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Erzberg Rodeo 2018 ???? Rocket Ride - Extreme Hill Climb

✦✦✦ Results ✦✦✦
✦ 1st Ossi Reisinger (Husqvarna FE 501)
✦ 2nd Peter Reitbauer (KTM SXF 450)
✦ 3rd Teodor Kabakchiev (KTM 300 EXC)
✦ 4th Ib Andersen (GasGas EC 300)
✦ 5th Florian Reichinger (Husqvarna FE 350)
✦ 6th Armin Ohrlinger (KTM 300 EXC)

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Montée impossible Muhlbach-sur-Munster 2019 Hill Climbing (HD)

Le Best Of de la 9 ème montée impossible 2019 de Muhlbach-sur-Munster.

#muhlbach #Hillclimbing #montéeimpossible


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Impossible Climb Muhlbach | Dirt Bikes Over 100hp+ | Hill Climb

Impossible Hill Climb Muhlbach, the last round of French Hill Climbing championship, held in Muhlbach-sur-Munster and raised quite a lot of attention. Dirt Bikes over 100hp+ and some even 200+ with the help of NOS tried to rip it. It was fairly easier than the previous rounds and the reason behind it was that they did some groundwork at the track, they wiped the last wall on top of the hill. That eased the job for riders but it also wiped the fun factor significantly. Watch and enjoy!

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#hillclimb #impossibleclimb #dirtbikes

Gerad Poxleitner.....Unedited Turbo Hillclimbing

Some of the raw footage with some bonus footage that went into my project The Ride. This is all Gerad Poxleitner on his crazy Arctic Cat Twisted Turbo slaying chutes and hill climbs in central Idaho. No music. Just the awesome sound of two stroke power!

Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Aspen 2018

Watch the spoiler-free full broadcast of the Harley-Davidson Snow Climb at X Games Aspen 2018.


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The World's Steepest Climb? | Extreme E-Bike Climbing Challenge: The Slab

Steep. Long. Slippery and unforgiving. A slab of limestone cut by glaciers thousands of years ago. It’s something we're no stranger to, having seen the likes of Martyn Ashton and Chris Smith descend it's face before, but nobody has ever attempted to ride up…

It’s (potentially) the world’s steepest climb. Chris and Steve wanted to know how far they could ride up on an Electric Mountain Bike… if it was even possible at all.

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The world’s steepest residential road is Baldwin Street in New Zealand, three and a half kilometers long, averaging 35% with pitches of 38%. But we wanted to find something more extreme. Vittorio Brumotti rode the Lion’s Back in Utah, which has a peak gradient of 65%, but that isn't enough.

We wanted to push the limits of possibility. What can an E-bike do?

This is the famous slab in Bristol Gorge, a destination for mountain bikers to ride DOWN, not up.
It's 75%, thats 37 degrees. It's 10 percent steeper than the Lion's Head and almost twice as steep as Baldwin Street. Is it possible to go up, even with turbo mode?

We want to know about your steepest climbs. Know of anything steeper? Let us know and we’ll try and ride it!

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Poags Hole Hillclimb 2018 - 365 Vlogs w/ Brett Cue - 108

With zero bike time, I went up to the Poags Hole hillclimb to have some fun!




Roger Feghali - Full Run Falougha Hill Climb 2015 - New Record

Brought to you by SONY ACTION CAM

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Roger Feghali turned the tables on his brother Abdo with a great win during the second round of the 2015 Lebanese Hill Climb Championship in Falougha. Roger was second quickest to Abdo in the first and second heats, but he pulled off a stunning performance on his final run to break the track record and take a well-earned win.

Climbing Made Easy | GCN's Cycling Tips

Climbing doesn't have to be an uphill struggle when you've got Matt and Dan here to help you with Climbing Made Easy

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Ex-Professional Cyclists Dan Lloyd and Matt Stephens provide expert tips and advice to help you climb hills and even mountains easier and with more structure than riding until you blow up!

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Dan and Matt discussing pacing yourself on climbs and the benefits of it.
Climbing in and out of the saddle. Whilst we would all love to be able to climb out of the saddle like Alberto Contador or Richard Virenque, it isn't necessarily the most efficient option. The guys give some advice on how to do this best.

Gearing selection is vital, but the most important thing here is to have something that is natural, like around 80revolutions per minute. Faster cadence will take some practice and is a special technique.

Finally, PRACTICE! You use your muscle groups differently when climbing, so it's a good idea to bring them into life as much as you can when possible as it will make them stronger in the long run.

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How To Climb Like Alberto Contador ????
Can You Improve Your Cadence? | GCN's Road Cycling Tips ????

Crush On You - Marcello De Angelis

Photos: © Bettiniphoto / & ©Tim De Waele /

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How To Climb Faster For Free - Tips To Improve Your Cycling Technique

Get your climbing technique and pacing nailed and you'll climb faster for free!
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You can improve your climbing in two ways. Getting fitter and lighter is the painful way, and comes with guaranteed results. There is another way, though. Work on your technique. By improving your pacing and technique on the bike you'll conserve energy be able to press on as you near the top of the climb. Essentially, you maximise your use of your existing climbing ability by wasting less energy and by distributing your effort evenly over the climb.

