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Light Weights Round 2 - Kristy vs Jon Grappling no gi MMA jiu-jitsu

Evolution MMA Jan 2011 in house grappling tournament. no gi jiu-jitsu MMA

Jr.Green (Take Downs & Grappling)

Collin and gabriel going at it!

An Alternative To Pulling Guard When Grappling On The Knees

Stephan Kesting from shows an alternative to takedowns and/or pulling guard when starting grappling sparring from the knees. This material is relevant to BJJ, submission grappling, Judo and most other grappling systems.

When Judo meet Wrestling in a Grappling Fight

Kinesis Fight Club No Gi Challenge
21/10/2017 Kilkis Greece
Giorgos Touloupis vs Kostas Aslanidis

Lithuanian grappling championship 12

Lithuanian grappling championship 12

Four Movements for Stronger Grappling

Get Jailhouse Strong:

These movements build functional strength for grappling.

Get Jailhouse Strong:

Grappling drills

Моя партнерская программа VSP Group. Подключайся!

Solo Grappling Drills: Wrestling & BJJ Exercises at Home

We miss the gym, too. But like Goku training in the hyperbolic time chamber, we encourage you to take advantage of your time by keeping up with your training! Here is a home solo #wrestling workout led by Coach Vince 'The Anomaly,' which is part of our 6-Part MMA Home Training Regimen (link below)! Build strength and endurance in your legs, mobility in your hips and back, and practice various ground positions like shooting shots, stuffing takedowns, and throwing up triangles.


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Solo MMA Training Schedule:
Day 1: Muay Thai & Balance, Back & Core
Day 2: Grappling & Leg Power/Endurance
Day 3: Boxing & Upper Body Power/Endurance
Day 4: Taekwondo, Hip Mobility, & Kick Flexibility
Day 5: Boxing, Footwork, & Core
Day 6: MMA, Full Body Conditioning, & Recovery
Day 7: Rest


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BJJ Black Belt on Submission Master Grappling Dummy

This video shows BJJ black belt Jeff Semonick testing out a Submission Master grappling dummy for the first time.

You can get the Submission Master here:

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Khabib Grappling Training with English Subtitles

As research for my breakdowns on Khabib Nurmagomedovs grappling and ground game I employed a Russian translator to subtitle various training videos. I provide the video here for archival purposes. I hope it is something you enjoy as I have a few other videos like this if you are interested.

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Leg Mount Ride:

54 Solo Grappling BJJ Drills in 12 Minutes (Updated 2019 Version) - Jason Scully

Exactly 8 years ago today filmed myself doing 33 back to back solo grappling drills for you all to get ideas from. It has become the most popular solo grappling drills video on YouTube!

I figured now at the ripe age of 38 years old :-) was time for me to give you all an updated version!

The first video was upload on March 22nd 2011 and now I give you an updated 54 Solo Grappling BJJ Drills in Just 12 Minutes! These were all filmed back to back with no stops or editing.

Hope you enjoy and hope it helps with ideas and your training! Below is the drill list!

Jason Scully
The Grapplers Guide

Total Drilling Session Takes Between 25 to 30 Minutes When Done As The Full Drilling Workout Below (NOTE: There's two drills in this list that are not in the video).

