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51st All Japan Iaido — Hanshi 8-dan Demonstration

Hanshi 8-dan Demonstration
ISHIDO Shizufumi (Kanagawa) and OGURA Noboru (Tochigi)

Iaido Demonstration Japanese Martial Arts Highlights 2016

Iaido Demonstration Omiya Hachimangu Kobudo Enbu Highlights 2016. Various Iaido kata.
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Sugino Sensei 10th Dan Master of Katori Shinto Ryu.flv

Sasha, February 2012 Iaido Shinsa, NJIT

This is my friend, Sasha, taking her test for nidan (second dan). Sasha practices a slightly different style -- muso shinden ryu. Although the kata performed at san dan and below are all seitei kata, meaning common forms, you will see slight some differences -- most noticeably in noto (re-sheathing the sword).

MY STANDARD NOTICE TO ALL NON-IAIDO PRACTITIONERS: If you are bored by the beginning/ending ritual, please skip ahead to the one minute mark. That's where the action begins. But these things are important to us (some instructors say they are as important as the techniques), so we record them, so we can see how we do, and try to improve on them.

The kata Sasha had to perform were:
1. Mae
4. Tsukate
6. Morote tsuki
8. Ganmen-ate
10. Shiho giri

I think she did very well. She looked very good technically, and her posture is excellent. But I'm still a kyu rank, so what do I know? I'm sure plenty of online sensei will give her lots of correction. ;)


Film du CNKDR sur le Iaidō.

51st All Japan Iaido — 6th Dan Final

YOSHIDA Masumi (Tokyo) in the white court, and Beau BRIER (Kyoto) in the red court.

Iaidō 居合道 : The Art of Drawing The Japanese Sowrd

Iaidō 居合道 : All the truth about the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the Japanese sword

Iaido - Katana sword demonstration

Shin Ken Kai is a MUSO JIKIDEN EISHIN RYU (MJER) Iaido traditional Japanese swordsmanship group with its home dojo in Vancouver, Canada.

49th All-Japan Iaido Tournament - 6-dan Finals

Fukushima, Japan. October 25, 2014

Red: ONISHI Nobukazu
White: SHIOMI Toshio

49th All-Japan Iaido Tournament - 8-dan demonstration

Fukushima, Japan. October 25, 2014

Kendō e Iaidō a "Le falde del Kilimangiaro"

Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei Seitei Iaido Kata 1-12

Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei Seitei Iaido Kata 1-12

Japanese sword (Shinken) - kata demonstration

Tai Ki Ken Do system. It's not about speed, it's about focus.

Forum des sports 2018 : Iaidō

Démonstration de iaidō du Seiryukan Dojo lors du Forum des Sports de Coulommiers. Mise en situation, katas de groupes, katas koryu et coupes sur paille sont au programme.
Nous avons essayé de sortir des démonstrations trop conventionnelles et de mélanger les genres.

NB : Les plus aguerris verront les erreurs, mais c'était un grand plaisir de la faire, les élèves se sont donné s beaucoup de mal et ça a plu au public.

Nous voulions juste partager ce moment au public.

Retrouvez plus d'informations sur notre site :

Takedaryu Kobilza-Ha Iaido Battoshiai examples

Here are two examples for Takeda Ryu Iaido competition from the tournament in July 2008. 2nd fight was the final with a lot of drama at the last round.
best of 7 rounds. Always 2 techniques (one single handed and one doublehanded) must be performed correctly, otherwise the round is lost. Quicker technique wins, when equal strategic body movement can decide the round.
1st round: noto first
2nd round: red attacks, white defends
3rd round: white attacks, red defends
4th round: from hajime
5th round: noto first
6th round: from hajime
7th round: noto first
Enchosen (sudden death): noto first
If both competitors make mistakes or both hit at the same time it is called Aiuchi.
Enjoy the drama!

49th All-Japan Iaido Tournament - 7-dan Finals

Fukushima, Japan. October 25, 2014

Red: INOUE Takahiro
White: BABA Kiyoharu

Iaidō et Jodō à Haru Rasso 2018

Démo de Iaidō et Jodō au Festival Haru Rasso 2018.

Introduction to Iaido, part 3: Wearing the sword

How to wear the sword (iaito), as taught in Toei-ryu Iai Batto Renmei.

Démonstration Aïkido et Iaidō Week-End Japon 2012

Courte sequence de l'art de l'Aikido et de l'iaido.
Lieux : Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes (France).
Musique : Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle without Honor or Humanity.

Blog :

Iaidō 居合道 en la Charca'l Cura

Rubén haciendo las katas.



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