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Highland games


OFFICIAL FILM 2017 World Highland Games Championships

The 2017 World Highland Games Championships (2 days).
Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of September 2017 Hank (THE NETHERLANDS).

The 2017 World Highland Games Invitational Heavy Events Championships (8 throwing events in two days.
They are;

Day one:
22lb Scottisch Hammer.
28lb weight for distance (light WFD).
22lb Braemar stone.

Day two:
16lb Scottish Hammer.
56lb weight for distance (heavy WFD).
16lb open stone.
Tossing the caber (the GRUTTE PIET caber).
56lb weight for height (WOB).

Daniel McKim (USA).
Scott Rider (ENG).
Matt Doherty (CAN).
Spencer Tyler (USA).
Heidar Heisi Germundsson (ISL).
Lorne Colthart (SCO).
Sinclair Patience (SCO).
Vladislav Tulacek (CZ).
Pieter Karst Bouma (NL).
Daniel Dorow (D).
Raynor Wortel (NL) .

Organisatie is World Heavy Events i.s.m. de Highland Games Federatie (Tommy de Bruijn & Wulbert Stam) en Scottish Heavy Events Association Hank .
Reffrees: Wulbert Stam, Pétur Guðmundsson en Dr Bill Crawford and OBE David P Webster (President of the World Heavy Events) .
Field assistants: Toby de Brouwer, Wilfred van Est, Patrick van Antwerpen, Willy de Brouwer & Sebastiaan Huijs.
Speakers: David Webster, Bill Crawford & Wout Zijlstra.

The Championships are officially registered and sanctioned by David Webster.

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Foto’s en film Gerlof Holkema !

STONELAND: An Original Film by Rogue / 4K

There are few places on earth as intimately tied to historic feats of strength as the Highlands of Scotland. There are countless stories of local warriors and clansmen training for battle. Of castle bodyguards proving their strength by carrying heavy weights over long distances. An often cited tale dates back to the 11th century when King Malcolm III summoned his countrymen to compete in a foot race that would determine who would become his royal messenger.

All over Scotland are remnants of these ancient tests of strength — lifting stones, formed over the centuries by wind and river erosion, each with its own history and local lore. A relative few still know about and seek out these ancient stones. This is their story.

Scottish Heavy event champions compete in 2020 #VirtualHighlandGames at Braemar Gathering site

Film of the #VirtualHighlandGames Heavy Event, the ONLY Scottish Highland Games Heavy Event competition in 2020.
Competitors were Kyle Randalls, Craig Winslow, James Dawkins, Lukasz Wenta, Jamie Gunn and John McLeod. Kyle Randalls featured in the Netflix series 'Home Game' which featured unique and traditional sports from around the world. The film also includes Kyle being introduced to HRH Prince Charles, the Duke of Rothesay as he is known in Scotland, during the event.
The music is a composition called 'The Ballad of Blue, Granite and Green' by Aberdeenshire musicians Paul Anderson and Benjamin McMillan.

2017 World Highland Games Championships

Hank Holland was host to the 2017 World Championship games. 11 athletes from across the globe.

Looking for supplies and gear for the Highland Games? Head to Gear Up. Get Throwing.

Highland Game Live is proud to offer live, streaming coverage of Scottish Highland Games events from around the globe. See the top Pros compete and get a front row seat at the famed festivals that host them.

The Rules of Scottish Highland Games - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains - The Rules of the Scottish Highland Games. These are a popular set of strength events originating from Scotland, but contested around the world.

Watch this short beginner’s tutorial video guide on Highland Games rules, and how to contest each of the Scottish events.
Learn about stone put, caber toss, sheaf toss, weight throw, weight over bar, tug o’war, Scottish Hammer, kilt, dance, ceremony and more.

Also discuss on Reddit!

Video: Copyright Kenmore Highland Games, NZ Highland Games, Braemer Media, Braemer Games, Stone Mountain Highland Games (I do not own video footage and claim fair use).
Images: Google (Various)
Music: ‘’Scotland the Brave’ by Highlanders
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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Daniel Mckim ( World Champion ) Caber Toss ... The clock strikes 12

( SAAA State Championship ) Costa Mesa, CA Scotsfest 2011

2019 Las Vegas Highland Games – Stone Press Challenge | ESPN 8: The Ocho

Competitors attempt to lift a 260-pound stone over their head during the 2019 Las Vegas Highland Games on ESPN 8: The Ocho.

#ESPNTheOcho #TheOcho
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2018 Arnold Strongman Classic | Highland Games Highlights / 8K

CHARMAS - The Highland Games Song Heavy Scottish Sports Video

Lift it till your jowls inflate..Hurl 'er with all your weight. Heavy athletics competition at Pleasanton, California's Scottish Highland Games isn't just for giant white males any more. Check out these beautiful ladies flipping telephone poles end-over-end and hurling shot puts like most of us throw cobblestones. Watch handicapped bodybuilder Alex Armor fling deadly projectiles out of his wheelchair. Psych yourself up for a Crossfit workout, or a trip to Glasgow, by adding The Highland Games Song to your Spotify playlist, or downloading it from Charmas band's website Subscribe to this channel, and then message through YouTube to receive a free download of any Charmas song or instrumental track.

