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Hot air ballooning


Cosmic Kids Yoga Disco | Hot Air Balloonin'

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Cosmic Kids Yoga Disco! Helping kids have fun and be active to music.
Do ‘Hot Air Balloon’ (a breathing exercise) and lots of other fun yoga moves - all to a funky electro beat.
We've added the lyrics so you can learn the words, sing along and practice until you can copy all the moves.
Have your own yoga disco in your classroom or living room!

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My first lesson in hot air balloon - 15 feet off the ground in neighborhoods!

I have always wanted to fly a hot air balloon and finally decided to take a lesson. It was a lot more interesting and fun than anticipated!
The most surprising part of the flight was how close my instructor was willing to let us fly to the ground and in between trees, houses, and neighborhoods. How fun to be just a few feet above obstacles and often well below roof lines slowly drifting through people's back yards!

We took off from a small Sandy, Utah park with 13 other balloons during a small balloon festival and had a great 1:06 hour flight. The closest I had ever been to a hot air balloon before was miles away. I couldn't believe how maneuverable they are by using different altitudes and wind directions. We did two circles around a 5 miles course instead of just drifting down wind.

If you have never taken a hot air balloon flight, go find an instructor and take a lesson! It will be way better than just paying some commercial ride place to go way up and drift for 30 minutes and then land. Go fly one yourself and see what it really is like.

The Balloon Highline

You won't get much closer to Skylining than this!

We left winter behind and headed to the sun to try and turn our latest dream into reality.

With our friends from Globus Kon Tiki, we put up a line between 2 hot air balloons to try our first completely movable highline.

All of the Skyliners team was excited to put their skills to the test on such an amazing line...

Thanks to the talent of the pilots, we came really close...
We'll be going back again very soon to make it happen - watch this space!
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VLOG #40 - First Hot Air Balloon Ride!

I found out how to climb 5,000 feet in 5 minutes, without EPO! Here'a a documentary of my first ever hot air balloon ride...tons of fun.

Skydivers Play on the ULTIMATE Mega Swing

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Take four skydivers, two hot air balloons, a 125m long rope with a seat on the end, climb to 1,800m in a hot air balloon...and this is what you get – MEGA SWING, the physical realization of that childhood dream we all have. It's the dream of everyone, Lettner says. To swing higher and higher, and finally jump off and fly.

We just wanted to go bigger, says Austrian, Marco Waltenspiel, who with fellow skydivers Georg Lettner, Marco Fürst and Dominic Roithmair made this project happen.

0:00 “Whoopy by The Wanton Bishops (Keeward Music):


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Hot air ballooning and the weather

As you can probably guess, hot air ballooning is very weather dependant. In this video, flight director Arthur Street explains what ideal weather conditions he looks for and where he gets his forecasts from.

For more information on hot air ballooning and the weather go to


How many people does it take to fly a Hot Air Balloon?

It takes only one pilot to fly it, but the pilot needs 3-4 crew people to safely launch a balloon. Duties of the crew include launch preparation, following the balloon in the chase vehicle, obtaining permission from the landowner for landing, and retrieval of the balloon after the flight. Safety is the primary concern of both pilot and crew; followed closely by concern for the rights and protection of property owners on the ground.

GoPro: Wingsuit Air Balloon Jump

Watch Matthew Barrientos summon up the will to leap from the ledge of an air balloon floating over 6,000ft high.

Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera from ‪

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Kristoff Krane “Inside Out”
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Extreme hot air balloon landings- hot air ballooning (sport)

Awesome balloon landing. Sport aeronautics. Ukraine Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015. Balloon pilot Sergey Skalko. city Kamenetz-Podolsk

music: Cold Funk - Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

extreme hot air ballooning (sport)
crosswind landing


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Flying through hot air balloons, jumping out of helicopters, and doing night jumps with fireworks strapped to our feet. Whats not to like about this one?! Thanks to everyone for the good times, and an awesome start to the new year!

High Altitude Hot Air Ballooning to Flight Level 200 (20.000 feet)

High Altitude Hot Air Ballooning to Flight Level 200 / 20.000 Feet. Above Zealand, Denmark. Same height as Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Hot AIr Ballooning-Byron

The Casuarina Rec Club Family Activity Test Team do a photo shoot of an activity in the Tweed Shire, Gold Coast or Byron Shire for each issue of OCEAN ROAD MAGAZINE. The shoot for the spring issue was hot air ballooning! Byron Bay Ballooning were our operators, our captain Thomas is the current Australian Ballooning Champion. Between Thomas and his crew we were in great hands.
The classic timeless and mostly silent ascent into the sky in a balloon has you feeling like you're in a dream -wondrous, quiet so you can hear your thoughts, feeling the air on your face as you look 360 degrees around you.
A true time machine of a marvellous era of travel, enduring for over 200 years. We heartily recommend it, enjoying it immensely.
Team - Craig McGarry, Kate Davis, Jade & Ethan McGarry, Jackson Hersee, with Photographer Brian Usher and Videographer, David Smouha of

Hot Air Balloon Parkour POV Chase 🇹🇷

Chasing down hot air balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey.
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First flight of the year in our personal hot air balloon!

A quick video of our first FlyDOO flight in 2019 ! Very chilly but amazing snowy mountain landscapes and blue sky! Landing back at the take-off spot both flights... This is just unique!
The WeDOO1600 performs tremendously well in winter, with a lower fuel consumption. Come and fly with us!

Music by Joakim Karud

Konyukhov incredible solo flight around the world in a balloon

Veteran adventurer Fedor Konyukhov landed in Australia on 23 July 2016 after a 268h 20min flight in a Roziere balloon, breaking the 2002 record of aviation legend Steve Fossett (320h 33min). Konyukhov and Fossett are now the only two pilots to have completed a solo circumnavigation of the globe in a balloon.
Video credit: Cameron Balloons

Hot Air Balloon Wingsuit Skydive

A sweeeeeeet morning jumping with friends!

Music: Mt Eden:

Hot Air Balloon Skydive

Haskell, Oklahoma - Austin Patton, Jeff Hunt

Skydive from a Hot Air Balloon


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Surfers Rescue Hot Air Balloon Crash in Cardiff

Jukin Media Verified (Original)
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Full coverage of hot air balloon making emergency landing in the waves. Surfers and lifeguards help pull balloon and occupants to safety. Great job to those in the water at the time and the pilot's skills in handling the situation.

World Hot Air Airship Championship 2010

Competition Director Pit Thibo explains the rules and various airships at the 9th FAI World Hot Air Airship Championship.



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