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Hooverball National Championship 2010 Round 1

video clip from the 2010 Hooverball National Championships in West Branch, Iowa.

Hooverball Tournament 2017

CrossFit The Rack Hosts A Hooverball Tournament, August 2017

Hoover Ball @ CrossFit Heerlen

Hoover Ball is a fun medicine ball game to keep players at CrossFit Heerlen fit. The game is played on a volleyball-type court and involves throwing a heavily weighted medicine ball over the net. The game is scored like tennis.

Testing 'HOVER BALL' Footballs!! - Do They ACTUALLY Work??

Well these are, interesting….

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So in todays video I experiment with and test out some of the craziest football products I could find, including the hover ball / hover football and the messi foot bubbles training kit, yeah…

Kieran Brown.

Hooverball at CrossFit Heerlen

HooverBall at The University of Alabama


Hooverball Mastery w/ Jack Rummells "grunt and fake deep method"

University of Northern Iowa football player Jack Rummells demonstrates his trademark grunt and fake deep method

Boom Fitness Hooverball

One year party!!!


One of many Special Events with LALANNE FITNESS powered by CrossFit, the School of Elite Fitness located downtown San Francisco!


Mix the Academy of Kung Fu, an 8 lb medicine ball, plenty of rain and mud, and what do you get? One messy Hooverball game!

hoover ball 2011

14 Students of Mo Duk Pai have a chance meeting in the park. Someone brought a net! Someone else brought a medicine ball! Wow.

Let's play Hooverball!

Hooverball Active Recovery

Hooverball is a FUN ACTIVE MINI cool down I had the guys do to perform more basketball specific movements... This active cool down was fun yet challenging because the basketball players needed to recruit the fast-twitch muscle fibers as well as various engage various muscles of the body. *EXCUSE THE TALKING AND JOKING, HOWEVER FUN NEEDS TO BE PROMOTED IN ANY TRAINING SESSION*

Home School Hoover Ball

Possible pukie WOD

Hooverball practice

Hoover Ball.wmv

This is not your average game of volleyball. Check out what CrossFit Rio Rancho was doing at Cabezon Park Saturday morning. A short run and burpees for everyone that dropped the ball.

THE BEST DRILL FOR POWER ATHLETES - Med Ball Volleyball - DeFranco Voiceover

Improve core strength, develop POWER 3-Dimensionally & increase your work capacity with this fun drill!

hooverball training at Got Strength Gym of Iowa City

A pickup game of Hooverball at the Got Strength Gym of Iowa City.

CrossFit Hoover Ball

Playing Hoover Ball at Crossfit Little Rock 501

Little Rock,Ar Memorial Day Hoover Ball 5)

HTTP:// Memorial day CrossFit workout in Randolph NJ's premier CrossFit, tug of war workout HTTP://

Boom Fitness Hooverball

One year party at Boom Fitness!



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