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Hapkido street fighting defense techniques

A brief video of 2019’ seminar!

Thank you all for your great support, it wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s humble dedication and support.
Again I am very grateful to have had you all at the seminar, furthermore your generosity, dedication, humility and brotherly love to the society of martial arts is very much inspiring.

Our 2020’ 5th Annual Martial Arts Summit will be held at IWKMA here in Tampa, FL

•••Date: June 6th &7th

•• Fees:

• Out of state attendees: $150
• FL resident attendees: $200
(Online registration only fees)
• At the door: $250
• Registration:

••• Key note instructors•••

Prof. Bobby Hughes / BJJ
GM Larry Dorsey / Sinmoo Hapkido
GM Shelton Moreland/ Hankido
GM Inwan Kim / Sinmoo Hapkido SEPQA system
GM Russel Choi / Authentic Judo

If there are any legit instructors who would like to join in, please PM me. 🙏


More seminar videos will be posted by kind permission of each instructor.

Hapkido Fighting Techniques

Master Shin schools a black belt in the ways of hapkido, including kicking, boxing, weapons, and takedowns

Krav Maga vs Hapkido

Krav Maga vs Hapkido

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This is a motivational video created using the theme Krav Maga vs Hapkido. Watch and enjoy!

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Hapkido Extremo


Hapkido Austria (합기도 오스트리아) - International Championship Seoul 2016

In July 2016, the International Daehan Minguk Hapkido Championship was held in Seoul, South Korea. This is a short documentary about the Austrian team visiting Korea in order to train and to participate at the Championship.

A film made by Gabriel Danis.

Maestros de Combate - Hapkido

Serie Documental del Discovery Channel, Maestros de Combate, Capitulo sobre el HAPKIDO

Hapkido Vs Taekwondo 2018 | ( Martial Arts )

صفحتنا على الانستغرام :

صفحتنا على الفيسبوك :

نعلم جميع المتابعين الكرام أننا رهن إشارتكم للاجابة عن أسئلتكم فقط قم بمراسلتنا في إحدى الصفحات التواصلية أعلاه ( أنستغرام أو الفيسبوك)
كما أن قناة فيديوهات رياضية تتمنى لجميع المشاهدين التوفيق في أي رياضة يمارسونها وكذلك نتمنى أن تصبحوا أبطال ودائما على الانسان أن يكون صبورا
العقل السليم في الجسم السليم

لا تبخلوا علينا أيها الاحبة الكرام
▪بالاشتراك فالقناة
▪ وتفعيل الجرس لجديد قناتنا
▪ وكذلك مشاهدة العديد من الفيديوهات السابقة والتي قد تفيد الكثيرين
▪ونتمنى أن نكون عند حسن ظنكم
بالتوفيق للجميع

AIKIDO japones y HAPKIDO coreano diferencias y similitudes de dos Artes Marciales magistrales

Aikido arte marcial japones y Hapkido arte marcial coreano. El aikido del actor Steven Seagal. El aikido y el hapkido tan similares como el Judo y el jiujitsu pero con las mismas diferencias que hay entre el taekwondo y el karate. Diferencias entre el hapkido y el aikido. técnicas de aikido y técnicas de hapkido. @elfarraon artes marciales

#elfarraon #aikido #hapkido

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Mi Sitio Web:

elfarraon - elfarraon - elfarraon


HAPKIDO: Letal y precioso.

Instuctor Alberto Jimenez Hapkido Moo Hak Kwan España. Alumno del GM Sam Plumb y de Sabonim Jesús Jiménez.

Hapkido Moo Hak Kwan, European Hapkido Alliance
Clases Lunes y Miércoles en Centauros Gym (Alicante)

Hapkido Cheong Kyum Kwan. Gracias Grand Master!!!

Hapkido Cheong Kyum Kwan. Hapkido Tradicional CKA

Amazing Hapkido

Probably the best video i have ever seen..

