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How the Mavericks fell from world champions to the team nobody wanted to join


Scottie Pippen & Dennis Rodman: Our Bulls would have gone 50-0 during the lockout season | The Jump

Dennis Rodman joins Rachel Nichols and Scottie Pippen to discuss the 30 for 30 documentary Rodman: For Better or Worse, as well as talking about Michael Jordan's leadership style, ”The Worm's” off-court behavior, and how many more titles the Chicago Bulls would have won if Rodman, Pippen, MJ and Phil Jackson had been allowed to stay together.
#TheJump #NBA #Sports

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Exclusive interviews with Rachel Nichols
Stephen A. Smith on ESPN

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How the Mavericks fell from world champions to the team nobody wanted to join

In 2011 the Dallas Mavericks were on top of the world. A team in the truest sense of the word, veteran role players bolstered the stars. Dallas beat the Miami Heat, and their fancy big three, to bring home glory. But that championship team didn’t last. Nor did the glory.

There were just too many shiny free agents on the horizon, and the horizon after that, capturing Mark Cuban’s eye. So while he made cap room and pitched free agents, he said goodbye to trusted entities like Tyson Chandler, Jason Terry and Jason Kidd. Which, who could have guessed, hurt the team. Especially because those shiny free agents were like, “Join the Mavs? ...nah I’m good.”

While Dirk Nowitzki remained the star in Dallas, the Mavericks tumbled from the top of the world.
And now, you can relive all the twists, turns, bumps and bruises of that very long fall!

Written and Produced by: Clara Morris
Edited by: Jiazhen Zhang
Motion Graphics by: Phil Pasternak

*at 6:41 I mispronounced Monta, as penance I will rewatch the Mavericks 2014 season


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How An Entire NBA Team Nearly Died

The Los Angeles Lakers are a historic franchise, with generations of talented teams and players coming through their organization leading them to success. But that nearly all ended on January 18th 1960.

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How Bernard King Became King Of The Comeback

Bernard King was one of the most overlooked scorers in NBA history. Unfortunately, a lot of off court issues and injuries prevented him from having a longer career, but he still became a Hall of Famer. In this video, I talk about Bernard King's entire career and why he's known as the king of comebacks. Enjoy!

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Proof the 2006 NBA Finals was RIGGED

In 2006, the Dallas Mavericks met up against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. After dropping to a 0-2 hole, the Miami Heat won the next four games, becoming just the third team to win a championship after losing the first two games of the series. It was also the first Finals appearance and the first championship for the Heat franchise. However, none of those things are what made the 2006 Finals memorable. What made this series memorable is that it was one of the most rigged series EVER.


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All photos by Keith Allison:

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Dirk Nowitzki’s worst playoff game spoiled his MVP season and had people questioning his legacy

Today, Dirk Nowitzki's legacy is untouchable. He's an MVP, a champion, a Finals MVP, and one of the greatest players in the history of Dallas Mavericks, the NBA, and the whole continent of Europe. He ended his playing career beloved, revered, and dignified.

So it's pretty amazing to reflect on the low point of that career: a surprising playoff defeat so grim that it threatened to tarnish legacy for good. Dirk was the soon-to-be MVP and the leader of the league's best regular season team, so for him to perform as poorly as he did in a decisive Game 6 against the underdog Golden State Warriors was devastating. The whole of Dirk's superstar career eclipsed the bad times, but MAN, those bad times were ... the worst.

Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
Shot and edited by Ryan Simmons and Joe Ali

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WIND LEGENDS - The History of Windsurfing

Michael Jordan’s final game in the NBA full of fanfare and excitement | ESPN Archives

On April 16, 2003 Michael Jordan played his final game in the NBA with the Washington Wizards in Philadelphia where he faced off against Allen Iverson and the 76ers. The “hoopla” included celebrity row, a personalized golf cart and the classic Chicago Bulls PA announcer for MJ’s final introduction. As for on the court, the Wizards struggled but Jordan threw down his final dunk and completed his career on a pair of free throws in a 107-87 loss to the 76ers.

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You only HATE Draymond Because He's Really That Good!

No one would care what Draymond Green was saying if he was some dime a dozen bit player. People care because they know, deep down, someone they view as a loud-mouth, obnoxious jerk possesses the kind of unique talent their team would kill for.

Written & Narrated by: Joseph Casciaro (@JosephCasciaro | Twitter)
Produced & Edited by: Brandon Jordan (@BrandonJordan3 | Instagram)
Assistant Editor: Zack Underhill (@ZackUnderhill | Instagram)

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How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports with Chris McKinney, President - Sports Launch

Job In Sports: How To Get A Job In Sports with Chris McKinney - Sports Launch

Chris McKinney is the President of Sports Launch ( During this interview, Chris talks about his path to success in the sports industry, advice he has for others looking to land their dream job in sports, and we talk about the upcoming release of the Sports Launch magazine and how you can get your hands on it!

