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Fullbore target rifle


How to shoot 1,000 yards with no scope

Stickledown Range at Bisley plays host to a match between dozens of shooters capable of hitting a target 1,000 yards away - and they don't use rifle scopes. It is the Inter-Counties match. Meet the best rifle shots in the world and find out about long distance target shooting.

This item appears in Fieldsports Britain, episode 290

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Video: Senior shooter off to Games

Wynn Payne practises his shooting in Edmonton on July 17, 2014. Payne, 68-years-old, will be representing Canada at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. He will be competing in the rifle prone shooting event on July 28, 2014. Video by Larry Wong/Edmonton Journal

Rio Replay: 50m Rifle Prone Men's Final

Henri Junghaenel wins gold for Germany in the Men's 50m Rifle Prone final.

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HM The Queen's Prize 2016 - NRA TV, episode 2

The Queen's Prize at the Imperial Meeting 2016 saw more young shooters than ever before take part. Thousands of target rifle enthusiasts came to Bisley in Surrey to shoot that and other matches. But was it a young shooter who won? Find out here. That's not all. We cover the McKinnon, and we look at a new shooting discipline - the Mini McQueen.

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F-Class targetshooting at Bisley

It is the F-Class European championships. That's target shooting where you are allowed to use your riflescope - and any one can do it. Find out more about the sport here.

For more on F-Class, visit the NRA website

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Target Rifle Champ Kelly Bachand and .308 Palma Rifle

2009 Canadian Open Target Rifle Champ Kelly Bachand, a 22-year-old college student, talks about his Barnard-actioned, .308 Win Palma rifle, built by MT Guns in Santa Barbara, CA. Hailing from Washington state, Kelly out-shot over 300 other marksmen to win his first major competition at the Canadian Fullbore Championships.

Target Shooting with Rifles & Pistols: Practice Tips for the Gun Range : Types of Rifles Used for Target Shooting: Practice Tips for the Gun Range

Learn about the different types of rifles used for target shooting at the gun range in this free online video on improving your aim with target practice.

Target Shooting Episode 6 Full Bore

In this episode we introduce full bore target rifle shooting at 100m.

X-Bolt Long Range Target Rifle with McMillan Stock

Adjustable comb McMillan stock, 28 fluted barrel, 20 MOA rail and extended bolt handle is perfect for long distance shooting.

Imperial 2015 - Wimbledon Target Rifle

The Wimbledon Target Rifle Match on Century Range #Imperial146 #NRAUK

Ruger Hawkeye Long-Range Target Rifle

From SHOT Show 2019, the new Ruger Hawkeye Long-Range Target Rifle

2016 Lower Mainland Regional Fullbore Competition - Vlog

Great way to start out Canada Day long weekend shooting at General Vokes Range in Chilliwack. I had the pleasure of Introducing a new competitor to F-Class and providing some instructions and tips to the new F-Class Competitor.

A first generation British 7.62mm Target Rifle based on a Lee-Enfield No.4


Mike shows off a friend's first generation British 7.62mm Target Rifle, based on a Lee-Enfield No.4.

Newsreel footage used under fair use.

Thanks to 4(T) for a few pictures!

Beat Ryan's Time - GUNPOWER Digital Target - Rifle Challenge

You think you've got what is takes? Then come down to the Super Store in Alhambra, CA and try out your time on the all-new GUNPOWER Digital Target System! Are you an Airsoft Field or firearms training facility interested in finding out more information about this highly interactive system? Then check it out here:; Home of the World's Largest Airsoft Showroom Store
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Target rifle shooting-fullbore bacchus marsh rifle club


TAB Short: Shooting a .22 BSA Martini Target Rifle

A quick video made up of some phone footage of a recent trip to the range with a 22 calibre BSA Martini Target Rifle.

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Long Range Shooting - Target Rifle 2001

Canada - Ottawa - Neapan - Connaught Ranges 2001

The Shooting Show - the Queen's Prize at Bisley 2012 - full report

We're at the Imperial meeting at Bisley in South-East England this week at the culmination of the three-week fullbore target shooting event. Some 1,000 shooters have whittled down to the final 100 in the Queen's Prize. So who will be the one carried round the camp in celebration? Watch this to find out more. Plus Shooting Show News. All you need to know about what goes bang and what falls over.

Kimber model 82 Government Target Rifle

The Kimber 82 Government is a single shot .22LR target rifle made for the US Army by Kimber of Oregon in the late 80s. An early incarnation of the current Kimber firearms company.

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Target rifle shooting -fullbore-warracknabeal 700yrds

700 yrds



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