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Hapkido Extremo

Hapkido exibicion

Powerful Hapkido Fighting Techniques!

Due to numerous requests, the group got together to create another series of Hapkido techniques for you guys. Hapkido is one of the world's most under-rated martial arts style. It includes kicking, punching, throws, and ground work. So many tools that can make one an efficient fighter. What do you guys think of Hapkido? Let us know in the comments below.

Filmed and Edited By
Eric Nguyen

Choreographed by
Eric and Irvin Nguyen

Irvin Nguyen
Mikey Arce

Special thanks to Martial Arts USA for letting us use their facilities:

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Hapkido Essentials

Hapkido is a complete self-defense art, encompassing a full range of striking, kicking, throwing and immobilization techniques. On the Hapkido Essentials vedio, learn the kicks, strikes and blocks of Hapkido from Grandmaster Myung Yong Kim, founder of Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan, and Grandmaster Chang Soo Lee, head of Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan. The grandmasters and some of their top instructors in Korea, personally teach you over 75 hapkido techniques including:

* Stance
* Danjun Breathing: beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
* Vital point attacking
* Vital point theory
* Striking: elbow, knifehand and backfist
* Blocking: single and double arm
* Falling: forward, backward, side, aero and rolling falls
* Kicking: single, double, combinations and special kicks for a total of 51 kicks!

This comprehensive instructional vedio was filmed on location in Korea. Together with Hapkido Self-defense, this vedio presents a complete self-defense system. Learn directly from the headmaster, founder and international demonstration team members of this dynamic Korean art.

Lee Chang-soo is the Chief of the Demonstration Unit for the World Hapkido Federation and Headmaster of Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan in Seoul, Korea. He became a Korean national hero in 1980 when he knocked out the best Indonesian champions at his first blow. The National Defense Ministry of Indonesia attempted to invite him as a national coach. Korean government officers designated him to the Chief of the Demonstration Unit. He is one of the first generation masters who learned from Grandmaster Kim Myung-yong (currently residing in Houston, Texas), the founder of Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido.

Hapkido Gun disarming, Bystander & belt techniques

Korean Hapkido instructor Master Sung and SKMA instructors show Hapkido techniques and self defence techniques, Hapkido Belt techniques, Gun disarming, Bystander techniques, punching defence, kicking defence, Women self defence, pre-emptive attack techniques. Hapkido Kicks. SKMA Hapkido classes are held in Wandsworth (London), East Dulwich (London), Worcester Park, New Haw, Guildford. This Korean martial arts London Hapkido provides with authentic and most practical self defence techniques different from taekwondo, karate, mma, Kick boxing, Krav Maga, Jiujitsu, Aikido and any other self defence schools in London.

Hapkido vs Vovinam

Hapkido vs Vovinam

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Hapkido and Vovinam are real life based martial arts which incorporates a great deal of athletic techniques that allow practitioners to defend themselves in dangerous situations.

Watch and enjoy!

By Ender Güney
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Hapkido Center Chest Grab Techniques 1 Thru 5, Ji Han Jae

This video demonstrates 5 Hapkido defense techniques for Center Chest Clothing Grabs. The techniques are demonstrated and explained by Ji Han Jae, the founder of modern Hapkido, and his instructors

Hapkido Austria (합기도 오스트리아) - International Championship Seoul 2016

In July 2016, the International Daehan Minguk Hapkido Championship was held in Seoul, South Korea. This is a short documentary about the Austrian team visiting Korea in order to train and to participate at the Championship.

A film made by Gabriel Danis.

Hapkido Documentary

This short documentary video covers the history and techniques of Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido. Filmed in Korea at the Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido headquarters. This video is part of the Martial Arts of Korea DVD available from

Hapkido street fighting defense techniques

A brief video of 2019’ seminar!

Thank you all for your great support, it wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s humble dedication and support.
Again I am very grateful to have had you all at the seminar, furthermore your generosity, dedication, humility and brotherly love to the society of martial arts is very much inspiring.

Our 2020’ 5th Annual Martial Arts Summit will be held at IWKMA here in Tampa, FL

•••Date: June 6th &7th

•• Fees:

• Out of state attendees: $150
• FL resident attendees: $200
(Online registration only fees)
• At the door: $250
• Registration:

••• Key note instructors•••

Prof. Bobby Hughes / BJJ
GM Larry Dorsey / Sinmoo Hapkido
GM Shelton Moreland/ Hankido
GM Inwan Kim / Sinmoo Hapkido SEPQA system
GM Russel Choi / Authentic Judo

If there are any legit instructors who would like to join in, please PM me. ????


More seminar videos will be posted by kind permission of each instructor.

What is Hapkido Even Good For?