For a FREE Ebook, titled How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports: Advice From The Pros visit,

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Ex NBA Player Delonte West Spotted In The Streets, Appears To be Broke & Homeless

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Or you could wind up looking like life came at you pretty fast Dallas Mavericks fans you may remember Delonte West played his last season with you before he entered the D-League. But, he stopped paying in the D-League in 2015 and sadly it does not seem like retirement is going well.
#delontewest #nba #lebronjames

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How to SAVE the NBA Playoffs: ranking the options [2020 NBA PLAYOFFS]


Ideas to save the NBA playoffs are emerging. NBA playoff scenarios are popping up everywhere. All of them include playing the games in one location. NBA playoffs Las Vegas, NBA playoffs Louisville, NBA playoffs Hawaii, NBA playoffs Atlantic City and NBA playoffs Bahamas have been floated but the league is targeting Vegas as a central location for the postseason. The format of the playoffs is anyone’s guess. This video lists all the ideas that have been posed and ranks them from best to worst.

No one knows when the NBA season return will happen. Mark Cuban did an ESPN interview and sounded less optimistic than he has in the past. The league and players are eager to get the games in to crown a champion and recoup some revenue. Holding the playoffs in one city makes sense and is the safest option. LeBron James expressed criticism of not having fans at games but that is just one reality players and teams will have to get used to. A wildly different format is another detail that will change.

One idea is to have a restructured tournament that includes either a play-in tournament for the final seeds or a gigantic 28-team tournament proposed by Spencer Dinwiddie. Another idea is to cut the seeds in half in interest of time. One way to keep all 16 teams is to shorten the series. Round one could be best-of-5 or even best-of-3. Yet another idea says the league can get in all the regular season and postseason games as long as they permanently shift the schedule to begin next year on Christmas Day 2020.

Whatever the league lands on, one thing we know is that players will need some kind of warm-up period to get into game shape. LeBron James says he needs at least a 2 week camp and about 10 games to prepare for the playoffs but that may not be realistic. It’s a crazy time in the world and the NBA is no exception.

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How Willie Cauley-Stein Helps the Mavericks; Learning How to Win Ugly; LUKA IS AN ALL-STARRR!!!

We covered a lot in this one. Will Willie Cauley-Stein start for the Mavericks? What does he bring to the team? Why the Mavericks should play Kristaps Porzingis at Center and how this helps their offense and defense. The Mavericks have a problem winning ugly and what they can do about it. Will Delon Wright get traded. And LUKA IS AN ALL-STARRER!!! Plus other ramblings about why Dwyane Wade is overrated and why Luka will go down as the greatest player of all time.

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Kawhi, Raptors made us all look like ‘idiots’ – Stephen A. | SportsCenter

Stephen A. Smith joins SportsCenter to break down what Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors have done so well to win the last three games vs. the Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo's struggles and what the Bucks did wrong in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals.

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Exclusive interviews with Rachel Nichols
Stephen A. Smith on ESPN

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Your Own Worst Enemy - How the 2018-19 Boston Celtics Fell From Grace | An Original Documentary

Today we look at everything that has transpired in the past few years for the Boston Celtics and how they managed to get to the state they're at now after having such high hopes and expectations. How did they lose Kyrie Irving and Al Horford? Was it anyone's fault? Let's find out.

This is an original documentary created by yours truly. It took a very long time to make (about 3 weeks) but I'm happy with the result too. I want to be able to make more videos like this, but I can only do that if I know that you guys actually like these types of videos. The best way to let me know is
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With all that being said; unfortunately for the entire month of July I am going to be very busy with class. I need to divert all my attention onto that so there will most likely not be any videos until the beginning-middle of August. But what I can say is that I've got a lot in store for y'all that I think you should be excited for. In the meanwhile if you want to keep up with anything I'm talking about in relation to basketball and the NBA, be sure to follow me on social media.

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Was the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery RIGGED? -

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Tags: Celtics , Kyrie , Al Horford , Boston Celtics , NBA , Jayson Tatum , Kyrie highlights , Celtics highlights , Isaiah Thomas , Gordon Hayward , kyrie to brooklyn , celtics draft , ask the truth , The Real Reason Why The 2019 Boston Celtics Were a Massive DISAPPOINTMENT , Why the 2019 Boston Celtics are ONE OF THE MOST DISAPPOINTING TEAMS IN NBA HISTORY , EVERYTHING that WENT WRONG with the Boston Celtics ,



