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Freestyle slalom skating


FLOW Freestyle slalom video HD

FLOW is a short freestyle slalom skating video starring the current world number 2 Klaudia
Hartmanis showing her amazing flow on skates. Enjoy her unique skills and the stunning views of Singapore recorded by Michał Sulinowski.

Klaudia & Michał fb page :

Music: Jimek Scarce Skills

Camera: Canon 600D


Hey guys it'sa me, Tiago the french inline skater and today I'm coming with my first freestyle slalom tutorial with my friend Ambroise! Hope you'll like it!

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Bogdanova Sofia - BEST Freestyle slalom skating - Girl on skates

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Bogdanova Sofia and her freestyle slalom classic run on the 16th of July in Paris (PSWC).

Amazing Sofia Bogdanova with high technique and very clear super presented her new slalom classic on Paris Slalom World Cup!
Sophia Bogdanova in 2019 is a wonderful inline skater on rollerblades and a cute girl on skates!

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Amazing Freestyle Skating - Zhang Hao (China) 1st

2017 SSO Senior Men Slalom,Champion,Zhang Hao (China)

Campeonato Shanghai Slalom Open - China

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Freestyle Slalom skating in Paris 🇫🇷

Enjoy Ilaria & Lorenzo Guslandi on a full day freestyle slalom skating in the streets of Paris, France.
From the sunrise at 6:00 am at the Trocaderò, down to the Bir-Haikem bridge, to the Tour Eiffel. Then we played some basketball with skates at the Nike court in Pigalle and finished the day with a stunning sunset at the Louvre museum.

Filmed by Ilaria & Lorenzo Guslandi
Edited by Lorenzo Guslandi

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#powerslide #freestyleslalom #inlineskating

KSJ 's Epic Moment in 2011 Shanghai Grand Prix of Freestyle Roller Skating

2011.8.23 22:00 Shanghai Luwan Stadium
2011 Shanghai Roller Skating Grand Prix
Kim Sung Jin (South Korea) Men Classic Slalom Champion
Music: Shock - BEAST
Canon 7D, 18~135mm, f 5.6, 1/60, iso1000
1080p 25p, 5~10Mbps (35Mbps)

Inline Skating with my COACH

Hey guys it'sa me, Tiago the french inline skater and today you're going to see me training with my COACH!

Scali's website :

2017 SSO Junior Female Classic Slalom,1st,Sofia Bogdanova,Russia 上海轮滑公开赛 冠军 索菲亚

2017 SSO Shanghai Slalom Open
Junior Female Classic Slalom,Champion 1st,Sofia Bogdanova (Russia)
2017 上海轮滑公开赛 青女花桩 冠军 索菲亚 俄罗斯
Music:The Arena - Lindsey Stirling
佳能 Canon 5D4,70-200mm f/2.8L is

Fantastic little girl ! the best talent in the world 2016 Rollerblade Freestyle Slalom dancing usa

Fantastic little girl ! the best talent in the world 2016 Rollerblade Freestyle Slalom dancing usa auditions kids - Rider Sofia Bogdanova (russia) team Powerslide magic/seba skates. Event : World Championship Paris France (pswc & wfsc) moments fails training sport performance - If you like, remember to visit my other video (^_^) 2015 beasts

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Emily Moskalenko Beautiful live

Amazing Freestyle Skating - Sofia Bogdanova 1st

Campeã na modalidade Classic Slalom no CFWC
Categoria: Junior ladies.

Por Slalom Tim Team

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This video shot and edited by Anthony Finocchiaro, presents the SEBA Team China, featuring Feng Hui, Guo Fang, Lan Wang Heng & Ye Hao Qin, the freestyle slalom is represented at it’s best level. Those skaters, all world champions in different times and categories, inspire and lead a whole generation of slalomers, in their country, their continent and beyond. Their talent has no limit and their only goal is to push their passion as far as they can and share this passion with everyone.


