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How data transformed the NBA | The Economist


The NBA Data Scientist

With her PhD in math, Ivana Seric had expected to wind up with a career in academia—but thanks to the growing use of statistical analysis in the NBA, she took a job with the Philadelphia 76ers instead. As a data scientist, she helps the team's coaches devise smarter strategies to win. Next Jobs is a mini-documentary series about careers of the future hosted by Bloomberg Technology's Aki Ito.

Video by Tom Connors and David Nicholson

The Numbers Game | How Data Is Changing Football | Documentary

You've spent a small fortune on the squad, got state-of-the-art facilities and employ a dietician and a psychologist - but today you'll win nothing without an analytics team to crunch the numbers from every aspect of your players' performances. We do the maths so you don't have to...


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What is the economic impact of the coronavirus on sports? | ESPN

Patrick Rishe, the Director of the Sports Business Program at Washington University in St. Louis, joins Outside The Lines to discuss his estimates of the economic impact the coronavirus has had on the world of sports.

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How NBA Analytics are changing the Game

An introduction to new NBA analytics and statistics that are changing the way we view players and strategies.

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How the 3-Pointer Is Changing The NBA | Data Attack

The NBA is undergoing a radical shift based on the Moreyball approach and an obsession with Points Per Possession. It's not only Steph Curry and the Warriors; watch as we take a closer look at this new trend.

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How the 3-Pointer Is Changing The NBA | Data Attack

What makes elite athletes thrive or dive under pressure? | The Economist

Psychology is an increasingly important part of elite sport. Winning at the highest levels can depend as much on peak-fitness of the mind as the body.

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for top-level sports people it's not just skill and athleticism they count. So often, it's mind over matter. Psychology is now seen as increasingly vital to winning. In elite sport the difference between success and failure is often the finest of margins.

The annual boat race between Oxford and Cambridge universities is one of the oldest and most prestigious events in the sporting calendar. For the competitors, it's 20 minutes of pure pain but also pure pressure. How the rowers cope with that intense pressure can make the difference between glory and failure.

The Cambridge women's team have won the last two races and this woman has been one of the secrets of their success. Sports psychologist Helen Davis has worked on specific techniques to help the team at the most mentally testing moments in the race. As training for the 2019 race intensifies, just trying to keep up with teammates is mentally grueling.

Understanding what makes athletes cope or panic at those crucial moments is an ever-growing obsession in professional sport - it's the multi-billion dollar question that sports psychologists are constantly trying to answer. Dr Jamie Barker lectures at the world's leading sports science university Loughborough in Britain. In 2013 Jamie helped devise a cardiovascular test. It compared the physiological reactions of athletes who thrive in a high-pressure situation with those who flop. A group of aspiring professional cricketers were set a specific target. The cricketers were warned that their results would be made public and would decide who makes the team and who doesn't. Nearly half the players hit the test for six and scored the runs and most of them went into what psychologists call a challenge state. Over half the batsman found themselves on a stickier wicket and failed to make the runs they mostly entered the so-called threat state. Jamie employs a mental visualization technique that sports psychologists have used with a variety of professional teams. Athletes are asked a picture a set of scales - on one side are their demands, the obstacles to success. They're taught to tip the balance the other way towards their resources, the attributes they possess that can help them.

Sports psychology is sometimes criticized as a phony science but many major sports teams and personalities now use psychologists and there's a growing acceptance that this boosts performances. In sports, as in the world beyond, a mental edge can bring a winning one.

In elite sport the difference between winning and losing often hangs on the smallest of margins. As coaches, teams and athletes press ever harder in pursuit of victory, this series reveals the latest innovative approaches they hope will keep them ahead. From data to design, science to psychology, discover what it takes to find the winning edge.

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How YOU Can Land a Sports Analytics Job

In this video I walk you through 7 tips that can help you land a sports analytics job.
#SportsAnalytics #DataScience #SportsAnalyticsJobs

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If You're Interested in publishing one of your articles through Playing Numbers please email You can also reach out to me through the medium publication. We are looking for people who are doing interesting projects in the sports realm. To get published, you must write an article and include any code via github links.

1) Read Aggressively
2) Learn the skills
3) Engage with professional sports teams
4) Work with university sports teams
5) Do Projects
6) Produce Content
7) Reach out

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The “Advanced” box score explained | Pace & Four Factors (NBA Stats 101 Part 3)

Part 3 of the Thinking Basketball stats series dives into the problem with NBA stats and the limitations of the box score historically. Really, what are the best NBA stats? What more can we do to add context beyond per game adjustments?