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Yamaha 450cc Hillclimbing - King of the Hill 2nd Place

Aaron Prebe Yamaha 450 hillclimb. Wisconsin Rapids Dyracuse Motocross Park. Rapid Angels Motorcycle Club. LPmotocross High Definition

West Virginia Enduro Hillclimbing

awesome weekend down in west Virginia hillclimbing and riding singletrack, we hit some really cool pipelines and hit some really technical sections and the 300 sx did great except for that case of whiskey throttle , sorry folks cant give the location away

filmed by jeremy machamer

2006 KX250F and 2011 KX250F Hillclimbing (GoPro Hero2 HD)

Me(2011 kx250f) and Linaldy(2006 kx250) going up the peak.

ATC 70 trail riding hillclimbing

Some modified atc 70's hillclimbing.

Dirtbike Hillclimbing Wellsville 2015

some clips from earlier this year riding some dirtbikes in wellsville ohio, been hoarding these hillclimbing and crashing clips for a while now, the one to the left of lukes poisin was probably the hill that got the most adrenaline pumping, if you dont make it its pretty much a freefall down. in college now so videos will not be every weekend, but when i find time to ride, thanks

The Weird World Of Hill Climb Racing

Hill climbing is a lung busting form of uphill bike racing, an individual time trial that challenges you to overcome gravity and gradient for victory. It's a niche seasonal discipline of cycling with UCI illegal bikes that is growing more popular with cyclists across the world, but has a long history in Britain. Jon dived into the weird world of hill climbs at the 2019 British National Championships.

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Extreme Hillclimbing

Me and my friends go for som extreme hillclimbing


We want to show you how to ride dirt bikes using enduro skills and dirt bike techniques with our huge collection of free training vids. Struggling with hill climbs? Here are the basic hill climbing techniques for enduro bikes and dirt bikes. This enduro skills video uses cross training: trials techniques applied to enduro riding on your dirt bike, as recommended by top and extreme enduro riders like Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker and Taddy Blasuziak who are all former trials champions.

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As mentioned in Body positioning, hill climbs will need you standing on the footpegs with your body to the front of the bike! Keep your throttle and clutch control smooth. Spinning the rear wheel up may look impressive but will not provide maximum traction. Trials riding may not appear to share much with dirt riding - much of the action happens at walking speed - but the balance, precise, traction and clutch skills help with enduro riding, especially for hill climbs. The growing interest in extreme enduro led to an upsurge in trials riding riding internationally, and many dirt riders are now joining trials clubs to improve their overall technique for basic dirt riding and hill climbs.

Maintain momentum, the main thing behind successful hill climbing. A note on extreme hill climbs - if you watch the extreme enduros you will see that eventually some climbs get so steep that even the top riders will deliberately sit down well to the rear of the bike. As Graham Jarvis says Going fast is the easy bit, it’s going slowly that will help you develop control. The best extreme enduro riders like Jarvis are so smooth when climbing hills you don't realise how difficult the terrain is until you see them flying past the less experienced riders on hill climbs.

It can be inspiring, but also demoralising to see how well these guys ride. We figured if you can't beat them, join them. So past few years, a bunch of us in our 50s thought we would try to learn as much of this shit as possible, before dementia and arthritis slow us down. And along the way we've been pumping out free dodgy enduro training vids for everyone. And being free they come with a money back guarantee if they make you ride worse... and they probably will. So what is cross training? It's just applying trials skills to dirt riding... slowing things down initially we we can be faster, and more importantly, better dirt riders. Slow things down when learning how to ride a dirt bike faster and focus on clutch control, balance and traction. Don't aim for speed straight away or you will have to unlearn bad dirt riding techniques later. A coaching session with Chris Birch was a great start. Arguably the top extreme enduro rider back in 2010 despite coming from New Zealand, Birchy shared many tips that worked their way into the training vids. Around 95% of the top extreme enduro riders are former trials riders. So it's not surprising these guys say the key to learning to ride fast is first slow down and get your fundamental techniques right. The past few years Graham Jarvis has been the king of the extreme enduro world, and we've even started our own religion based on his teachings. We even got to ask his holiness on how to make our bikes do the crazy shit his bike does and learn how to ride a dirt bike properly. Our local trials and endurocross champion Ruben Chadwick also has provided some great tips and video footage along the way. And recently Tim Coleman has wowed everyone with his tricks on a dirt bike and excellent coaching across Australia and overseas too. We will never match these guys, but we have surprised ourselves at the new tricks we old dogs can learn. Along the way there have been plenty of stacks and offs as we ride well beyond our very limited abilities. Visit our Cross Training Techniques page for dozens of poor quality vids with misleading or totally inaccurate information about bike setup, cross training skills, riding tips, hard enduro techniques and how to ride a dirt bike. Cross training applies trials techniques to dirt bike skills - the balance, traction and throttle/clutch control will change the way you ride your enduro bike. The rise of extreme enduro has seen a new breed of riders, pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a dirt bike. .

#tractionerag #crosstrainingenduro #howtoridedirtbikes #hillclimbs #howtoclimbhills



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