Win for Lukasz Wenta in Caber Toss Heavy event during 2019 Stonehaven Highland Games in Scotland

Film showing the competitors in the Cabre Toss traditional heavy event during the 2019 Stonehaven Highland Games in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. This was a win for Lukasz Wenta but included competitors Vlad Tulacek from the Czech Republic, Kyle Robert Randalls and visiting competitors Kevin Becker from Texas and Luke Crawley from Wisconsin in the USA.

The caber toss is a traditional Scottish athletic event in which competitors toss a large tapered wooden pole called a caber. The caber is usually made from a Larch tree and is typically 19 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 12.5 stone, but there are bigger and longer versions at some games, including Aboyne and the Braemar Gathering.

Easy Strength for Highland Games

► Personalized workouts based on your schedule, ability, and equipment options.

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Dan John has spent his life with one foot in the world of lifting and throwing, and the other foot in academia. An All-American discus thrower, Dan has also competed at the highest levels of Olympic lifting, Highland Games and the Weight Pentathlon, an event in which he holds the American record.

Dan spends his work life blending weekly workshops and lectures with full-time writing, and is also an online religious studies instructor for Columbia College of Missouri. As a Fulbright Scholar, he toured the Middle East exploring the foundations of religious education systems. Dan is also a Senior Lecturer for St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London.

His books, on weightlifting, include Intervention, Never Let Go, Mass Made Simple and Easy Strength, written with Pavel Tsatsouline as well as From Dad, To Grad. He and Josh Hillis co-authored “Fat Loss Happens on Monday.”

In 2015, Dan wrote Can You Go? on his approach to assessments and basic training. In addition, Before We Go, another compilation akin to Never Let Go became an Amazon Bestseller.

In early 2017, Dan’s book, Now What?, his approach to Performance and dealing with “life,” became a Bestseller on Amazon. Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenge became available in September 2017, too.

The 2017 Arnold Sports Festival - The Highland Games / 4K

New to the Arnold in 2017 was the addition of the indoor Scottish Highland Games. Amateurs and Professionals battled side by side over two days of competition to find a champion in the traditional Scottish strength sports.

Highland Games Bressuire (World Championship Amateur 2019)


Extraits des jeux de force - dimanche 16 juin 2019 sur le site du château de Bressuire (79).

#HighlandGamesBressuire - Organisation : AJEF (association des Jeux de Force en France), sous le haut parrainage de #JérômePitorin.
Avec la participation de : Francis Brebner, Skylar Arneson, Maxime Billeaud, Jamie Gunn, Svavar Sigursteinsson, Stefan Kolitsch, Johan Langhorst, Nys Glenn, Fabien Patheney, Joe Pocock, Yrjo Hamalainen, Johan Langhorst.

How to toss a Sandbag like a HIGHLAND GAMES PRO | Kyle Lillie & Untamed Strength

In this video, highland games professional and throwing coach, Kyle Lillie, demonstrates correct throwing technique for a sandbag over bar.

Check out Kyle on IG @flower_power_hg
Cerberus Strength - FLOWERPOWER
Kinda Fit Kinda Fat - KFKFLillie

Untamed Strength is a Powerlifting/Strongman gym in Sacramento, CA:

Untamed Strength Apparel:

2018 Bridge of Allan Highland Games Finals


Queen Mary 2011- Highland Games Heavy Events - A Class Highlights

Queen Mary 2011- Highland Games Heavy Events - A Class Highlights

1981 World Highland Games Championships from Lagos Nigeria

1981 World Highland Games Championships from Lagos Nigeria
Fred Vaughan (USA).
Geoff Capes (England).
Grant Anderson (Scotland).
Bill Anderson (Scotland).
Hamish Davidson (Scotland).
Bill Kazmaier (USA).
Doug Edmunds (Scotland).
Dave Harrington (Canada).
Chris Okonkwo (Nigeria).
Film is Produced en directed by Peter F. Duffy.
Special thanks to Ryan Vierra for sending the film .

2019 Women's Highland Games World Championships

40th Annual ScotFest
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
September 14, 2019

Athletes: Adriane Wilson, Elissa Hapner, Meagan McKee, Emily Adams, Denise Greene, Emily Hilty, Janine Kuestner, Jessica Bridenthal, Katie Crowley, Nikita Marzano

IHGF Highland Games, Bressuire - 5. heavy weight for distance

IHGF European Amateaur Team Highland Games Championship Bressuire (France)

Championnats d'Europe HIGHLAND GAMES à BRESSUIRE (France) 2017

Samedi 10 et Dimanche 11 Juin 2017 - Highland Games (European Championship) in Bressuire 79 (FRANCE).
Championnat d'Europe de HIGHLAND GAMES - Jeux de Force - Animations celtes - Cornemuses - Bagpipes - Ecosse et Irlande en fête dans la prairie du Château de Bressuire.



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