Hapkido vs Aikido

This video was recorded on April 6th at Montrose,Colorado. This video contained Hapkido's joint lock fundamentals, such as locking and unlocking grip control,distance control,ground control. Plus, small comparison of between Hapkido and Aikido's technical approach. Please don't get me wrong,I have no intention to negatively criticized on Aikido as whole.I personally respect the traditional Aikido a lot,except the Americanized style by the illegitimate wannabe instructors.
In addition,this session was not intended on the free fighting situation, please know that this session covered only a small portion of the fundamental of Hapkido's self-defense theory and a way of controlling opponents without harm them unnecessarily. I do welcome your honest comments BUT If you are one of those YouTube troller then you don't deserved this video and do something better for your self.


Examen Hapkido MHK España Cinturón Rojo (1er Gup)

Examen Junior de cinturón rojo celebrado en la sede central de Hapkido MHK en Alicante

Hapkido Moo Hak Kwan, The Korea Hapkido Federation, European Hapkido Alliance
Clases Lunes y Miércoles en Centauros Gym (Alicante)
Martes y Jueves en Escuela de Artes Marciales Alicante

Hapkido street self-defense techniques

Hapkido close range self defense techniques.

Hapkido Self-defence using Belt, Gun disarming & Bystander techniques

Korean Hapkido instructor Master Sung and SKMA instructors show Hapkido techniques and self defence techniques, Hapkido Belt techniques, Gun disarming, Bystander techniques, punching defence, kicking defence, Women self defence, pre-emptive attack techniques. Hapkido Kicks. SKMA Hapkido classes are held in Wandsworth (London), Acton (London), New Malden, New Haw, Guildford. This Korean martial arts London Hapkido provides with authentic and most practical self defence techniques different from taekwondo, karate, mma, Kick boxing, Krav Maga, Jiujitsu, Aikido and any other self defence schools in London.

Powerful Hapkido Fighting Techniques!

Due to numerous requests, the group got together to create another series of Hapkido techniques for you guys. Hapkido is one of the world's most under-rated martial arts style. It includes kicking, punching, throws, and ground work. So many tools that can make one an efficient fighter. What do you guys think of Hapkido? Let us know in the comments below.

Filmed and Edited By
Eric Nguyen

Choreographed by
Eric and Irvin Nguyen

Irvin Nguyen
Mikey Arce

Special thanks to Martial Arts USA for letting us use their facilities:

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Hapkido Essentials

Hapkido is a complete self-defense art, encompassing a full range of striking, kicking, throwing and immobilization techniques. On the Hapkido Essentials vedio, learn the kicks, strikes and blocks of Hapkido from Grandmaster Myung Yong Kim, founder of Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan, and Grandmaster Chang Soo Lee, head of Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan. The grandmasters and some of their top instructors in Korea, personally teach you over 75 hapkido techniques including:

* Stance
* Danjun Breathing: beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
* Vital point attacking
* Vital point theory
* Striking: elbow, knifehand and backfist
* Blocking: single and double arm
* Falling: forward, backward, side, aero and rolling falls
* Kicking: single, double, combinations and special kicks for a total of 51 kicks!

This comprehensive instructional vedio was filmed on location in Korea. Together with Hapkido Self-defense, this vedio presents a complete self-defense system. Learn directly from the headmaster, founder and international demonstration team members of this dynamic Korean art.

Lee Chang-soo is the Chief of the Demonstration Unit for the World Hapkido Federation and Headmaster of Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan in Seoul, Korea. He became a Korean national hero in 1980 when he knocked out the best Indonesian champions at his first blow. The National Defense Ministry of Indonesia attempted to invite him as a national coach. Korean government officers designated him to the Chief of the Demonstration Unit. He is one of the first generation masters who learned from Grandmaster Kim Myung-yong (currently residing in Houston, Texas), the founder of Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido.

🈴 11 HAPKIDO Basic Kicks & Applications | Self-Defense Kicking Techniques | TaekwonWoo

👊🏼 In this video, we are going to learn 11 Hapkido Basic Kicks, some of the kicks that we normally do not practice in Taekwondo training. Let's learn together!

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HAPKIDO defensa personal RECOMENDADA - - Defensa personal #31

Si quieres ponerte en serio con esto de las artes marciales, hoy te recomiendo la siguiente: el hapkido.

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Final Combate Hapkido -70 Kg The World Games 2013

Final de Hapkido en la categoría de - 70 kg en los World Games Jamundí Colombia 2013



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