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Top 10 Gymnastics Horizontal Bar Releases at Olympic Games | Top Moments

Watch the Top 10 of Horizontal Bar Releases in Olympic Gymnastics, including some incredible moves by Epke Zonderland (NED) at London 2012, Italy's Igor Cassina at Athens 2004 plus Kohei Uchimura (JPN) and Fabian Hambüchen (GER) at Rio 2016.

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Epke Zonderland Wins Artistic Men's Horizontal Bar Gold - London 2012 Olympics

Epke Zonderland (NED) wins the gold medal in the men's gymnastic artistic horizontal bar at the London 2012 Olympic Games (7 August).

Germany's Fabian Hambuchen took silver in the event with China's Zou Kai taking bronze.

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Artistic gymnastics was introduced at the very first Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens, and has been present at every edition of the Games since then. At the beginning, it comprised disciplines that are difficult to qualify as artistic, such as climbing and acrobatics.

The foundations of the Olympic gymnastics programme were laid at the 1924 Games in Paris, when the men's apparatus individual and team competitions appeared. In 1928, women were included in the Amsterdam Games. It was not until 1952 that the women's programme was developed, with seven events, and then stabilised at six events as from the 1960 Games in Rome.

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YULO Carlos Edriel (PHI) - 2019 Artistic Worlds, Stuttgart (GER) - Qualifications Horizontal Bar

FIG Official - 49th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships - Stuttgart (GER), October 4-13, 2019
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Artistic Worlds 2011 TOKYO - Men's Final: Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar - We are Gymnastics!

TOKYO (JAPAN) - 7-16 October 2011

1:00 Opener
00:13 Views of Tokyo
Apparatus Finals, Day 2 (Men's Finals)
Men's Vault
00:47 Entry of gymnastes
00:55 Start list
01:07 Thomas BOUHAIL (FRA), 1st vault 16.666
02:15 Thomas BOUHAIL (FRA), 2nd vault 15.708 16.187 4th
03:19 Anton GOLOTSUTSKOV (RUS), 1st vault 16.333
04:26 Anton GOLOTSUTSKOV (RUS), 2nd vault 16.400 16.366 2nd
05:11 Hak Seon YANG (KOR), 1st vault 16.866
06:27 Hak Seon YANG (KOR), 2nd vault 16.266 16.566 1st
07:11 Makoto OKIGUCHI (JPN), 1st vault 16.300
08:05 Makoto OKIGUCHI (JPN), 2nd vault 16.283 16.291 3rd
09:10 final result
09:22 Podium
Parallel Bars
10:09 Entry of gymnastes
10:20 start list
10:33 Vasileios TSOLAKIDIS (GRE) 15.533 2nd tied
12:14 Danell LEYVA (USA) 15.633 1st
13:55 ZHANG Chenglong (CHN) 15.533 2nd tied
15:24 Kohei UCHIMURA (JPN) 15.500 4th
17:16 final result
17:29 Podium
High Bar
17:55 Entry of gymnastes
18:03 start list
18:14 Fabian HAMBUECHEN (GER) 16.233 4th
19:56 ZOU Kai (CHN) 16.441 1st
21:48 ZHANG Chenglong (CHN) 16.366 2nd
23:12 Kohei UCHIMURA (JPN) 16.333 3rd
25:13 final result
25:27 Podium
26:08 End

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Best Scores of 2019 - Horizontal Bar - MAG

Only international competitions included (FIG official events and continental tournaments)

Gymnasts in the video:
Epke Zonderland
Tang Chia-Hung
Tin Srbic
Arthur Mariano
Samuel Mikulak
Artur Dalaloyan
Hidetaka Miyachi
Sergei Eltcov
Ivan Stretovich
Oliver Hegi
Francisco Barreto
Hu Xuwei
Lin Chaopan
Nikita Nargonyy
Pablo Braegger
Caio Souza
Robert Tvorogal
Zhang Chenlong

High Bar

Sam Mikulak With The Perfect Finish On The High Bar | Summer Champions Series

Sam Mikulak wins his fifth all-around title with his final routine on the high bar at U.S. Gymnastics Championships as part of the Team USA Summer Champions Series presented by Xfinity.

Men's Horizontal Bar Final - Artistic Gymnastics | Rio 2016 Replay

Fabian Hambeuchen wins gold for Germany in the men's horizontal bar final.

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High Bar Squat vs. Low Bar Squat

In this video, Alan Thrall compares the High Bar Squat and the Low Bar Squat. Differences, advantages, disadvantages, challenges.

Alan answers the popular question: High bar/Low bar which style is better?

Nile Wilson wins gold in spectacular horizontal bar final at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Team England - Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games - Gymnastics - Horizontal bar final - Nile Wilson

Nile Wilson - GOLD - High Bar - 2018 British Gymnastics Championship - MAG Masters

Nile Wilson - GOLD - High Bar - 2018 British Gymnastics Championship - MAG Masters

High Bar Vs Low Bar Squat (LEARN THE DIFFERENCE!)

In this video Dr. Aaron Horschig compares the high bar and low bar squat techniques. You'll not only learn the science behind the two variations, but understand which may be best for your body and goals along with how injury may lead you to use one over the other!

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A Case For The High Bar Squat

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How To HIGH BAR SQUAT (Low Bar vs High Bar)

The HIGH BAR SQUAT?!? Blasphemy! Just kidding - learn how to high bar squat in this complete guide + get programming tips and helpful cues.


We compare the high bar squat vs low bar squat position and explain the differences in biomechanics, muscles worked and how each variation benefits your program.

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If you can't get into the proper low bar squat position, if you're suffering from an injury that prevents you from low bar squatting OR if you're an intermediate/advanced lifter looking for a great supplemental squat, learn how to high bar squat!

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This is Barbell Logic, where we believe that health and fitness should be approached with simplicity, logic and reason.

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London 2012 Olympics: Epke Zonderland wins gold on high bar, Dutch television.

London 2012 Olympics: Epke Zonderland wins gold on high bar. Dutch television with great commentary by Hans van Zetten.

Uchimura becomes World Champ in Horizontal Bars- Universal Sports

2015, Glasgow, Scotland, 46th Gymnastics World Championship, Kohei Uchimura (JPN) becomes World Champion in the Men’s Horizontal Bars with a score of of 15.833. (Call your TV provider and ask for Universal Sports to watch full events on TV and online.)

Universal Sports Network is the premier destination for fans of Olympic and lifestyle sports, delivering exclusive coverage of world class competitions, interaction with top athletes, and in depth sports news year round.


Defending champ slips from horizontal bar

The Flying Dutchman Epke Zonderland slips and crashes down face-first onto the mat, but manages to restart and finish his routine.

REPLAY - 2019 Artistic Gymnastics Europeans - High bar final plus medal ceremony

UEG Official - 8th Individual Artistic Gymnastics European Championships, 10 - 14 April 2019, Szczecin (POL)

Relive the Men's High bar final at the 2019 Artistic Gymnastics Europeans in Szczecin (POL)!

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Przysiad High Bar - Trójboiści- SFD

Zapraszamy na kolejny film z trójbojowych postaw! Tym razem przysiad High Bar!

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High Bar Squat / Low Bar Squat : It Doesn't Really Matter

In this video I answer a common question: Should I high bar squat or should I low bar squat? My answer may surprise you...

Paul Juda - High Bar - 2020 Winter Cup Finals

Score: 13.850 (5.0, 8.850)
Feb. 22, 2020 - Westgate Resort - Las Vegas, Nev.

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