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Hare coursing


Squatting Hare

Saluki x Grey over 2yr old

Saluki Open Field Coursing

Not all dogs were in the course at the same time. The course was a long one, going through heavy cover with lots of obstacles. The hare lost this course, but usually in this area, the hare always wins!
smooth gold dog, yellow/green blanket - Hunter
blue blanket- Reta
yellow blanket - Jabu
Spotted dog - Holley
solid black dog - Mystic
Orange blanket - Walahni
pink blanket - Summer

Greyhound coursing tips: Common questions

Peter Craig answers on some of the most common questions asked by trainers that are new to coursing including what to do with your greyhounds in between courses.

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hare coursing 2011

willie tuff lines

Spinner - Daughter of Lucky the Dark Destroyer 4

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Hare course!


Waterloo Cup 1998

The final half of the 1998 Waterloo Cup, narrated by Sir Mark Prescott and featuring commentary by Charles Blanning.

Hunting hares with a golden eagle

Roy Lupton is on the Kingsclere Estate in Hampshire with his golden eagle 'Baby' on the look out for brown hares. We work hard for our quarry but there is an awesome flight showing just how incredible these birds and this style of hunting can be. This item first appeared on Fieldsports Britain, episode 62. To watch the whole show go to

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Hare Coursing (8minutes) | Working Lurcher

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another 8 minutes of good hare coursing and coursing hares with lurchers

Hunting deer in Saudi Arabia


Hare Coursing More Footage | Working Lurchers

more coursing, good dogs more good hares... enjoy


Greyhound coursing tips: Welfare issues and how to avoid them

Peter Craig on how to avoid the likes of acidosis and cramping when coursing your greyhounds.

Hare coursing The red dog (saluki type)hero

single handed daytime hare coursing (pre ban)

Franny hare coursing

Franny hare coursing

Coursing with Greyhounds - Pre Ban Hare Coursing

Full Length Video Available at New Footage added daily.Pre-Ban Hare Coursing with Greyhounds.

Hare Coursing Mona

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Hare Coursing Footage | Working Lurchers

footage of working lurchers
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Hare Coursing With Lurchers | Working Lurchers

More Hare Coursing More Lurcher Work... enjoy
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How Coursing Helps Hares

Did you know that hare density is 18 times higher in coursing areas than in non-coursing areas? That's the conclusion of research by Queen's University, Belfast. Coursing may be banned in the UK but it's alive and well in Ireland. They even print the results from coursing meetings in the national papers in Ireland. Charlie Jacoby joins the English who come across for their own coursing stakes at a meeting in Kilkenny, and finds out how coursing is helping the hare back from the brink in Ireland. Repeal of the Hunting Act would do the same in England and Wales... but that would require a politician to do something for the greater good.

▶ For the English National Coursing Club, visit
▶ In Ireland, where this was filmed, there are 18 times more hares in Irish Coursing Club-managed areas than ordinary farmland
▶ Irish Times article about how coursing is good for hares:
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▶ Picture of Master Mcgrath in Lurgan town centre by Notafly - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
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This item appears on YouTube in Fieldsports Britain, episode 477

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