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Best of wild boar hunting | Top kill shots compilation - Ultimate Hunting

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No matter your reasons or skill level, wild boar hunting can be an exciting addition to your hunting. Don't miss this hunting compilation with lot of boars rolling down the hills and plenty of action and adrenaline.

Airgun Hunting So Many Rats!!!

Loads of rats being taken out by my regulated Hatsan Galatian .25 caliber air rifle. The air rifle has been de-tuned to run H&N Baracuda Hunters running at 800 feet per second.

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Music by: Kevin Macleod

Trail Hunter - Japan

Matt Hunter, professional mountain biker and adventure seeker, finds inspiration traveling the world, exploring new trails and having unique experiences that could only happen on a bike.
Matt’s latest adventure brought him, along with photographer Sterling Lorence and videographer Matt Miles, to one of the most culturally rich and largely underrated riding spots in the world—Japan.

Only for You, By Heartless Bastards

Matt Hunter
Jinya Nishiwaki
Sterling Lorence
Stumpjumper FSR
2FO Shoes
Swat Bibs

Special Thanks:
Jinya Nishiwaki
Paul Chetwynd

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Directed by: Matt Hunter & Matt Miles
Filmed/edited: Matt Miles
Audio: Grind Music & Sound Inc.


Singles Match

De'Andre Hunter posts 27 points in Virginia's national championship victory

De'Andre Hunter scores 27 points to go with 9 rebounds to propel Virginia to the national championship.

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"EL CAMINO" FIFA 19 [1] Alex Hunter vs Cristiano Ronaldo !!!





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Hunting Stereotypes

Hunting Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.
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Hunter Smokes Big Boar using Night Vision and Tracers

Hunting wild boar with night vision, thermals, and tracers. What more could you ask for?

#wildboar #hunting

Thermal optics used:

► Flir PTS536
► Pulsar Trail XP50
► Pulsar Apex XD50
► Eotech/Insight LWTS
► BAE Oasys UTMx

Other Equipment used:
► DBAL-PL Pistol Laser
► Gen 3 filmless white phosphor PVS-14

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*** Why Do We Hunt Hogs? ***

Feral hogs are a non-native and invasive species in Texas. Each year hogs cause millions of dollars in damage in the form of damaged crops, contaminated water supplies, broken equipment, transmission of disease and injury to livestock.

Feral hogs compete with native wildlife for resources and also prey directly on the eggs and young of ground nesting birds and will actively hunt small mammals, frogs, lizards and snakes.

Due to their intelligence, adaptability, and prolific breeding habits, traditional methods of hunting and trapping have been largely ineffective in reducing the feral hog population. The introduction of night vision and thermal optics has greatly increased landowners' ability to mitigate the destruction caused by feral hogs.

Feral swine are not considered game animals in Texas and may be hunted by any means or methods at any time of year.

More information about the feral hog problem in Texas:

*** Why Do We Hunt Coyotes? ***

Coyotes are presently the most abundant livestock predators in western North America, causing the majority of sheep, goat, and cattle losses. For example, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, coyotes were responsible for 60.5% of the 224,000 sheep deaths attributed to predation in 2004.The total number of sheep deaths in 2004 comprised 2.22% of the total sheep and lamb population in the United States, which, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service USDA report, totaled 4.66 million and 7.80 million heads respectively as of July 1, 2005. Because coyote populations are typically many times greater and more widely distributed than those of wolves, coyotes cause more overall predation losses. The United States government agents routinely shoot, poison, trap, and kill about 90,000 coyotes each year to protect livestock.

Coyotes typically bite the throat just behind the jaw and below the ear when attacking adult sheep or goats, with death commonly resulting from suffocation. Blood loss is usually a secondary cause of death. Calves and heavily fleeced sheep are killed by attacking the flanks or hindquarters, causing shock and blood loss. When attacking smaller prey, such as young lambs, the kill is made by biting the skull and spinal regions, causing massive tissue and bone damage. Small or young prey may be completely carried off, leaving only blood as evidence of a kill.

