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This is Hurling - The Fastest Game on Earth

Hurling is the fastest game on grass, the most skilful game in the world. Furthermore, it is also one of the oldest with its traditions set in the mists of ancient Irish history. The first written reference to hurling dates back to 1272 BC. It combining skills from lacrosse, field hockey, and baseball in a hard-hitting, highly paced game. The sliotar can travel up to 180 kilometres per hour over the course of a game!

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Best Hurling Saves - GAA

A compilation of some of the best saves in hurling from the likes of Donal Og Cusack, Brendan Cummins, Eoin Murphy, Anthony Nash, Nicky Quaid and much more. I hope you enjoy.

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Axol x Alex Skrindo - You:
Diamond eyes - Stars:

The Best Of Hurling 2018

Highlights of the GAA hurling year 2018.

GAANOW Rewind: Hurling Points - Scores of the Decade

GAANOW Rewind takes a look back at some of the top hurling points we've witnessed over the past decade! Can you recall these great scores?

2018 All-Ireland SHC Semi-Final: Cork v Limerick

Christy Ring - Demostrating the Skills of Hurling

GAA hurling legend Christy Ring demonstrates the skills of hurling. The video film was shot during the winter of 1961-62 at the UUC Gaelic pitch in Mardyke, Cork.

The Magic of Hurling HD

Thought it was about time I did another hurling video...unfortunately limited by the available clips, hard to get GAA stuff. But a mixture of old and new....

Canadians React To Hurling

Watch Canadians react to the fastest field sport in the world - Hurling!

Since hurling is such an incredibly unique sport, I figured the best way to get Canadians excited about hurling is to simply show them a game.

Most of them compared hurling to North American sports they’re familiar with and there is some truth to that. Hurling combines the skills and intensity of many mainstream North American sports. And it was evident in their reactions like: It's like if you played baseball while running around with hockey sticks that look sharp.

This video really reinforces that there’s a great potential for hurling beyond Irish shores and once North Americans discover hurling, that they love it.

Thanks to those who participated in this video! is a platform where people can meetup to learn or to play hurling in a fun casual environment. Sign up here:

Thanks to Eamonn for allowing us to react to his video:

GAANOW Rewind: Hurling Goals - Scores of the Decade

What a decade it has been for Hurling! Take a look back at some of the best Hurling goals with GAANOW Rewind.

Baseball: Hurling Experience (Nov. 18, 2017)

Members of the Boston College baseball and softball teams watched the Clare hurling team - in town for the AIG Fenway Hurling Classic - and learned a little more about the sport. They also taught the Irishmen about baseball and softball.

GAANOW: Hurling Goals of 2019

Across Club and County we were treated to some fantastic goals in 2019 and here are some of #GAANOW's favourite Hurling Goals of 2019! Do you agree?

Lacrosse Players Try Hurling

University of Toronto lacrosse players take their first hurling lesson and they were naturals at it! Hurling is an Irish sport like lacrosse. Both are stick sports played on a field with similar objectives and rich histories.

A special thanks to Cultec for supplying the hurls used in this video. If you're interested in buying a Cultec hurl, check out

If you're interested in learning more about the playing rules of hurling, check out this guide:

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Galway vs Waterford: All-Ireland Hurling Final 2017 HD

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Kilkenny vs Tipperary All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final 2014 1st Game

Kilkenny vs Tipperary All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final 2014 1st Game

The Best of Hurling 2016 HD

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Some of the best hurling skills, points and goals from 2016.

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Hurling Moments - Championship 2019

From start to finish, here are the moments we will never forget from the 2019 GAA Hurling All-Ireland Senior Championship.

This is Hurling - Best Goals & Points

A short compilation of some great recent scores in Hurling (2012 - 2013)

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The Magic of Hurling II HD

Another video showcasing the fastest game on grass

The Rules of Hurling - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Hurling. A beginner's explanation of the Irish Sport known as GAA Hurling.
Watch this short tutorial video guide on how Hurling is played by the Gaelic Athletic Association Rules.
Learn about goals, points, hurleys, sliotar, puck, free puck, penalty puck and more.

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Hurling - The Fastest Game on Grass

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Hurling combines the skills of baseball, hockey, and lacrosse in one high speed, high scoring, high octane sport that will blow you away. It's taking off in North America. Try it!



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