This video explains advanced NBA stats and discusses the additional context provided by pace-adjustments (per 100 stats), per 36 stats, assist percentage (AST%) and better ways to measure rebounding (TRB%). It also raises some interesting strategic questions about Dean Oliver's Four Factors (turnovers, efficiency, etc.). Additional resources:

538 on Margin of Victory and Win%:
Justin Jacobs detailing the Four Factors (observing a 0.91 R^2 modeling team performance with 4 Factors):
Seth Partnow on offensive rebounding trends:
Sloan paper on visual tracking patterns that suggests crashing glass more is beneficial yet players crash conditionally:
A college study on crashing the glass more:

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Twitter: @elgee35

Ben Taylor is the author of Thinking Basketball, a Nylon Calculus contributor, creator of the Backpicks Top 40 series & host of the Thinking Basketball podcast.

Stats courtesy:

Player art by @CrumpledJumper

Music: The Way Forward

#NBAStats #AdvancedStats #BestNBAStats

SSAC20: How the Golden State Warriors Use Analytics to Optimize Fan Experience

60 MINUTES - Basketball Analytics


The offensive philosophy taking over the NBA | Heliocentrism & its history

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Why are players putting up such crazy numbers? There's a new team-building philosophy that's sweeping the top of the league, and a long history of heavy-lifting that led us to this point. This video highlights some of the best players in NBA history along with analytics that lay out the league's fastest growing offensive strategy.

Seth Partnow's article on heliocentrism:

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Part 4 of the stats series explaining offensive load:

Ben Taylor is the author of Thinking Basketball, a Nylon Calculus contributor, creator of the Backpicks Top 40 series & host of the Thinking Basketball podcast.

Footage in this video is owned by the NBA and its partners. It is intended for critique and education.

Player art by @CrumpledJumper
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Moneyball 2.0: The Future of NBA Analysis

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USC Viterbi computer scientists Rajiv Maheswaran and Yu-Han Chang are the first university research team in the country to be tasked with analyzing the revolutionary new SportVU optical tracking data. Over the summer, the team will attempt to make sense of data from the 2011-12 NBA season, the largest amount of statistical basketball data ever captured.


Basketball team uses data analytics designed by student

Numbers matter in sports. The right performance data on every player on your team and on the opposing team can help make the right decision on the court.

Sean McClurg, a senior in the Virginia Tech College of Science from Wayne, New Jersey, knows this. For the past year, McClurg has helped the Virginia Tech Men’s Basketball team use player data statistics to help coaches create winning court strategies.

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The Economics of the NBA part 1

In this video, I go over the economics of the NBA as it pertains to Basketball Related Income (BRI). As usual, if you enjoy the content make sure to like, comment and subscribe.

Are analytical 'nerds' superseding experienced basketball figures in NBA front offices? | High Noon

Following Jalen Rose's interview with The New Yorker regarding basketball analytics, Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre discuss if NBA front offices are transitioning to a new era of numbers-based management and if former players or experienced basketball minds are being pushed out the door.

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How Missile Technology Changed The Game of Basketball - Cheddar Explains

Missile-tracking technology has been applied to sports such as soccer and basketball and, literally, it's a game changer. This technology has allowed teams to crunch analytics that lead to new game strategies and more wins. But does this level of data analysis belong in the NBA?

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How To Scrape NBA Data? Part 1 | Sports Analytics Tutorial

What's up iKaanic Hoops fam, here's how I pull NBA data using the nba_api github repository.

Let me know if you have any questions or tutorial suggestions for the next parts of this series.

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#NBAData #SportsAnalytics #DataAnalytics

Inside 'CourtVision,' a new & interactive way to watch the NBA

Steve Ballmer is part of the crew that will revolutionize the way people watch basketball.


The Rise Of Sports Data And Analytics Have Provided An Integral Edge In The Sports Industry. From Sponsorships To Training And Injuries.

Research | Burak Gurkan
Voice Over | Stephanie Ospina
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Sports organizations are adopting a data-driven decision-making strategy at all levels, from player recruitment to fan engagement and sponsorships / partnerships, which has led to increased investment in data services and highly customized analytical solutions.

With a market size of only $125 million in 2014, sports analytics valuation jumped to $764.3 million in 2016 and is expected to reach a staggering $4.7 billion by 2021. Technavio’s analysts estimate the global sports analytics market to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth rate is a business and investing specific term for the geometric progression ratio that provides a constant rate of return over the time period) of 56.66% between 2017-2021.

The Sports Journal’s holding company, DANTANI, Inc. Sports has got into the analytics and media monitoring business with Sponsorlytix and Dantani Newswires with innovative analytical solutions.



Tutorial - NBA Data Visuals

Tutorial on how to use the new NBA Data Visuals to slice, filter and segment the NBA Game Logs. Identify trends and compare players!

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Data Visuals and more are available at, use code RickRunGood for 20% off.



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