In this video we explore the common criticisms that Hapkido practitioners face today, and why some people still feel valid in practicing this art and even making it a lifestyle.

I have been practicing Hapkido since 2001 and have seen the ups and downs that it faces. This is why I still do it. By Matt Hinkamp

***Music obtained from - “Slow Motion”***

Some gear I use:
Rebreakable Boards:
Kicking Targets:
Macho Sparring Gear:
Practice Swords:

Hapkido Fighting Techniques

Master Shin schools a black belt in the ways of hapkido, including kicking, boxing, weapons, and takedowns

What Is the Difference Between Taekwondo and Hapkido?

With it being popular in America to combine the arts of Taekwondo and Hapkido, the question arises “What is the difference between them?” Master Matt provides his thoughts and experiences with each of the arts. I have studied Taekwondo and Hapkido since 2001 under the teachings of Grandmaster Young Seok Kim in the Joong Do Ryu Federation.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures or videos contained within this video

Some gear I use:
Rebreakable Boards:
Kicking Targets:
Sparring Gear:
Practice Swords:

Hapkido Demonstration by Kyung Mu Kwan Black Belts.

Check out this cool Hapkido demonstration by black belt students at Toronto Hapkido's HQ school in Korea.

T.H.A Martial Arts & Kickboxing - Toronto Hapkido Academy is an affiliate school of the Kyung Mu Kwan Hapkido family.

Kyung Mu Hapkido (KM Hapkido) is headed by Grandmaster Kim Nam Jai - a second generation Hapkido pioneer.

He is the headmaster featured on Discovery Channel's Fight Quest Documentary some years back.

What seperates Kyung Mu Hapkido from mainstream styles is application of classical techniques using resistance training.

The video here is a Hapkido demonstration illustrating the potential of this beautiful Korean martial art.

Kyung Mu Hapkido training is available at our Toronto martial arts school - 1669 Bayview Avenue #200.

Visit our website to learn more about Hapkido training in Toronto:

Hapkido Special Kicks

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6 Easy Hapkido Moves For Everyone | Pre-Emptive Attacks (Tutorial 1)

#hapkido #selfdefense
Korean Hapkido instructor Master Sung (7th Dan) shows basic Hapkido Pre-emptive techniques. SKMA Hapkido classes are held in Wandsworth (London), East Dulwich (London), Worcester Park, New Haw, Guildford. This Korean Martial arts, London Hapkido provides with authentic and most practical self defence techniques different from taekwondo, karate, mma, and any other self defence schools in London.

2008 World Hapkido Championship-Lee Chang Soo

44th Anniversary Hapkido Grand-Master Lee Chang Soo, Demonstration of Grand Master LEE Chang Soo, Master Shin Yun Wook and Master COUET Raphael, Hapkido Jin jung Kwan, Hapkido JJK


Here's my New video,this time i decided to do something new and different hope you'll enjoy and i wll make more of these in the future.

Music by Vincent Lee :

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How to block punches, Hapkido punching defense (Tutorial 1)

#selfdefense #Hapkido
Korean Hapkido instructor Master Sung (7th Dan) shows practical basic Hapkido Self defence techniques in different situations. Hapkido pre-emptive techniques, punching defence, take down. SKMA Hapkido classes are held in Wandsworth (London), East Dulwich (London), Worcester Park, New Haw, Guildford. This Korean Martial arts, London Hapkido provides with authentic and most practical self defence techniques different from taekwondo, karate, mma, and any other self defence schools in London.

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Hapkido falling techniques (낙법 )

Hapkido falling techniques by three red belt student of Chongmukwan in Amsterdam.
Back falls, side falls, front falls, back and front rolls are demonstrated in several forms. Ranging from very basic and easy to advanced and more difficult.

Do not practice these techniques without the supervision of a certified MA teacher.
hapkido falling techniques, chongmukwan amsterdam
낙법 합기도 한기도 한검도 네덜란드 클라스 정무관

Combat Hapkido Ground Survival Program. Full Instructional #2

Second Complete instructional sequence, extracted from Combat Hapkido Ground Survival Program. Vol.1. In this all new, state-of-the-art, instructional DVD series, Master David Rivas presents and clearly explains the street-proven strategies and tactics necessary to survive on the ground. The Combat Hapkido Ground Survival Program is not about wrestling, ground grappling or sport Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is about successfully fighting back from the most dangerous position in Self Defense. The realistic, effective, easy-to-learn techniques of this course have been praised and adopted by Law Enforcement agencies and military units around the World and can be added to any Martial Art. The series consists of five volumes that cover the entire Instructors program: Apprentice Instructor Course, Associate Instructor Course, Instructor Course, Senior Instructor Course, and Master Instructor Course. Full Series available in DVD format and Video Download MP4 at:



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