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Gomoku Jigging Off Penang Island

Penang Island is not only famous for yummy street food and heritage buildings but also a great place for slow and speed jigging! On this episode, Fred Goh and Kok Ping check out some coastal spots off Penang Island in search for some slow and speed jigging action.

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Jigging with Gomoku

Have you heard about the New Storm 2nd generation Gomoku Rods? Best of it, the construction of the VTX45 technology enables us to do both fast and slow jigging.
Today Siang, Nigel & Fred Goh from Rapala Southeast Asia will be jigging with the NEW Storm 2nd generation Gomoku rods in Singapore's Southern Island Water. Let's check it out what they have got to share.

Storm Gomoku Belize
Storm Gomoku Azzura

Koika Jigs

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2015-08-12 Suzdal Renju World Championship

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Gomoku Slow Jigging The Andaman Sea

In this episode of Fish On! TV, Fred and Lertsak Banklongsee fish the deep 80-200m waters of the Andaman Sea. What piscatorial species will they encounter? Can the Storm Gomoku Adajo PE2 jigging rod take on the challenge?

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Light Jigging Madness at Bintulu!

Are you ready? The jigging season is here, its time to head out to the sea for some action. Check out those rod bending actions!! MANTAP!

Rod: Storm Gomoku Azzura
Lures: Storm Super Gomoku Jig, Storm Koika Jig
Line: Sufix 832

Rapala Southeast Asia:

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Gomoku World Championship 2017, Prague

Memory of the Gomoku World Championship 2017 in Prague - 9 countries and more than 50 players in the greatest gomoku event of the year!
See the full results on:
Video z Mistrovství světa v piškvorkách konaného v Praze 20.-29. 7. 2017. Nenechte si ujít další piškvorkové akce a navštivte naše weby a FB České federace piškvorek a renju!

Slow Jigging Ebek with Storm Gomoku Slow Rocker

Good sized Ebek (Diamond Trevally) congregate in large numbers off Miri's shores every year between June to October.
In this episode, Fred Goh and Atong Cbuti put the new Storm Gomoku Slow Rocker Jig to the test against Miri's Diamonds!

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Storm Gomoku Adajo (Commercial)

Jig slow-style jigs up to 200grams with ease! The Gomoku Adajo is Storm's latest slow-style jigging rod designed to work slow jigs easily with each pitch or crank. The Adajo features a 30 & 40 ton blend graphite blank for optimal recoil when working slow jigs, Fuji T-DPS reel seat and Fuji Alconite guides. Check it out at your local Storm dealer!

Model: AJC631-2
PE Rating: PE2
Length: 6'3
Jig weight: Max 200g

Gomoku Jigging off Pulau Jarak

Nigel from Rapala Southeast Asia went to Lumut to join his friend Jun Xiong for a jigging trip on board local captain Abang Lan's (Roslan Raduwan) boat.

He brought along the new generation Gomoku rods for this trip. Watch the 3 of them have fun out at sea off the coast of Lumut.

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Storm Gomoku Kensaki Jig - For Speed and Slow Jigging

Introducing the latest addition to the Storm Gomoku family - the Kensaki! Designed to dive quickly in fast currents and falls with a very tight, horizontal flutter. Perfect for jigging in deep water and versatile for speed jigging pelagics or slow jigging for demersal species! Available in 170g, 220g and 280g!

Sagai Ajing 101: Tips and Tricks to Catch Sagai on Gomoku Soft

In this episode of Fish On! TV, Nigel and Fred share in detail some tips and tricks on how to catch Longfin Trevally (Sagai) on Storm Gomoku Soft Minnow.

Everyday - Jason Farnham
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How to Catch Trevally (Sagai) with Storm Gomoku Soft Series Micro Soft Plastics

The Japanese have 'Ajing'. We have 'Sagai'ing! In this episode of Fish On! TV, Nigel Hagley shows us a new technique of catching Longfin Trevally (Sagai) off Singapore's Southern Islands with two very small micro soft plastics called the Storm Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring and Gomoku Soft Straight. To find out more read check out:

Rod Gomoku Azzura patah.. kita try custom balik | epoxy


Kali ni aku try custom rod gomoku azurra member aku yang patah dua setelah trip beliau yang lepas. So, aku menggunakan blank BTs dan ring stainless steel. Realseat masih ori storm sebab aku try nak lepaskan tak, aku ambik jalan sambung di bahagian but joint jer... sorry video aku sambung rod dan pasang ring x rekod... next time aku custom rod lain aku rekod..????

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How to use Storm Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring in Fishing Ponds

The new Storm Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring is super versatile and deadly! From saltwater to freshwater, this micro soft plastic has been catching all sorts of species in unconventional ways. In this episode of Fish On! TV, Lor Weng Siang shows us how deadly the 1.5 Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring is on the barramundi at Singapore's D'Best Fishing Pond in Pasir Ris.

Storm Gomoku Spin Sinking Lure - 4.5cm / 6 grams

Lots of action in a small package. The Gomoku Spin has a tight body vibration combined with the flashing tail blade on the retrieve for optimal attraction.

The storm gomoku spin is the perfect blend between a standard spinner and a weighted jig head, creating a lure that can be worked almost vertically with a spinning blade, like the rest of the gomoku lure range, the spin is extremely small in size. The spin is great for targetting perch, pike, zander and even bass whilst saltwater fishing.

Quand le Gomoku popper est LE pattern du jour - Pêche multi-espèces

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Gomoku Jigging in Sri Lanka

In this epic adventure, Fred and friends travel to Sri Lanka in search of jig-hungry species dwelling near the drop offs, very near the capital city of Colombo. Little did they know, they would encounter one of the most rare sharks to be caught on jig - the Pelagic Thresher Shark.

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VMC France
Nicolas Jamin of Sportfishing Lanka
Sisek Malaya's Spikebaik Fariq

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Storm Gomoku Concept

The development team at Storm have nurtured and refined the Gomoku way into a specific concept. Gomoku jigging allows anglers to adopt traditional vertical jigging methods on a much smaller scale -- a proven Japanese method of targeting a large variety of species in various scenarios.

Go Moku no Ryu Shoden Tanto Dori.wmv

De vijfde verdedigingen van Go Moku no Ryu ju jitsu, uitgevoerd door Erwin Jongh Visscher Menkyo Renshi en Jeff Tromp.


Vídeo demostrativo de la técnica y la efectividad del jig Storm Gomoku Koika, de la mano de nuestro Prostaff Jose María Morales.



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