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Gaelic handball


Impressionen vom “20. Großfeld-Handball-Turnier”

Das Großfeld-Handball-Turnier in der Jahnkampfbahn fand 2015 nunmehr schon im 8. Jahr in Kooperation mit dem WMTV Solingen 1861 e.V. statt.
Vorher wurde es vornehmlich alleine unter der Regie des Förderkreises veranstaltet. Guido Rohn, 1. Vorsitzender des Förderkreises Jahnkampfbahn,
machte sich Anfang der 90er Jahre Gedanken über die fast vergessene Solinger Feldhandball-Tradition und so wurde die faszinierende Sportart,
nicht ohne Stolz, wieder ins Leben gerufen.

Gespielt wird nach Feldhandball-Regeln, also mit 10 Feldspielern, einem Torwart und kpl. über das gesamte Fußballfeld.
2015 fand das Großfeld-Turnier am Sonntag, 23.08.2015, ab 11:00 Uhr statt. Austragungsort war wie in all den vergangenen Jahren die Jahnkampfbahn
(Walder Stadion) im Sportpark Solingen-Wald. Im Gegensatz zu den vergangenen Jahren wurde dieses Traditionsturnier erstmalig getrennt vom Jugendturnier,
welches schon im Juni stattfand, ausgetragen.


Best moments of the best irish handball goalkeeper CIARAN PASCUAL

The Rules of Handball (Team Handball or Olympic Handball) - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Handball. A beginner's explanation of Olympic Handball.
Watch this short tutorial video guide on how Team Handball in Europe is played.
Learn about goals, seven metre throws, passing, dribbling, passive play, hand ball and more.

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Video: Copyright IOC (I do not own any video footage).
Images: Sweden Handball
Music: ‘Heihachi Mishima’ by Namco
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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Rovigo GAA Rounders International Cup - Agora Sport Online Tropy 2018

Videoriassunto del grande torneo di Rounders giocatoo a Rovigo che ha visto trionfare il club campione All-Ireland Mixed The Heath GAA. La storia è stata qui! #RovigoGAARoundersInternationalCup2018

Brady Gaelic FB

Brady Gaelic FB

GAA Handball - Losing is Not an Option

Defending World Handball Champion, Cavan’s Paul Brady is part of a 15-strong Irish squad that will travel to Calgary, Canada to compete in the World Handball Championships from August 11th to 21st.

All eyes will be on the Cavan man in Calgary as he bids for an incredible fifth consecutive Men’s Open World title, a feat that has never been achieved before and is unlikely to ever be matched again.

Hand Pass Key Teaching Points

World Handball Championships By GAA/WPH/TG4 on National TV PTII

World Handball Championships in Dublin, Ireland. Watch LIVE or On-Demand at (full matches and opening ceremonies)

Gaelic Football - The Original Beautiful Game

Gaelic football combines the suspense of soccer, the skills and scoring of basketball, and the speed of the fastest sports in the world in a free-flowing action-packed sport. It originated in Ireland centuries ago, but it's taking off in North America. Try it!

Profile of Elite Irish Handball Players - Richard McCann

Benefits to Other GAA Codes
GAA Games Conference 2015/16

Irish Handball. Ireland's Tom Sheridan in World Police and Fire Games

Tom Sheridan from Ireland loses to Chris 21-8 in the World Police and Fire Games 1 Wall handball.

2019: All Ireland Softball Singles Minors Final (Dunne V McGinnity)

Kye Dunne (Kilkenny) v Eoghan McGinnity (Monaghan)

Hurling - The Fastest Game on Grass

Mobile version:
Hurling combines the skills of baseball, hockey, and lacrosse in one high speed, high scoring, high octane sport that will blow you away. It's taking off in North America. Try it!

2019: Irish Wallball Nationals Men's Final (Mulkerrins V Kerr)

Martin Mulkerrins (Gal) v Sean Kerr (Tyr)

Ascaro Rovigo Gaelic Football & Handball Official video season 2013

Le foto della prima stagione internazionale dell'Ascaro Rovigo Gaelic Football & Handball GAA

Introduction to Handball

Handball is a growing sport around the world and in Ireland it has been re-branded as GAA Handball. This has given it new energy and people of all ages are playing the sport all over the country.

Gaelic Handball neu

Paul Brady GAA World Handball Champion on Trans World Sport

TWS in the Republic of Ireland with Gaelic Handball legend, Paul Brady.
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The Rules of Gaelic Handball (American Handball & Wallball) - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains - The Rules of Gaelic Handball, which is sometimes referred to as ‘GAA or Irish Handball’. It’s a variation of the sport of Handball that’s played around the world and is very similar to American Handball. It’s played in several variations – one wall (wallball), 40x20 and 60x30 in both hardball and softball events.

Specific to the Gaelic Athletic Association Rules, watch this short beginner’s tutorial video guide on how Gaelic Handball is played, Gaelic Handball rules, and how to play and watch Irish Handball.
Learn about hinder, fault, serve, points, highlights and more.

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