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Fullbore target rifle


HM The Queen's Prize 2016 - NRA TV, episode 2

The Queen's Prize at the Imperial Meeting 2016 saw more young shooters than ever before take part. Thousands of target rifle enthusiasts came to Bisley in Surrey to shoot that and other matches. But was it a young shooter who won? Find out here. That's not all. We cover the McKinnon, and we look at a new shooting discipline - the Mini McQueen.

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Raw Video - 2016 BC Provincial Target Rifle & F-Class Championship Awards

Apologies I lost some initial and end closing footage of the F-Class Awards Ceremony.

BC Provincial Championship had representation from Great Britain Target Rifle Team, Team USA Target Rifle Team, Canadian & US F-Class competitors. 90+ competitors at this competition.

Please visit for information and results.

Canadian Target Rifle (TR) competitor Robert (Bob) Pitcarin interview at Rattlesnake Mtn

Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA) Hall of Famer Robert (Bob) Pitcarin at the
Washington State Palma Championship

Thoughts on Tri Cities Shooting Association (TCSA) Rattle Snake Mountain Range and equipment used during the shoot.

Congratulations to Bob, he was tied in the grand aggregates for score and X's, received second place only on count back.

Intro to Target Rifle

In the class room for Intro to Target Rifle at the National Shooting Centre #NRAUK

Long Range Target Shooting - Liana's experience (14yrs)

Liana, 14years of age, started shooting when she was 11.
Joining her father on the range she created an interest in Fullbore (long range) shooting and now uses the benefits in her daily life.

Watch the interview held during the 'QRA Queens', Queensland's annual competition event, with participants from all over the world.

Try shooting? Join the QRA's #GIVEITASHOT program.
For more information:
QRA: 07 3398 4309

Anette Wachter BC Target Rifle Champion

2011 BC Championship and Lt. Governor's Cup winner Anette Wachter gets carried in the chair back to the Clubhouse.

Raising HEXTA electronic targets

Two people putting up HEXTA-002 electronic targets at the Hornsby Rifle Range, Sydney. The targets are used for fullbore competition shooting.

The 2014 U.S. Fullbore Championships, Camp Perry, Ohio

The National Rifle Association of America and ICFRA join forces in preparation for the 2015 World Championship of Long Range Rifle Shooting at Camp Perry, OH.

Easton Fullbore XT 3600 & 5600 Packs

Easton Outfitters

Incredibly versatile hauler system. This unique pack features a stout aluminum and carbon fiber tube frame with fully adjustable torso and shoulder straps. Stash the hauler net and fold in the wings for a compact daypack with incredible hauling capability.

How to Sight In a Rifle Scope / Zero Your Gun Sights Quickly (with Shootility SightSet)

This video is a short introduction to SightSet.

Shootility SightSet is an app that's ideal for small bore, full bore or air rifle target shooters and hunters, or if you have adjustable pistol sights. It's designed to help you sight in your rifle scope or mechanical sights quickly and simply, minimising wastage of costly ammunition.

SightSet holds details of the click settings for all of your sights & scopes. You pick a target from the list provided (or add your own), set a range, and then simply plot your shots as they fall on the target.

SightSet tells you how many clicks that you need to zero your sight and the direction to turn the adjustment control.

With no calculations to make there's less chance of error, and you can zero your sights without having to be a rocket scientist!

SightSet is available on iTunes in all App Stores. Sign in to your iTunes account, follow the link:

then click on the View in iTunes button.

For more information about SightSet, please visit

Bullet Stability & Barrel Twist Rate - Long-range Shooting | Applied Ballistics

Bryan Litz, Founder and President of Applied Ballistics LLC, Chief Ballistician at Berger Bullets and champion rifle shooter, talks about basic bullet stability and how to calculate barrel twist rate requirements for long-range bullets.

Learn more about long range shooting by attending an Applied Ballistics seminar and save $100 by entering promo code ABSEM100 during checkout at

Find the full Applied Ballistics Instructional DVD Putting Rounds on Target with Bryan Litz here:

Ballistics calculator:

Visit Applied Ballistics, LLC.:

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Spirit of America (1)

The Bald Eagles Rifle Club - Spirit of America Fullbore Rifle Prone Match - NRA Whittington Center, near Raton, New Mexico - August 2004

What makes a rifle a target rifle?

A short video describing what a typical target rifle looks like for long distance shooting. If you are competing the exact limitations and rules will be determined by the exact type and class you are shooting in. I have tried to describe some of the basics as it relates to most target rifles. The specific rifle shown in the video is an Opened F Class rifle in 6 mmm Dascher.

Electronic Targets HEXTA online Real Time aggregate shooting results

In 2011 HEX Systems pioneered real-time online display of shooting results for fullbore competition.
In 2014 HEXTA real-time functionality was fully integrated with HEXTA electronic target systems and is provided as a free service to all HEXTA users.

Prone & Long-Range Rifle Shooting Book (2d Ed.) from Nancy Tompkins

Nancy Tompkins is bringing out a new Second Edition of her Prone and Long-Range Rifle Shooting book. Nancy hopes to have Second Edition books available by mid-June, 2012. The enhanced Second Edition will feature updates to the current chapters, plus a new chapter on F-Class Shooting. The Second Edition will be issued as a hardback only. Nancy is the first woman to win the NRA High Power National Championship. The second was her daughter, Sherri Gallagher.

2015 BC Rifle Championship

Lt. Governor's Cup winner Jim Paton carried on The Chair to clubhouse.

Discovering F-class - A Basic Intro

Sharing how I discovered F-class and some basic equipment needed to be a competitor in a F-class Competition.

To start as a competitor please inquire or join the following:
British Columbia Rifle Association

Mission District Rod and Gun Club

Kamloops Target Sports Association

Spirit of America (2)

The Bald Eagles Rifle Club - Spirit of America Fullbore Rifle Prone Match - NRA Whittington Center, near Raton, New Mexico - August 2004

USAMU Praslick wins 2011 National Trophy Infantry Team Match!

Often referred to as the Rattle Battle and first fired in 1922, the 2011 National Trophy Infantry Team (NTIT) Match is won by team USAMU Praslick. Six Soldiers of the USAMU Service Rifle Platoon started with a combined load of 384 rounds to be fired at 8 targets from 600 and 500 yards prone and then 300 yards seated and 200 yards standing. The farther distance hits award the higher value of points. Congratulations again, Team USAMU Praslick!!

Western Province Bisley 2011 Target Rifle Administrator's Cup Winner (S.A. Bisley Union)

Alexander Coetzee Western Province Bisley 2011 Target Rifle Administrator's Cup Winner (South African Bisley Union)



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