1. Sit Outs (10 Total)
2. Sit Out Arounds (10 Total)
3. Push Up Low Sit Throughs (10 Total)
4. High Kick Sit Outs (with Push Up) (10 Total)
5. Bridges Side To Side (20 Total)
6. Bridges To Knees (10 Total)
7. Egg Beaters (20 Total)
8. Hip Ups (10 Total)
9. Hip Up Triangles (10 Total)
10. Shin Roll Ups (10 Total)
11. Shin Roll Up Shots (10 Total)
12. Hip Bumps (10 Total)
13. S-Turn (10 Total)
14. S-Turn Hip Ups (10 Total)
15. Compass Drill (10 Total)
16. Shrimp In Place (20 Total)
17. Circle Shrimps (10 Each Direction)
18. Half Circle Hops (10 Total)
19. Up Downs (10 Total)
20. Alligator Push Ups (10 Total)
21. Scorpions (10 Total)
22. Explosive Hips (5 Total)
23. Plank Hops (30 Total)
24. Long Steps (10 Total)
25. Bottom Crazy Legs (10 Total)
26. One Leg Toe Hops With Knee Cut (10 Total)
27. Shoulder Drops (10 Total)
28. Circle Scoots (20 Total) (Not in This Video)
29. Head Stand Jumps (10 Total)
30. Forward Flat Rolls (5 Total)
31. Backward Flat Rolls (5 Total)
32. Shrimps Backward (20 Total)
33. Shrimps Forward (20 Total)
34. Shoulder Walks Backward (20 Total)
35. Shoulder Walks Forward (20 Total) (Not in This Video)
36. Granby’s (10 Each Direction)
37. Half Granby’s (10 Total)
38. Side Shrimp Backwards (20 Total)
39. Side Shrimp Forward (20 Total)
40. Elbow Drags (10 Total)
41. Seal Walks (10 Total)
42. Backward Bear Crawls (20 Total)
43 Forward Bear Crawls (20 Total)
44. Backward Crab Walks (20 Total)
45. Forward Crab Walks (20 Total)
46. Breakfall (with Technical Stand Up) (10 Total)
47. Technical Stand Up (With Breakfall Drill) (10 Total)
48. Shots (10 Total)
49. High Knee Sprawls (10 Total)
50. Scoot Forward (20 Total)
51. Scoots Backward (20 Total)
52. Scoots Sideways (20 Total)
53. Imaginary Rope Pulls (10 Total)
54. Heel Pushes Back (10 Total)
55. Forward Roll (10 Total)
56. Backward Roll (10 Total)

Les positions de base du grappling

Quelles sont les positions de base du grappling? Découvrez le grappling en regardant cette vidéo.

Olivier Ancely, formateur et Coach en jiu-jitsu vous parle des particularités de ce sport et vous informe sur les différentes sortes de positionnement à pratiquer durant le grappling.

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Mat 4 Match 22 July 12th, 2014 Grappling X No Gi Championships San Diego


Craig Jones NoGi Advanced Absolute Final @ Grappling industries 13.03.16

Mysticism could be his key to ADCC glory...

Mat 1 Match 16 July 12th, 2014 Grappling X No Gi Championships San Diego


American Grappling Challenge NoGi Invitational Tournament January 18 2014 AGC

Matches from the American Grappling Challenge's rising stars purple belt nogi invitational tournament January 18th, 2014, in Hamilton, Ohio. Competitors included:
- Rocky Edwards of Team Carlson Gracie Jr. (Professional MMA fighter).
- Chad Hardy of Derby City MMA (IBJJF No-Gi World Champion, AGC Champion).
- Josh Hayden of Nice Guy Submissions (ADCC Trials Champion, ADCC Worlds Vet, AGC Superfight Champion).
- Nik Hoobler-Scherff of Club MMA (AGC Champion).
- Ramone Kenny of Gracie Cincinnati.
- Cameron Knight of Team Gurgel (AGC Absolute Champion)
- Dante Leon of Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu (13x IBJJF medalist; Pan Ams & World BJJ Champion at Blue Belt; ranked Ranked #3 Lightweight Purple Belt in the World by IBJJF).
- Robby Malof of Vitor Oliviera BJJ (IBJJF, NAGA, & AGC Medalist; professional MMA Fighter).

For more information about the American Grappling Challenge organization and tournaments, visit them on the web at:

Basic Positions for MMA Grappling (1 of 8) | Beginner BJJ Tutorial | Paul Lukowski & Marcin Wrzosek

Paul Lukowski and Pro MMA fighter Marcin The Polish Zombie Wrzosek teach the basic positions in grappling for MMA.

(Video 1 of 8)


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Universal Grappling Championship - Orlando, FL - November 19, 2016

The new standard in grappling and jiu jitsu tournaments.

135 Submission grappling techniques by Shak from Beyond Grappling

Here is a collection of submission grappling techniques performed by my long time friend Shak.
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Grappling vs Striking: 3 BJJ Takedowns & Submissions

More BJJ with Phil Migliarese►
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Here are 3 takedowns and BJJ submissions that can be used in an MMA or street fight against someone utilizing boxing, or Muay Thai kickboxing. In this video, 5th degree black belt Phil Migliarese teaches how to defend against a jab, an overhand right, and a roundhouse kick to set up an arm triangle choke, armbar, and straight foot lock.

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