Kicking things off with Trevon Duval formerly of Duke, a couple of weeks ago I received a tonne of backlash for a video titled ‘what went wrong with Trevon Duval's college career’ where I talked about how his one and only season with the blue devils was a failure. Not because his play was specifically bad or anything but because ultimately it did more bad for his draft stock than good, and the fit wasn’t that great at all. This was a guy who was arguably the best point guard in the nation coming outta high school, a 5-star prospect and McDonald's all American and still somehow went undrafted. Despite also testing well at the combine last month, recording the 2nd and 3rd highest standing and max vertical. The biggest concern scouts had with Trevon was centered around his inability to shoot, and don’t trust that he can fix his broken jumper let alone run their team. Another year in college was really what Duval needed, but when choosing to attend duke your opting into the understanding that, that might not be an option. TD is undisputedly one of the best raw talents of this class, but still, now several days later remains unsigned. He has however agreed to play with the Houston Rockets in this year's summer league. Where he’ll hope to make an impression and earn either a spot on the roster or two-way contract. The undrafted route has worked out for two duke guards in recent years, Seth Curry has found his place in the league as a double-digit scoring and occasional starting point guard with the Mavs, and Quinn cook also signed a multi-year deal while proving to be a solid contributor for the Warriors in the second half of this year's championship run. I don’t think anyone would argue Duval is more talented than both of those guys and has a significantly higher ceiling also. But for now, following in those guys footsteps would be a start
Next up we have Billy Preston, another 5-star recruit outta oak hill and McDonald all American last year, who fast forward a year found himself in this category going undrafted. Now Preston's story is kinda unique another I’ve in fact covered in a previous video titled ‘the Bosnian LiAngelo ball’. Where to clarify I wasn’t comparing the two as players, but instead their stories and routes were taken to try and make it to the league. Billy Preston in his case was suspended indefinitely by Kansas, due to his involvement in a car accident that took place on campus. And before even making his Jayhawk debut his mother pulled a Lavar ball by pulling him out of college and sending him to play pro overseas. Opposed to Lithuania, Preston would head over to Bosnia. Signing with Igokea who play in both the Adriatic and Bosnian league. While in the process of wearing the rust off and adjusting to the pro level, Preston would pick up an injury that would rule him out till the end of the season, and force his return to the states. He featured in just 3 games in Igokea, where he averaged just 7 points and 4 rebounds. And was held to 38% field goal shooting which is bad for a big man wherever you play in the world. Preston returned home with limited options, with no intentions of returning to Europe for another season and college eligibility off the charts. He was left to hope that despite a wasted year of development NBA teams would take a chance on his potential, and luckily, even after going undrafted. Preston was able to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers,

Moving onto another former Jayhawk who falls into this category in Malik Newman. Who back in 2015 was the 3rd overall recruit of his class, and is someone who had the one and done rule not been in play. Probably would’ve been taken in the lottery following his senior year. Originally Malik would take his talents to Mississippi and follow in his father's footsteps who played college basketball there also. Newman would spend only his freshman year at Mississippi before transferring to Kansas. Forcing him to redshirt what would’ve been his sophomore year, Malik wouldn’t make his Jayhawk debut until the start of the 2017/18 season. On the year he averaged 14 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists per game. While shooting 46% percent from the field and 42% from the three-point land. Earning Big 12 Newcomer of the year and big 12 tournament MVP honors on the Jayhawks way to the NCAA tournament. This past March Newman was a major player in Kansas victory over Duke in the elite eight, scoring 13 points in overtime and a career-high 32 on the night leading his team to the final four. After averaging 22 a game through a five-game march madness run, his name resurfaced in the NBA draft discussion. Just Minutes after the draft concluded and Newman saw his name go uncalled, the lakers were on the phone right away. Snapping him on a 2-way deal where he’ll spend time with both the la and south bay lakers.


Kobe: Psychological Analysis Part 3: THE ROOKIE

In this video we look at Kobe's early years - especially one major failure. How he flew to close the sun and rose from the ashes.

Sorry these are slow in coming - the audios don't take long but the video edits do!


In this video we look at Kobe's early years - especially one major failure. How he flew to close the sun and rose from the ashes.

NBA Daily Show: Dec. 5 - The Starters

On Wednesday's 'Pick 'Em Payoff' special, the guys discuss if Markelle Fultz's diagnosis will help him, Kyle Lowry feeling 'betrayed' when the Raptors traded DeMar DeRozan, and Hassan Whiteside leaving the bench before the final buzzer. In Crossfire, Leigh and Tas debate if the Mavs will make the playoffs, the best destination for Trevor Ariza, and if Adam Levine made the right move on 'The Voice'. They also discuss if players don't want to play with LeBron and whether the Knicks should pursue John Wall. Watch The Starters daily at 6:00ET throughout the season or get more of them on their website:


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- Luka Doncic saying that one of his favorite players in the NBA is LeBron James and that he is a similar player to Ben Simmons!

- LeBron James talking about free agency

- Donovan Mitchell being put on the same pedestal as LeBron James and James Harden?
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