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Bear Climbs into Tree Stand with Hunter!

I was lucky enough to capture this unbelievable footage during my Saskatchewan Black Bear hunt when this sow climbed into my tree stand with me! Curiosity got the better of her as she touched her nose against me, smelling both my leg and the elbow (as seen in video). After smelling me, she ripped open my backpack, stuck her nose inside and bent my metal bow hanger like it was nothing. Finally, as she poked her head through the back of my seat we made eye contact and she took off down the tree. I am truly thankful for both this incredible encounter and footage, please remember to respect these beautiful wild animals and do not try this at home!

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Bama Turkey Hunting - The Management Advantage

You have to be where the turkeys want to be and if that means a wide open pasture, then figure out a way to be there. Chuck took a Redneck blind, surrounded it by a hay ring, and setup for a morning of turkey hunting in pasture a group of turkeys had been frequenting.

Redneck Hunting Blinds:

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Trail Hunter - Japan

Matt Hunter, professional mountain biker and adventure seeker, finds inspiration traveling the world, exploring new trails and having unique experiences that could only happen on a bike.
Matt’s latest adventure brought him, along with photographer Sterling Lorence and videographer Matt Miles, to one of the most culturally rich and largely underrated riding spots in the world—Japan.

Only for You, By Heartless Bastards

Matt Hunter
Jinya Nishiwaki
Sterling Lorence
Stumpjumper FSR
2FO Shoes
Swat Bibs

Special Thanks:
Jinya Nishiwaki
Paul Chetwynd

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Directed by: Matt Hunter & Matt Miles
Filmed/edited: Matt Miles
Audio: Grind Music & Sound Inc.

20.2 Feat. Hunter McIntyre | Noah Ohlsen

Always a good time to have fellow athletes drop in and kick it with me. This time, Hunter McIntyre, aka: the Bulk Pony aka: The Sheriff, made it down to Miami to race through 20.2 at Peak. He may or may not have convinced me to repeat 20.2, and then I do a quick Open inspired metcon to continue staying primed during these next few weeks. Enjoy!

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Filmed and edited by Julian Castro (@joule.studios) and Stephen Stover (@stephenmstover).

The Ancient Practice of Mongolian Eagle Hunting | The Red Bulletin Presents

►Click here for the full story:
Entrepreneur Sam Cossman believes technoology has the potential to help us better undersyand the most extreme places on our planed. But when we sent him to Mongolia to train with an Eagle Master, he found technology no match for ancient knowledge.

During the harsh Mongolian winter — when humans are most challenged in the steppes — Eagle Master Kairatkhan’s golden eagles are the source of sustenance. The arctic foxes and small animals they kill provide meat and the fur that clothes him and his family. And it’s precisely that line between life and death that prompted filmmaker, explorer and start-up veteran Sam Cossman, to fly thousands of miles to spend Christmas in an adobe hut in subzero temperatures. Sit back and dive into the fascinating world of the Mongolian Eagle Hunter, and click the link above to read the full feature on The Red Bulletin!

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In this episode of Trail Hunter, Matt Hunter gets irie in Jamaica. There won't be any lounging by the pool on this trip, though, because he's busy tearing up the countryside and volunteering with a local organization to get kids on their first bikes.

GAZ WALKER DISS TRACK! (Alex Hunter FIFA 18 Parody)

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Gareth Walker gets OWNED!

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Gaano nga ba kagaling si HUNTER DICKINSON kumpara kay KAI SOTTO? | Kai Sotto Vs Hunter Dickinson

Gaano nga ba kagaling si Hunter Dickinson kumpara kay Kai Sotto?

Kai Sotto vs Hunter Dickinson

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Matt Hunter - Lone Wolfe

Keep Matt Hunter company on a solo (except for the grizzly bears) two day ride-adventure through the Canadian wilderness.


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2004 Masters Final - Ronnie O'Sullivan v Paul Hunter

2004 Masters Final - Ronnie O'Sullivan v Paul Hunter

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Hunter McIntyre Breaks Down His Murph Performance

Hunter talks about what went well and what went wrong in his attempt for a Sub 30 Murph Workout.

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Samick Bear hunter ILF Riser unboxing

In this video Grizzly Jim unboxes the Bear Hunter ILF field riser from Samick Sports.

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Speargun Hunter s07e04 - Blue Water World Cup

TV Show Speargun Hunter about La Paz Blue Water Spearfishing World Cup 2013

Seasons - Matt Hunter - Full Part - The Collective Films

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Step into the life of MTB pro Matt Hunter in his full part from the film Seasons!

Seasons is a film that follows seven of the world's top mountain bikers through the course of four seasons of one year. The film explores what it means to be a full time rider as told through the lives of downhill racers, slopestyle competitors, and big mountain freeriders.

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GoPro: Eagle Hunters in a New World

On the Western plains of Mongolia a nomadic group of Kazakhs continue the ancient practice of hunting with golden eagles. The Burkitshi are a small and dwindling community, eager to pass on their traditions in the face of growing modernization in Mongolia.

Original score by William Ryan Fritch
“Eagle Hunters In A New World” the full soundtrack is available on Vinyl, CD, Digital through Lost Tribe Sound:

Special thanks to Lauren McGough and Jagaa Baatar for leading the team out on the steppes.

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Air Rifle Hobbies Philippines

I'm Dave and I love hunting, camping, hiking, and other sports activities. Being with the nature and wonder of its beauty-it’s amazing! Having a simple life enjoy life in its fullness. Join me in my journey and let's celebrate life! Chill, Keep safe and Enjoy!

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Air Rifle TOPIC: Range finder and Scope MILDOT

Air Rifle TOPIC: making KULATA wood stock

PCP or c02 ano prefer mong Air Rifle?

Air Rifle: Magkano and price at ano ang brand?

Air Rifle c02 Clean up and maintain

PCP Air Rifle Pilipinas

11 TIPS Air Rifle Safety Rules | TAGALOG


Bilihan ng Air Rifle Scope sa Pinas

TIPS pag bibili ng AIR C02

Saan makakabili ng Air C02 | TIPS pagbibili

Air Rifle | Magkano ang Price? | Ano ang mga
Brand? | Alamin natin.


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Ka tiksay Airgun fishing to ilocos with ilocano hunter

Best Fishing Video By Professional Fish Hunter

Best Fishing Video With Professional Fish Hunter By Daily Village Life

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Hunter McIntyre Murph Record - 34:13

Hunter McIntyre set out to break the unpartitioned Murph workout record.
1 Mile Run. 100 PullUps. 200 PushUps. 300 Air Squats. 1Mile Run. Wearing 20 pound vest.

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