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Hydroplane racing


GoPro: Fastest Hydroplane on Earth

After over a 100 years of evolution in race boat design, the modern Unlimited Hydroplane is the worlds fastest race boat, capable of speeds over 200mph and powered by a 3000 horsepower Lycorning T-55 L-7 military Chinook helicopter turbine engine. Welcome to H1 Unlimited.

Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera from ‪ #GoPro

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2019 HAPO Columbia Cup Final Heat

Live coverage of the 2019 HAPO Columbia Cup. Racing continues with the Final Heat

Power Boat Hydroplane Racing Longtails in Thailand

- Thai longtail boat races in Thailand
Race weekend at Samut Songhram in Thailand
Top Speed recorded at 165 kph (102 mph)
Ang Nam Chaimongkol August 2009
More details and model longtail plans at

Engines generally used for this type of boat are:

Rotavator Engines (Hand Plough) 150cc 2 stroke

Car Engines - Usually Toyota 1600cc

Rotax Engines (very old 2 stroke engines) - twin cylinder 600cc

Races are held for each class and there is an Unlimited class which are the fastest boats.

The Toyota 1600cc to 2000cc engined craft are in the Unlimited Class.
more info and plans at

2019 APBA Gold Cup Madison Regatta Final Heat

The 112th running of the APBA Gold Cup for Unlimited Hydroplanes returns to Madison, Indiana for the first time since 1980. The action concludes with the Final Heat. (Subject to change based on course and weather conditions).

GoPro: H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing

H1 Unlimited is unlike any other racing on Earth! Get a behind the scenes glimpse into Thunder Boat racing and see what a boat going 200mph looks like!

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪

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Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series - World Finals 2018

Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park Chandler, Arizona Home video

This Might Be The Wildest Boat Race On Earth | Red Bull Dinghy Derby 2016

► CLICK to watch Formula 1 Racing in the snow!
All over the world, the humble little dinghy boat is the safe and simple introduction to boating for millions of people. Not in the town of Renmark, on the banks of South Australia's Murray River, however. There, in the otherwise sleepy town of just 8,000 souls, they like to strap souped-up outboard engines to their little dinghies and then race them at speeds of up to 80kph in a race that since 1981 has grown a deserved reputation as one of the fastest and wildest events on water, the Riverland Dinghy Derby.

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H1 E-League Race #1 - Guntersville

The inaugural race of season 1 of the H1 Unlimited E-League from virtual Guntersville Hydrofest.

Heat 1A - 12:47
Heat 1B - 24:40
Heat 2A - 48:49
Heat 2B - 1:01:00
Heat 3A - 1:22:20
Heat 3B - 1:38:35
Provisional - 1:58:45
Final Heat - 2:15:26

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U3 Cooper Racing Piston Powered Unlimited Hydroplane 2009

The U3 crushes the turbine powered boats at 2009 Seafair - this is the Worlds fastest Piston powered Unlimited Hydroplane of all-time

Scale RC Hydroplane Racing Pit Tour R/C Unlimiteds Diamond Cup 2018

1/6 scale gas, 1/8 scale nitro and electric, and 1/10 scale electric hydroplanes all challenge for the R/C Unlimiteds Diamond Cup in Ellensburg WA

Race Rewind: 2018 Guntersville Hydrofest Final Heat

Final Heat from the Guntersville Lake Hydrofest Race for the Southern Cup on June 24, 2018 in Guntersville, Alabama. One of the closest finishes in H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing history.

Infield Drone footage courtesy: David E. Cooper (EQB View)
U-1 cockpit footage courtesy: Miss Madison Racing

F1 Powerboat Racing in Qatar

The H2O Formula 1 Powerboat Championships is the highest class of inshore powerboat racing in the world. It takes a special breed of driver to pilot a boat through a world series of challenging courses. Jay Price returns to claim the title as he blasts his Qatar team boat at speeds of 150 mph.

Featuring: Jay Price, Alex Carella, Sami Selio, Shaun Torrente, Francesco Cantando, Ahmed Hameli

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Outboard Racing Silver Lakes Promo

Set to 720 HD for best quality. Silver Lake Everett, WA. Silver Lake Castlerock, WA. Two great race sites for fans! Outboard racing is fun!

Hydro Thunder - Lake Karapiro NZ 2019 - Masport Cup Final

Hydro Thunder - Lake Karapiro NZ 2019 - Masport Cup Final

This is an Unlimited Hydroplane!

Our H1 Unlimited drivers break down what makes an Unlimited hydroplane.

Offshore Superboats Rnd 1 Bowen QLD - April 29, 2018

The 2018 Australian Offshore Superboat Championship kicks off for 2018 in the scenic Far North Queensland waters of Bowen. Maritimo 11 and its crew of Steve Jellick and Tom Barry-Cotter are the reigning champions and are hoping to successfully defend their crown against an extremely strong field, who are hoping to knock them off their perch and claim the Australia 1.

Motor Boat Racing (Bancarera)

Local Fiesta Motor Boat (Bangka) Bancarera / Bangkarera Race near Boracay Island Philippines.

Philippine village fiesta shows off their super fast motor boat / bangka in Bugtong-bato, Ibajay, Aklan - Chased by Drone in 4K


Great TV coverage of the 1989 DARTMOUTH REGATTA covering several different classes in highlights and finals.

Sights & Sounds: Oberto hydroplane testing on Lake Washington

Miss Madison Racing's 2007 hull testing in Seattle for the first time under new sponsorship from Oberto Specialty Meats. Veteran driver Jeff Bernard pilots the hull for the first time as they prepare to compete in H1's west coast races.

Vintage Unlimited Hydroplanes at Seattle Seafair

Classic hulls from the history of unlimited hydroplane racing running at the Seattle Seafair Race on Lake Washington, Seattle.



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