Vasilisa Maslova / Freestyle slalom / January 2019

Video by @drverbel

Freestyle Slalom - CRAZY LEGS / CRAZY LEGS SPIN - Lesson 11

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Slalom trick CRAZY LEGS - E category:
1) Crazy Legs
2) Crazy legs spin

Thank you!

Freestyle Slalom Skating AT HOME !?

Angelika Prucnal, Ewelina Czapla and her sister Paulina Czapla from Poland with some nice freestyle skating slalom moves at home on their „straight from the box Powerslide -- Vi FSK skates.
Universal skates & universal skaters -- perfect combination even when the weather really sucks.

#powerslide #inlineskates ##slalomskates

Awesome freestyle slalom skating in Lecco, Italy

-SKATERS: Lorenzo Guslandi (sponsored by Powerslide fsk), Valerio Degli Agostini and Lorenzo Degli Agostini.
-CAMERAMAN: Luca Galliani
-EDIT BY:Lorenzo Guslandi.
-MUSIC:纯音乐 - omfg-hello

Best of SLALOM inline skating - Powerslide Freestyle 🔺🔺🔺

Perfect balance! Check out the highlight skating video compilation of nothing but the very best of the world of Slalom skating! Finest freestyle inline moves on three wheel Powerslide freeskates performed by the most skilled team riders from all around the globe. Get your urban skates now at:

Best of SLALOM - Powerslide Freestyle Inline skating compilation 🔺🔺🔺- WE LOVE TO SKATE!

Ewelina Czapla, Paulina Czapla, Justiny Czapla, Lorenzo Guslandi, Toni Castro, Alix Bouquet, Ilaria Guslandi, Vlad Repin, Enrique Rubio, Jimmy Fort, Miriam Fatmi.

Want to go fast and keep all your tricks? Powerslide Urban inline skates are ready for your city ride. Fast slides, skate cross, 4 or 3 big wheels, 165mm or the super low Trinity mounting, Tau carbon, Imperial hard shell or Kaze softboot skates, women, men or kids feet, our wide range of freeskates will have your needs covered. Build to last with optimized control and a focus on comfort rolling your city has never been such a blast. Commute freely with style & adrenaline on our Urban inline skates!

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#powerslide #slalom #freeskating

Freestyle Slalom Rosedal - Old School

Los comienzos de Slalom en Argentina en Buenos Aires, el Rosedal.

Riders: Paula Lema, Braian Legen Gonzalez, Nicolas Sappia Pinto.

Mùsica: Autobanda - Nortec Collective

Freestyle Slalom Skate 2019

فريستال سكيت في المدينة المنورة بجادة قباء مع افضل لاعبين الاسكيت في المملكة.
تصوير وإخراج : عماد منحي
اللاعبين : عمر محمد - علي صباغ - خالد ينبعاوي - فادي فرج - محمد الزريقي - مروان
آخر اعمالي على الموقع الشخصي

A freestyle day in Madinah, Saudi Arabia With the best skaters in the Kingdom.
Directer and Editing :
Emad Manhi.
Skaters: Omar Mohammed - Ali Sabagh - Khaled Yanbawi - Fadi Faraj - Mohammed Alzoraiqi - Marwan.
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[Skating #5] Latihan Freestyle Slalom Bareng Skater Terbaik Di Indonesia!

Halo semuanya!
Dalam video kali ini, ada sedikit cuplikan latihan bersama antara Inline Skate Semarang dan Kresnadeasaraga. Kresnadeasaraga, atau yang akrab disapa Kresna ini adalah atlet freestyle slalom terbaik di Indonesia saat ini. Terima kasih Kresna sudah datang jauh-jauh dari Bandung.

Tak terlalu banyak footage video yang saya ambil dikarenakan padatnya jadwal selama latihan bersama. Semoga yang sedikit ini bisa memberi inspirasi dan semangat untuk terus berlatih.

Happy Watching!


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YouTube: Heni Eka Sari


Freestyle slalom skating in Miami

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Freestyle slalom skating by Alex Shulgan #17 in 2016 WSSA World Rank.

Music: Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong (Gryffin Remix)

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