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Horse polo


England vs New Zealand Polo Match

Young England vs New Zealand Colts at Ham Polo Club, London for the Toast New Zealand festival 2010.

The Rules of Polo - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of Polo – an ancient game played on horseback between two teams of 4 players each.

Specific to US and International Polo Rules - watch this short beginner’s tutorial video guide on how Polo is played, Polo rules and guidelines, and how to play Polo.
Learn about goals, penalty, chukka, chukker, mallet, free hit, penalty goal and more..

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Video: US Polo Association (I do not own any footage and claim fair use!)
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Music: ‘Forgotten Waterfall’ by Capcom
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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Hong Kong vs Horse Guards, Polo Match 2019

Polo in Argentina

Celebrating tradition, sport, family and craftsmanship, Polo in Argentina showcases the very best of the sport at the renowned Triple Crown Final in Palermo.

XI FIP World Polo Championship - Game 1 USA vs Argentina

Produced by Pololine

U.S. Open Polo Championship® Final-Orchard Hill (3-2) vs Valiente (3-1)


I did NOT knock her off her horse! Best Defense Ever - Polo!

I get owed by this Stanford Player!!!!! She shut me down completely!

TOP 10 Goals of Cartier Queens Cup 2015

Top 10 goals of the Cartier Queen's Cup 2015

Brought to you by Polocam Productions, in association with Horse Play Productions

HORSE POLO - our first lesson

Mikayla and Shayna of Q N' A of Mikki and Shay learn how to play Horse Polo for the very first time! Polo ROCKS!

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Stanford Women's Polo Team

Stanford Women's Polo Team. This video is dedicated to Scotch R.I.P. 4-2-12 The small Chestnut with the big white blaze and a favorite polo pony to many......

Pakistan Polo Association - National Open Polo Championship

A tribute to one of the most exciting and dangerous sports in the world. A game of skill, speed, finesse and raw power, rightfully known as the sport of kings – POLO.

Khayaal Studios' new project for Pakistan Polo Association.

#pakistan #polo #sports

horse POLO fall

basheer ali falls off in an attempt to hook

Argentine Polo Ponies - SGH 2019

SGH (Scarpati Guaranteed Horses). There are six horses ready to be trained for polo. All of them have a lifetime meekness guarantee. All of them know the taco and the ball, they are brave, calm and mature. You will enjoy many seasons playing enjoyable polo ponies. Words that describe this horses: solid, confidence, balance, mature, beauty, easy, argentine polo pony.
#polopony #polohorse #horsepolo #caballodepolo

Western Polo | Part 3: "Little Bit Wild"

Before you can ride a horse you have to saddle it. A renowned polo horse trainer, Paul Van Dyke, knows how to really make a horse so you can ride it.

Learn how to play polo, The Essential Guide by Steve Thompson.

Want to play polo? What are you waiting for?

Learn how to play polo with polo lessons from Steve Thompson of the Dubai Polo Academy. Whether you are new to the sport or play polo already this video takes you through the shots you need to succeed! Tips and advice on the sport of horse polo.

Polo lessons for the beginner and tips for the experienced player.

Steve was filmed at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club.

Prince Harry playing in a charity polo match

Prince Harry playing in a charity polo match.

Prince Harry playing in a charity polo game whilst on his trip to Brazil.

CPI Educational: Tacking a Polo Pony | Cindy Halle

USPA Certified Polo Instructor certifier, Cindy Halle, demonstrates how to properly tack a polo pony.

Be sure to check out for a complete video library and access to Polo Development online resources.

Balance in the Shot is Critical - Polo Swing Tips

(For more Polo Lessons go here:
This is a great lesson for beginners and pros alike. Learn why Balance is Critical and how to be balanced in your shot.

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2017 US Women's Open Polo Championship Game 1 - San Saba vs Rocking P



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