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Goaltimate Pickup HLs | 2019-02-16

Just filming some Saturday mornin' pickup in the Bay Area.

GoPro + QuadCopter + Goaltimate


Goaltimate Cal State Games Team USA

Ending video of Team USA from High Tech High. Team Players Jed, Kyle O, Kyle G, Micah, Austin, Parker, Donnie And thanks to, Jimmy From Mira Mesa High School. Keith temple Coach for all three years.

Team USA took Gold in 05 06 and sliver in 07. in 2008 The California State Games no longer recognizes Goaltimate in the competitions.

The Best Disc Sport? Playing Goaltimate in Seattle

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balancing goaltimate

wow... oreo's friend is cool

Goaltimate - Pre COVID-19 Lockdown - March 2020

One last game before we shut it down. I think that 'rona has affected our ability to count the score properly.

Rainy as heck goaltimate

We were supposed to play at Blooming Point on this day, but rain cancelled it for us. Some of us were hardcore enough to hit the field instead.

Disclaimer: To the City of Charlottetown - field was in fine shape when we left: we only made one divet, and it was promptly replaced. ;)


Goaltimate in Columbus, Oh on 2/1/09 at the Park of Roses.

How to Play Ultimate Frisbee : What Is Goaltimate in Ultimate Frisbee?

Learn what Goaltimate is in Ultimate Frisbee and how to play it in this free video on Ultimate Frisbee tips and techniques.

Expert: David Gelber
Bio: David Gelber was introduced to the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in 1979 at San Diego State University.
Filmmaker: Linda Kane

Ultimate & Goaltimate 6-27-10


goaltimate javelin

grant and phil

2012 08 17 Goaltimate Friday

The last Friday of the season we had some silly fun goaltimate.


Goaltimate in Boston 1/28/12

Madison goaltimate winter 2019 - Medic vs Dispatcher

Probably game 5

Madison goaltimate winter 2019 - Medic vs Dispatcher

Game 2?

Goaltimate Game - 3/12/16

Goaltimate game on 3/12/16 at Otto Armleder Memorial Park.

Winter goaltimate 2019 - Medic vs Operations Expert

game 5

Winter goaltimate 2019 - Medic vs Operations Expert

Game 1

Winter goaltimate 2019 - Medic vs Operations Expert

Game 2

Goaltimate Game - 3/26

Goaltimate game on 3/26/16 at Otto Armleder Memorial Park.



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