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Fullbore target rifle


Rio Replay: 50m Rifle Prone Men's Final

Henri Junghaenel wins gold for Germany in the Men's 50m Rifle Prone final.

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F-Class Shooting a Modified M1917 Enfield

This is a practice match I shot a few months back getting everything back in tune after mounting a new scope and a rest modification.

How to shoot 1,000 yards with no scope

Stickledown Range at Bisley plays host to a match between dozens of shooters capable of hitting a target 1,000 yards away - and they don't use rifle scopes. It is the Inter-Counties match. Meet the best rifle shots in the world and find out about long distance target shooting.

This item appears in Fieldsports Britain, episode 290

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300m Rifle Prone Men - 2010 ISSF World Championship in all Shooting events in Munich

- The home of the International Shooting Sport Federation, the governing body for the Olympic Shooting Sport. Log on the website and find out about all the major shooting sport competitions, such as ISSF World Cups, ISSF World Championship, Shooting at the 2012 Olympic Games in London and Youth Olympic Games Shooting events.

HM The Queen's Prize 2016 - NRA TV, episode 2

The Queen's Prize at the Imperial Meeting 2016 saw more young shooters than ever before take part. Thousands of target rifle enthusiasts came to Bisley in Surrey to shoot that and other matches. But was it a young shooter who won? Find out here. That's not all. We cover the McKinnon, and we look at a new shooting discipline - the Mini McQueen.

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Target rifle shooting-fullbore bacchus marsh rifle club


Target Rifle Champ Kelly Bachand and .308 Palma Rifle

2009 Canadian Open Target Rifle Champ Kelly Bachand, a 22-year-old college student, talks about his Barnard-actioned, .308 Win Palma rifle, built by MT Guns in Santa Barbara, CA. Hailing from Washington state, Kelly out-shot over 300 other marksmen to win his first major competition at the Canadian Fullbore Championships.

UK Shooting & Firearm Ownership Explained!

TFB TV pairs up with Callum from English Shooting, a British Channel devoted to discussing the shooting sports in the United Kingdom. Callum talks about the differences between a Firearms and Shotgun Certificate, the various options out there when it comes to semi-automatic, pump action shotguns in addition to all things .22 LR which is very popular in Britain due to the laws not covering the cartridge. In addition we receive some excellent information on the cap & ball firearms in the UK, which are also extremely popular.

But overall we learned that our friends across the pond have just as much enthusiasm and passion for firearms as in the United States, despite many of the politics and laws that they must abide by. We hope you find this episode entertaining and take back something that you didn't know about the British civilian shooting scene!

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2018 SHOT Show - David Tubb

The 6.5 Guys Interview with David Tubb at the 2018 SHOT Show.

Target rifle shooting -Fullbore-warracknabeal opm


Target rifle shooting-fullbore bacchus marsh rifle club

Target rifle shooting -fullbore- bacchus marsh rifle club

300 yards ,new rifle stock .excuse language at around 6mins
mirage was bad and changing constantly.

Two unusual 300m Swiss "Standard" rifles, incl. an Accuracy International!


Thanks to friend of the channel GR, The Bloke gets a chance to show off a couple of unusual 300m Standard rifles (Standardgewehre) as used in Swiss competition, one in 7.5x55 GP11, the other in 5.6mm GP90 (aka .223 Remington). Although Standardgewehr is similar to Target Rifle (or Palma Match), the rifles are somewhat different.


Accuracy international, SAN International

F-Class targetshooting at Bisley

It is the F-Class European championships. That's target shooting where you are allowed to use your riflescope - and any one can do it. Find out more about the sport here.

For more on F-Class, visit the NRA website

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***reupload*** you may already have seen the film at
This is the same but we corrected a spelling error

Free floating a rifle barrel.

This is one method to free floating a barrel.

Imperial 2015 - Wimbledon Target Rifle

The Wimbledon Target Rifle Match on Century Range #Imperial146 #NRAUK

Long Range Shooting - Target Rifle 2001

Canada - Ottawa - Neapan - Connaught Ranges 2001

Target Shooting Episode 6 Full Bore

In this episode we introduce full bore target rifle shooting at 100m.

Air Arms S400 MPR Biathlon PCP Precision Target Rifle Review and Shooting Test

The Air Arms S400 MPR (multi position rifle) Biathlon, with white poplar stock, is a .177 Caliber PCP precision target rifle. With fully adjustable stock, cheek rest, trigger, sights and everything you need to customize the airgun into YOUR gun. This gun shoots at about 500 fps and is extremely accurate. The target sights are fully adjustable and comes with 5 elements (1 installed). Very pretty and sexy rifle! Since Olympic 2014 is up soon, we will showcase the stuff they use for the 10m air rifle or biathlon games!

For photography work of this Air Arms S400 MPR Biathlon Air Rifle:


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Schultz and Larsen Target Rifle and Sporter

A brief overview of two Schultz and Larsen rifles.



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