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Haggis hurling


haggis hurl

Richard Patterson haggis hurl 39 meters

Haggis Throwing

Haggis 2012

HAGGIS throwing a hammer at the 2009 Queen Mary Scottish Games

HAGGIS throwing a hammer at the 2009 Long Beach Queen Mary Scottish Games 2-15-09

Stuzzer. Haggis Throwing Champion. Nethybridge, 5th August 2000

Nethybridge-Loch Morlich, Scotland.

A cracking day from start to finish. The morning began with a haggis throwing competition with 40 competitors. Stuzzer won the event and a bottle of Vodka with a spectacular throw landing 3 yards beyond the next best attempt.

Date: Saturday 5th August 2000.

Total Distance: 26.2 miles.
Time Taken: 3 hrs 55 mins.
Time On Move: 2 hrs 33 mins.
Time stationary: 1 hr 22 mins.
Maximum speed: 29 mph.
Average speed: 10.2 mph.
Accumulative climbs: 1,283 feet.

Other Stats & Information about this trail:

Trail started: 11:05
Trail completed: 15:00
Average time per mile: 9 mins.
Average height gain per mile: 49 feet.

Weather: Mainly dry with a light wind & some drizzle in the afternoon. A warm day with a max temp of 26 C.

Resting point: Loch Morlich.

Injuries: 1. Ian Worrall with some scratches. 2. John Metcalfe with numerous cuts to face & body.

Mishaps: 1. Ian Worrall with an awkward fall. 2. Adam Holberry with a fall caused by John Metcalfe. 3. John Metcalfe with a spectacular head over heels fall.

Participants’ Ratings:
Difficulty: 8/10
Enjoyment: 10/10

Trail Comments:

The ride was superb with an absolutely brilliant descent on the homeward section. After the ride some went sailing in Loch Morlich and the rest of us spent the day in Aviemore. The evening do was hilarious and included a drinking game which eventually caused Dick Thorpe some concern. The dreaded golf ball almost ruined his night but he was apparently saved by Thermo Man. Craig Cullingworth had a confrontation with Manchester Utd Man and Graeme Mac could not find his room! To cap it all, poor old Stuzz swollowed his false nasher!


1. S.Cuthbert
2. S.Palmer
3. B.Brayshaw
4. C.Cullingworth
5. M.Holberry
6. A.Holberry
7. G.Macdonald
8. R.Sanderson-Cockerill
9. I.Worral
10. J.Metcalfe
11. J.Moore
12. James Clovis
13. J.Rowe
14. K.Stoneley
15. D.Thorp
16. Peter Hodgson

Ultimate Heavy Athletics - Celtic Classic - Part2 Section1

Haggis Rugby

Park City's Haggis Rugby Team

ATMversion Is Back

just a kid with too much body hair

fuck bobgnarly!!!!

TrailsAPlenty Volume4: Lightning, Enchanted Forest, Haggis, TreeHuggas

Trails a Plenty Volume 4. My last ride for 2011. Haydn and myself take to a few trails after a rainy day. Running so mint. 2012 is gonna be awesome. filmed on GoPro HD Hero. rider haydn shore filmed by tim hunter edited on youtube video editor. woodhill mountainbike park,

The Haggis Hunt

A geocaching event held in Edinburgh, Scotland. The aim of the event was similar to a fox hunt, but instead of hunting a fox, they where hunting a Haggis (which was myself). The participants had to hunt for clues to for the next location. The Haggis had stopped at one location for them to actually find him and to get bonus points and the next clue. What he hadn't told them was that he was in the Water of Leith and they had to wade in to get to him.

You can view the event listing here -

Haggis Trap 25th March 2017

Ski Scotland mass descent set of from the Summit of Glencoe Mountain Resort at 1pm, here's some of the riders heading through the Haggis Trap in the Main Basin. Check out the photos from Saturday:

JumpRopeSprint Racing - 2011

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The Banners Here Once More

Performed by Saffron and Blue
Recorded live in Shortt's Bar Feakle during the Thursday night session.
Lyrics by Trevor Collins
Ger Shortt Vocals and Guitar
Trevor Collins Accordion
Elaine Hogan Fiddle
Dedicated to the Clare Senior Hurling Team 2013
Thanks to Seamus Bugler for making it possible

Ireland V Scotland 10 March 2012.mp4

Ireland V Scotland Aviva Stadium 10 March 2012, view from Row Y, Purple Entrance.

CHARMAS - The Highland Games Song Heavy Scottish Sports Video

Lift it till your jowls inflate..Hurl 'er with all your weight. Heavy athletics competition at Pleasanton, California's Scottish Highland Games isn't just for giant white males any more. Check out these beautiful ladies flipping telephone poles end-over-end and hurling shot puts like most of us throw cobblestones. Watch handicapped bodybuilder Alex Armor fling deadly projectiles out of his wheelchair. Psych yourself up for a Crossfit workout, or a trip to Glasgow, by adding The Highland Games Song to your Spotify playlist, or downloading it from Charmas band's website Subscribe to this channel, and then message through YouTube to receive a free download of any Charmas song or instrumental track.

Egg and spoon champion

William wining the egg and spoon race

The Dudley Open - Round 3 - Boat of Garten

Calum Stewart scores to make it 2 1 Kingussie v Newtonmore Marine Harvest North Div 1 21 04

kilmallie v beauly shinty camanachd cup part4

Sports Media Online broadcast live sports and corporate events over the internet.
We broadcast the first shinty match live online on March 27th 2010 at Canal Parks, Caol.
The footage used is the 300kbps flash output.
If you would like the HD footage please go to our website and request one using 'contact us' .


U10 match

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