will also explain why falling on ice is dangerous and in any means should be avoided!

We were ice climbing a single pitch WI5 at Golsjuvet in Hemsedal where we had to top out above a small overhang and bridge a hanging pillar. The finishing move on the ice climbing route was to basically to pull yourself over an overhang after the ice axes had been buried deep in the snow and frozen turf.

If you are asking yourself why there are a couple of Petzl Nomics sitting at the top of the route, then my climbing partner had just taken a similar ice climbing whipper, so I promised to retrieve his ice axes. But after my fall my ice axes were stuck too! Fortunately for us we could walk out of the gorge at Golsjuvet and retrieve our ice axes by abseiling down the route from the top.

I gained a few learnings from my ice climbing fall and there are a series of things I could have done differently to prevent myself from falling. First of all, if I couldn’t find a decent rest, then I should just have rested in the last ice screw, or clipped one of my ice axes and then rested where I were. Secondly, I was so close to topping out at the tree that I could probably just have hooked the tree with one of my ice axes or grabbed it with my hands. I must admit though that it seemed a bit sketchy to do in the situation. And pulling in trees is something I generally try to avoid because their roots could be rotten, and not hold my pull! Because then you can easily make an ice climbing fall.

I was happy that I did not climb with leashes that day as my ice axes would have ricochet against me, when the strings pulled tight by the fall. And that could inflict serious injury!

And falling on ice is something you should by any means try to avoid! Even though ice climbing falls happen, fortunately they happen rarely – but the stakes are much higher! You have sharp pointy crampons on, ice axes in your hands and the ice might not hold if it not solid enough – and you might even break off ice that could hit you or your belayer. And most ice climbing happens in remote places, so you might have to be rescued out.

I guess I got a bit too eager finishing the route, and what I learned is that I should take resting very seriously when climbing steep ice. So for those reasons I could have a avoided this ice climbing whipper.

So, have you been in a similar situation taking a fall of ice – and what did you learn you your ice climbing whipper? Leave a comment below.

► How to ice climb Sabotørfossen in Rjukan:


► How to ice climb La Spada di Damocle:


By The Croft by Joakim Karud

Philae by Olivaw
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Moon by Lemmino


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How To Climb Efficiently - Ice Climbing | Climbing Daily, Ep. 673

For all your latest climbing gear head to:

In the fourth instalment of our new ice climbing series on Climbing Daily, we talk to mountain guide Isabelle Santoire, who goes through some slightly more advanced placement technique for ice tools, and efficiency when climbing.

Check back next week for part five, when we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at ice climbing technique and anchor building.

Also on today's show, we bring this week's product of the week, the Mad Rock Flash 2.0 climbing shoe. Coupled with the Black Diamond Momentum harness for €105, this is the ultimate starter pack. Find out more here.

How To Climb Efficiently - Ice Climbing | Climbing Daily, Ep. 673

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Climbing Frozen Waterfalls Just North of Detroit | Superior Ice Climbing: Episode 1

►New Episodes Every Thursday!
Angela VanWiemeersch and Sasha DiGiliuan, two athletes at the top of their respective climbing disciplines, explore the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in search for new ice climbing routes on the shoreline of Lake Superior. Frozen waterfalls on the side of massive sandstone cliffs in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore offer a variety of climbing possibilities that only a small, but dedicated community regularly visits. Among this tight-knit community is Angela VanWiemeersch who currently holds two first female ascents in the “UP”. Sasha DiGiliuan, one of the most accomplished rock climbers in the world, joined Angela to do what she does best – taking climbing to new different heights. 


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Why Do Ice Climbers Do This? | Climbing Daily Ep.1148

Get the gear to go Dry Tooling

On this weeks Friday Gear show we are back in Oulu speaking with Marianne Van Der Steen, who we caught up with at the European Ice Climbing Championships just outside of Oulu...
There are a few tips and ideas on how you can get started in Ice climbing and dry tooling, so if you're keen check out the link above..have a great weekend!

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Why Do Ice Climbers Do This? | Climbing Daily Ep.1148

'Stormbringer- No Retreat' iceclimbing in Norway

Stormbringer - a film by Matthias Scherer
In February 2015 Tanja Schmitt, Heike Schmitt and Matthias Scherer set out to Eidfjord Norway. Two winters they attempted a monstrous ice line called Fjåne Fossenin vain. The film tells the story of their third confrontation with Fjåne Fossen and the first ascent of 'Stormbringer' in the same cirque ...

Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing

An overview of the New Zealand Alpine Team 2020 ice climbing trip to Canada. Various Rockies ice climbing classics, Curtain Call, Weeping Pillar, Nemesis, Ice Nine, Sea of Vapors, Pilsner Pillar and many more.

Denver, USA l Lead Finals l 2019 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup

Watch the lead finals (male and female) action from the finals of the 2019 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup from Denver, USA.

For live results from Denver please visit;

LOWA Pro Jess Roskelley & Allison Roskelley - Ice Climbing Bridal Veil Falls, Telluride Colorado

Doing life together, doing it well - that's what drives partners-in-life Jess & Allison Roskelley, who share a passion for the mountains and the backcountry.



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