In the absence of the hunting pressure of coyotes practiced by rural people, urban coyotes are losing their fear of humans, which is further worsened by people intentionally or unintentionally feeding coyotes. In such situations, some coyotes have begun to act aggressively toward humans, chasing joggers and bicyclists, confronting people walking their dogs, and stalking small children. Non-rabid coyotes in these areas sometimes target small children, mostly under the age of 10, though some adults have been bitten.


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Ultimate Night Vision is an industry leader in night vision, thermal imaging and digital NV devices. Night vision is not just a profession for us, it is our passion. Here in Texas, we are fortunate enough to be able to use NV and thermal scopes for hog hunting, coyote hunting, and hunting other predators and varmints at night. The firsthand knowledge gained through hunting with NVD's on a regular basis allows us to provide accurate and relevant information to our customers.

We carry a wide variety of optics from all major manufacturers including Trijicon, Pulsar, Flir, Armasight, L3, Harris and more. We strive to provide unbiased information to aid customers in the decision-making process.

We also have a nationwide rental program which gives customers the unique opportunity to test and compare various devices under real-world conditions before committing to a large purchase.

Our channel features product reviews, instructional videos, comparisons, and plenty of actual hunting footage.

Best Fishing Video By Professional Fish Hunter

Best Fishing Video With Professional Fish Hunter By Daily Village Life

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In this episode of Trail Hunter, Matt Hunter gets irie in Jamaica. There won't be any lounging by the pool on this trip, though, because he's busy tearing up the countryside and volunteering with a local organization to get kids on their first bikes.

GoPro: Eagle Hunters in a New World

On the Western plains of Mongolia a nomadic group of Kazakhs continue the ancient practice of hunting with golden eagles. The Burkitshi are a small and dwindling community, eager to pass on their traditions in the face of growing modernization in Mongolia.

Original score by William Ryan Fritch
“Eagle Hunters In A New World” the full soundtrack is available on Vinyl, CD, Digital through Lost Tribe Sound:

Special thanks to Lauren McGough and Jagaa Baatar for leading the team out on the steppes.

Shot 100% on the HERO® cameras from ‪

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Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Paul Hunter 2005 Premier League Snooker Spring Group Stage

Sorry I inadvertently cut out the last black in the last version. Apologies, this is the right version

MONSTER Wild Boar Hunting in Hungary

Realtree Global Hunting - Team Wild's Ian Harford is back in Hungary and he's after another monster boar. Hungary's greatest hunter, Zoltan Olah, is on hand to track the porky pests, and, with both of them decked out in the ever-reliable Realtree AP pattern, the boar had better have their wits about them should they want to stay out of Ian's sights...

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Classics: Harold Hunter "Zoo York Mixtape"

Harold blended together his huge personality, unique skate style, and an entire city. He was a true original. Here's a classic part from the 1998 Zoo York video.

Hunter Safety Systems - Instructional and Safe Use

Hunter Safety Systems - Instructional and Safe Use

Magpul 700 Hunter Stock Full Review and Accuracy Test

Review of the long action Remington Magpul stock, from install to shooting to cleaning. Check out this update for your rifle.

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Note the bolt not coming out for cleaning without removing the cheek riser only happens in the long action/magnum version.

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Matt Hunter Going Around a Corner on his Bicycle

Matt provides another piece of evidence that 29ers really can corner.

Matt Hunter
Specialized S-Works Enduro 29

Anthill Films

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Best Shots of Wild Boar Hunting,Wildsau Jagd,Chasse Au Sanglier

hunting scenes that may offend the sensibilities of younger and unsuspecting audiences!
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20 BEST SLOW-MO HUNTING KILL SHOTS - Stuck N The Rut Compilation

This video is about our best slow motion vapor trails from the shots we have made while hunting at long range. From deer hunting, elk hunting, moose hunting, bear hunting, caribou hunting, we live for the experiences of the great outdoors. Thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe!!! Make sure to check out these great products.
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Very dependable hunting packs

Fitness program to stay fit for hunting season and to receive Stuck N The Rut hunting tips

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De'Andre Hunter Full Highlights 2019.10.16 Hawks vs Knicks - 15 Pts, 5-8 FGM! FreeDawkins

October 16 | NBA PreSeason | De'Andre Hunter Full Highlights 2019.10.16 Hawks vs Knicks - 15 Pts, 5-8 FGM! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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