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Hooverball National Championship 2010 Round 1

video clip from the 2010 Hooverball National Championships in West Branch, Iowa.

Hooverball Tournament 2017

CrossFit The Rack Hosts A Hooverball Tournament, August 2017

Testing 'HOVER BALL' Footballs!! - Do They ACTUALLY Work??

Well these are, interesting….

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So in todays video I experiment with and test out some of the craziest football products I could find, including the hover ball / hover football and the messi foot bubbles training kit, yeah…

Kieran Brown.

Hoover Ball @ CrossFit Heerlen

Hoover Ball is a fun medicine ball game to keep players at CrossFit Heerlen fit. The game is played on a volleyball-type court and involves throwing a heavily weighted medicine ball over the net. The game is scored like tennis.

Hoover Ball

Hoover Ball, High School History class

THE BEST DRILL FOR POWER ATHLETES - Med Ball Volleyball - DeFranco Voiceover

Improve core strength, develop POWER 3-Dimensionally & increase your work capacity with this fun drill!


HooverBall at The University of Alabama

CrossFit Hoover Ball

Playing Hoover Ball at Crossfit Little Rock 501

Little Rock,Ar

Hoover Ball- CrossFit

Little clip of Hoover ball after the beach WOD on Saturday. CrossFIt Key Biscayne

Crossfit H team Hoover Ball games

יום שמש ביום שישי בבוקר, מתאמני Crossfit H team חולון החליטו לשבור שגרה ולצאת למשחק כדור רשת בסגנון קרוספיט עם כדורי כוח של 6 קילו.

Hoover Ball

Hoover Ball, High School History class

Crossfit 26 SportsFest - Hooverball Highlights and Phase II

Crossfit 26 SportsFest - Hooverball Highlights 28 April 2012. Phase II: Frisbee 12 & 19 May, 2 pm @ Tower Grove. Social to follow

Hoover Ball Feb 2012

A little Hoover Ball

Training should not be all serious, all the time.

Hoover Ball

The football team switched it up a little today. We played Hoover Ball. Usually, this game is played with 3 guys to a team and a 4-6 lb med ball. We have a lot more guys so we went with 9 guys on a team, and three 16 lb balls going at once. When games are fun, guys work hard naturally. I like that.

Hooverball 2010-10-06

2 on 2 Hooverball in Elliott Bay Park

Hoover Ball CrossFit Style

Paradigm CrossFit's Hoover Ball tourney... This video explains the parameters by which we play while a game is in action. While there are official rules and what not, majority of games are played with plenty of subjectivity of House Rules.

We've player this way many times and it's the easiest way to play. Great for CrossFit Gyms and community events with friends family.

Can be played with 2-6 players...
- no more than 2 steps when ball in hand (loose rule)
- can't hold the ball longer than 3 sec (loose rule)
- point can only be gained on a serve
- ball can touch 3 hands before going over
- can play off the net (depends if net is sturdy or not)
- first to 11 win by 2.

Hoover Ball 2013 Crossfit Bartlesville

playing some Hoover ball on a beautiful day.

Hoover Ball.wmv

This is not your average game of volleyball. Check out what CrossFit Rio Rancho was doing at Cabezon Park Saturday morning. A short run and burpees for everyone that dropped the ball.

fb hoover ball

CrossFit Del Mar Hoover Ball



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