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High power rifle


NRA Highpower Rifle Competition #highpower #acrossthecourse #servicerifle

NRA Service Rifle, Highpower Rifle Across the Course
200yd Standing
200yd Rapid Fire Sitting
300yd Rapid Fire Prone
600yd Slow Fire Prone

The upper was built by John Holliger of White Oak Precision.
1:7.7 twist/ CLE chamber

200/300 yard stage
77gr HPBT Sierra Matchking

600yd load
80gr Sierra Matchking

Camera: Nikon Coolpix S100

Essential Gear for CMP High Power Rifle Matches

There are very few videos on Youtube dealing with this topic, so I decided to make one. I hope you find it helpful.

The CMP Modern Military Rifle Match - A Primer

Here is my rundown of one of the newest rifle matches sanctioned by the CMP. Check it out to see if it looks like one you might want to try.

Benjamin Rogue .357 - The world's most powerful production air rifle

Team Wild's Ian Harford gets to grips with the phenomenal Benjamin Rogue .357 - the most powerful and technologically advanced hunting air rifle in the world. Having already taken a number of big game animals in South Africa, Ian gives you a closer look at the Benjamin Rogue .357 and it's array of innovative features. Prepare to be amazed!

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M1903 - NRA High Power Rifle - Don James Memorial 2017

The ladder sight walks up.

0:00 Offhand
8:03 Sitting Rapid
10:11 Sitting Rapid result
10:25 M1 Garand Prone Rapid
11:46 Prone Rapid
13:09 Prone Rapid result
13:16 Prone Slow
19:03 Prone Slow results
19:25 Aggregate results

Andrews 1st time shooting a high powered rifle 30-30

After shooting his 410 we had to see if my son Andrew could handle shooting a 30-30. this is his first time shooting the gun. hes only 9 and very excited about getting to go hunting this year and try to get his first deer!

Highpower Rifle - Speed Testing the .204 Ruger

NOTE: Hornady tested their 32 grain V-Max on a 26 barrel. Also, Hornady uses a much more precise chronograph compared to mine. My chronograph is supposed to be within 1% of actual bullet speed, which means it could be up to 40fps off, in this case. But, it is accurate enough to get a reasonable indication of a cartridge's performance..

I am using a nice CZ (Czech made) .204 Ruger to do a little speed testing on a couple of ammunitions. The hype over the .204 Ruger cartridge is that its velocity readily exceeds 4000 ft/sec. So, I wondered if this might be true for my lightweight CZ.

As for my absense... I've been busy with work and an otherwise busy schedule, and have not been very diligent in producing content for my channel. Anyway, I had this video from a year ago and decided to sit down and do some editing and post it.

Well, I hope you find this video entertaining, or at least informative. Thanks for watching.

Highpower Rifle Prone

This is a quick clip of me at a NRA Highpower Rifle competiton in June of 2013

Manuka NRA High Power Rifle Match

Manuka NRA High Power Rifle Match on 9-11-11. This is the second half of the sitting rapid portion

Manuka NRA High Power Rifle Match

Manuka NRA High Power Rifle Match on 9-11-11

Manuka NRA High Power Rifle Match

Daniel and Brian on Sept 11th

AK at NRA High Power Rifle match

I think it's an Arsenal SLR-107FR with Magpul MOE handguards and Aimpoint Micro. Fiocchi ammo.

High Power Service Rifle - Rapid Fire Prone - March 4, 2017

300 yards using Optics Service Rifle. Standard course of fire: 70 seconds to fire 10 rounds via 2 and 8 rounds loaded into 2 magazines at a regulation bullseye target at 300 yards. Shot a tight knot of 8 shots in the left of the 10 ring, 1 low ten, and 1 wild 8 (sigh) for a 98. Not bad!

Schmidt&Bender 5-45x56 PM II High Power rifle scope review

200 Yard Rapid Highpower Rifle Pits.

Marking targets in the pits during 200 yard rapid fire: 10 shots in 60 seconds with a magazine change.


NRA Highpower Rifle Match 2/7/2015

More people, more powder burned, more noise - more fun! A great way to celebrate the rifle club's 30th anniversary.

This was my first time using this camera and I was still breaking in a new sling.

Music: The Solar Empire (Super Eurobeat Mix) by KingSpartaX37 A.K.A Delta Brony

[HD] AR15 Service Rifle Standing Practice 2009-05-10

Short clip of a session at my local range while shooting 200 yard standing slow fire.

3 Rifles Every Rifleman Should Have

Unconsciously is different than unconscious. Synonyms for unconsciously include automatically, instinctively, and reflexively. So, be able to automatically work the safety and bolt on a rifle. Work them without conscious thought.
Regarding Dry Firing: All Ruger rifles are safe to dry fire (read Ruger's website). Some 22's will be damaged if they are dry fired, however a Savage MkII (or any current production Savage 22, or the Ruger 10/22) is safe to dry fire.

Ruger's FAQ:
Savage Technical Support: (413) 568-7001

The three rifles that every rifleman should own. A 22 LR (small), a medium, and a large rifle. All rifles should be the same type (bolt action, lever action, semi auto, etc.) If possible, every rifle should be the same model. This will ensure that the skills used in one rifle will transfer to the others.

Don't read too much into the title. It is 3 Rifles you should have, not *the only*3 rifles you should have. Big difference. Of course, other rifles are fun. My position is that these three are the foundation.

The 22 LR should always be in a rifle collection. This is the training rifle. It is inexpensive to shoot and has zero recoil. This translates into hours of training at minimal expense and no fatigue. The 22 LR is the platform to learn shooting fundamentals and the muscle memory needed to shoot and reload without conscious thought.

The medium and large rifles follow the 22 LR. These rifles teach shooting fundamentals with a centerfire rifle, which is heavier and has more recoil.

The medium rifle is a moderately powered rifle. Consider the 223 Rem, 22-250, 243 Win, or 6mm Rem. Advantages of a 223 Rem is cost per shot, which is half that of the other cartridges. The 22-250 is flat shooting. The 243 and 6mm can be used for both small game and for deer depending on bullet weight. All of these rifles would have low recoil.

The large rifle is a true hunting rifle. A 30-06 or 270 would be ideal, but not essential. Any of the 308 family (260, 7mm-08, 308) or 30-06 family (25-06, 270, 280, 30-06) will work. Any of these is effective for most hunting in the US. They are also ballistically similar for shots up to 250 yards. A magnum rifle also fits into this category, but comes with some extra recoil and extra expense. Any rifle bigger than 30 caliber does not really fit into this category because it is typically not needed for North American hunting and has added expense. If elk and bear are all that will be hunting, then maybe consider a 338 with the warning that this produce hefty recoil.

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Fulton Armory Article, covers many of the priciples in this video, and advocates dry firing as a training tool.

More? Google high power rifle dry fire

Check out my video on setting your zero to achieve maximum point blank range:

Getting Started Rifle Shooting

Low Recoil Rifles and Ammo

Field Dressing Big Game Knives to Make It Easier

Havalon Piranta Skinning Knife

Nosler Accubond Performance 130 grain 270 cal

How to Wrap Meat with Butcher Paper

Rifle Reloading Basics (Cartridges)

Reloading with Lee Precision (Playlist)

Introduction to Highpower Rifle

A brief introduction to NRA/CMP Highpower Rifle shooting.

Big Bore 50 Caliber Air Rifle Hunt for Wild Boar

Big Bore 50 caliber air rifle hunt for hogs just north of Houston, Texas.

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