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x Presents: Creative Geocaches

WARNING: This video contains spoilers.

Watch as Dayspring and other geocachers like Trez* and goblindust, show you the secrets of creative caches. There are spoilers in the Lost & Found Video. But the geocachers hope the spoilers inspires other geocachers to think outside the ammo can.
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a geocache that is in my local area

Well hidden Night Geocache

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Interesting, the attributes didn't indicate that it was a night cache but I assume that was the interntion? Cool cache though.

Underground geocache...Bet nobody looks there?

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Another one of my own caches this one. Cheeky placement, it's received plenty of favourite points and plenty of people have logged a did not find.

Epic Multicache

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How to Hide and Publish a Geocache

This is a quick video I made while we were getting our first geocache ready for placement and publishing. Once you have a good spot, letting the world know about it is fairly easy.
There are also a couple things you should place in your geocache including a log book, pen or pencil and an instruction sheet. Everything is covered.

Deluxe Dosensuche: Bastelcaches! (Geocaching)

Ein unglaublich beeindruckender Geocache nach dem anderen. So macht die Dosensuche Spaß!

Bilder & Infos:

Die Helden-Caches: 9 Geocaches mit über 30.000 Favoritenpunkten!!

Der berühmteste Geocache-Powertrail der Welt!? Zumindest gibt es nirgendwo sonst so viele Favoritenpunkte innerhalb eines Powertrails abzustauben. Aber seht selbst.

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Geocaching: How to Activate a Travel Bug

We just got our first travel bug and decided to activate it. As much as I love geocaching's site, there are some things that are not intuitive. I go through the process of activating a travel bug and making sure that it shows up online as being placed in a cache. I also show the construction of an inexpensive magnetic cache. Enjoy!

Geocaching Adventure with Family - Melbourne Day 1 ✓

First day Geocaching in Melbourne, Australia while staying with family.


I absolutely love geocaching! It's like advanced treasure hunting. Download the app on your mobil device or just check out the website at

Hope you all enjoyed the video!

Thanks for watching!

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Filmed with a GoPro Hero5 Session


I got a little scared night geocaching...
Let me know in the comments if y'all have ever had a scary geocaching experience.

If you're new to this channel, My name is Kaity and I vlog about my adventures geocaching! They often include family, friends, and my dogs! For those who don't know, geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Subscribe and join me in all my adventures! I upload videos every Sunday.

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NZ Road Trip 2018 #5 Geocaching and general spoilers

5th trip to NZ - a few snippets from various places I've been to during week #5 of 5. No locations given, no GC-codes.. so not really spoilers, eh?

Instagram: renelm

Video #1 in this series is here:

There are rumours about a 'big event of some sort' in Auckland in october 2020.. better stay alert.. #NZMEGA2020

Garmin Oregon 450t - Paperless Geocaching


Quick tutorial on how to do paperless geocaching using either or as a listing service.

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Nejlepší keška co jsem kdy odlovil v Praze :)
Snad se

Amazing creative geocaches - very evil!

Read more about it here:

This geocacher is known around the Wenatchee and Central Washington regions for his evil but ingenious cache containers. In this video he shows how some of them work. I had trouble figuring out how to open them even with him prodding me with hints. You would not want to come across one of these in the wild! Just when you you have found it, and you think it is all over, it is in fact, just the beginning...

The intro template to this video can be downloaded from

Micro Geocache Walkthrough

This is a 2 star difficulty and 1 star terrain geocache I found.

ENCUENTRO ESTO DENTRO DE UNA PIEDRA FALSA - Me para la policía | Geocaching en bmx

Nos encontramos una nota dentro de una piedra falsa y nos para la policía...

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Geocaching in Galveston, Texas

Geocaching in Galveston, Texas

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T5 Klettern Geocaching - Ausrüstungswahn 2019

Da für viele die T5 Klettersaison jetzt erst wieder so langsam beginnt, mal ein kleiner Auszug mit welchem Equipment, welcher Kletterausrüstung wir aktuell beim T5 Cachen unterwegs sind.



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