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Hare coursing


The pheasant plucker REALITY: HARE COURSING 1980S

WARNING,IF YOU ARE OFFENDED IN THE KILLING OF ANIMALS THEN PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO CLIP.You have been warned,i welcome any one watching but if you do and you leave a negative comment you will be blocked from watching any of my videos for good.hope you enjoy the video ............

How Coursing Helps Hares

Did you know that hare density is 18 times higher in coursing areas than in non-coursing areas? That's the conclusion of research by Queen's University, Belfast. Coursing may be banned in the UK but it's alive and well in Ireland. They even print the results from coursing meetings in the national papers in Ireland. Charlie Jacoby joins the English who come across for their own coursing stakes at a meeting in Kilkenny, and finds out how coursing is helping the hare back from the brink in Ireland. Repeal of the Hunting Act would do the same in England and Wales... but that would require a politician to do something for the greater good.

▶ For the English National Coursing Club, visit
▶ In Ireland, where this was filmed, there are 18 times more hares in Irish Coursing Club-managed areas than ordinary farmland
▶ Irish Times article about how coursing is good for hares:
▶ For photographs of the greyhounds in action at Sevenhouses, visit
▶ For video of the races at Sevenhouses, go to
▶ Picture of Master Mcgrath in Lurgan town centre by Notafly - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
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This item appears on YouTube in Fieldsports Britain, episode 477

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Angels of the North - Pre Ban Hare Coursing

Full Length Video Available at

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The three white bitches from the north east of england Blondie,Fettle & Annie competing for the title Angel of the North in what better venue to host the show but the Forley Cup.
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hare courseing

hare coursing

The pheasant plucker hare coursing in the 1980s j.davis w.tuff,mellish

Hare coursing in the 1980s,salisbury, j.davis dog v melleshes TINY, willie tuff running mellesh, TINY, h,weaver running m,cash,lots of old faces,

Hare shoot - massive pest control day

On the Swedish island of Ven, hares reach pest proportions. They have no natural predators. There are no foxes on the island so, every year, the islanders hold giant hare shoots to keep down numbers. Charlie Jacoby takes part.

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This item appears on YouTube in Fieldsports Britain, episode 468

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Red the coursing machine

A clip in memory of our dog red

Hare coursing The red dog(saluki type)on the plough

single handed daytime hare coursing(pre ban)

Spinner - Daughter of Lucky the Dark Destroyer 4

14 DVD's of never before seen footage for sale on Ebay, search Lucky the Dark Destroyer

Big Fella Thanks

Big Fella Thanks wins the Irish National Coursing Derby at Clonmel in 1999

hare coursing

hare coursing 2012

Lucky the Dark Destroyer 4

Dvd's for sale on Ebay of never before seen footage

Vic's bitch.BARNEY X JIM's BITCH hare coursing.

Hare coursing(pre ban)

bill's queenie + bill's digger hare coursing

preban hare coursing

Jack's Game - Hare

Yorkshire Television production 1983 with Jack Charlton. Taken from VHS.

Lucky the Dark Destroyer 6

Lucky the Dark Destroyer PRE BAN DVD's on sale on Ebay, previously lost footage, never seen before!

Waterloo cup 2004

Hare coursing at the Waterloo Cup in Lancashire, North West Uk, before the nanny state banned this wonderful sport of kings which goes back 2000 years

Hare Coursing Dark Destoyer | Working Lurcher

More hare coursing footage and a legend in the coursing world .


The Pheasant plucker hare coursing with goss @ harris hawk

hare coursing with gosshawks

Waterloo Cup 1998

The final half of the 1998 Waterloo Cup, narrated by Sir Mark Prescott and featuring commentary by Charles Blanning.



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