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Freestyle slalom skating


Inline Freestyle Slalom Skating | 10 Tricks For Beginners | Slalom Skating For Beginners | SkaMiDan

Inline Freestyle Slalom Skating | 10 Tricks For Beginners | Slalom Skating For Beginners | SkaMiDan

In this video I'll show you 10 different tricks for inline freestyle slalom skating.
These are not tricks for beginners in general inline skating, but for beginners in inline freestyle slalom skating.

With these shown tricks you create a great basis for more difficult tricks
and develop the perfect trick repertoire for an optimal introduction to inline freestyle slalom skating.

In this video we'll see the following tricks:

01. Fish
02. Snake
03. One Foot
04. Criss-Cross
05. Double Cross
06. Heel-Toe Snake
07. Toe-Toe Snake
08. Toe-Toe Criss Cross
09. Heel-Toe Criss-Cross
10. Crazy

Bonus tricks:
1. Heel-Heel Criss-Cross
2. Eagle

A complete list of tricks including videos and tutorials, sorted into different levels of difficulty, can be found here:

Accessories for inline freestyle slalom skating can be found here (also LED slalom cones):

Spezielel Inlineskates für das Inline Freestyle Slalom Skating:

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Freestyle slalom skating in 2020 by Marta Skubis on Micro Delta F.
Marta is a well known young slalom skater in Poland, she took the first place in Polish Freestyle Slalom Championship in Battle, she is training in Slalom Academy (by Klaudia Hartmanis and Michał Sulinowski).
And since Autumn 2019 she represents Micro Skate and InMoveSkates PL.

Thanks to InMoveSkates PL team Yuliya Blagodiorova and Aliaksandr Blagodiorov for organizing this filming.
And thank you to a skate rink Wywrotki Rzeszow for a place to film!

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Video: Alex Shulgan
Editing: Alexey Khoroshko

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KSJ 's Epic Moment in 2011 Shanghai Grand Prix of Freestyle Roller Skating

2011.8.23 22:00 Shanghai Luwan Stadium
2011 Shanghai Roller Skating Grand Prix
Kim Sung Jin (South Korea) Men Classic Slalom Champion
Music: Shock - BEAST
Canon 7D, 18~135mm, f 5.6, 1/60, iso1000
1080p 25p, 5~10Mbps (35Mbps)

Freestyle Slalom Rosedal - Old School

Los comienzos de Slalom en Argentina en Buenos Aires, el Rosedal.

Riders: Paula Lema, Braian Legen Gonzalez, Nicolas Sappia Pinto.

Mùsica: Autobanda - Nortec Collective

FLOW Freestyle slalom video HD

FLOW is a short freestyle slalom skating video starring the current world number 2 Klaudia
Hartmanis showing her amazing flow on skates. Enjoy her unique skills and the stunning views of Singapore recorded by Michał Sulinowski.

Klaudia & Michał fb page :

Music: Jimek Scarce Skills

Camera: Canon 600D


Hey guys it'sa me, Tiago the french inline skater and today I'm coming with my first freestyle slalom tutorial with my friend Ambroise! Hope you'll like it!

Don't forget to subscribe, and please help me making Inline Skating more popular, by sharing this video to your friends; YOU can change EVERYTHING, think about it! ;)

See you in the next episode!

Amazing Freestyle Skating - Zhang Hao (China) 1st

2017 SSO Senior Men Slalom,Champion,Zhang Hao (China)

Campeonato Shanghai Slalom Open - China

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Vasilisa Maslova / Freestyle slalom / January 2019

Video by @drverbel

Freestyle Slalom skating in Paris ????????

Enjoy Ilaria & Lorenzo Guslandi on a full day freestyle slalom skating in the streets of Paris, France.
From the sunrise at 6:00 am at the Trocaderò, down to the Bir-Haikem bridge, to the Tour Eiffel. Then we played some basketball with skates at the Nike court in Pigalle and finished the day with a stunning sunset at the Louvre museum.

Filmed by Ilaria & Lorenzo Guslandi
Edited by Lorenzo Guslandi

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#powerslide #freestyleslalom #inlineskating

Freestyle slalom skating in Miami

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Freestyle slalom skating by Alex Shulgan #17 in 2016 WSSA World Rank.

Music: Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong (Gryffin Remix)

- InMoveSkates FB page

Amazing freestyle slalom roller skating: Jackson (skalienation)

Freestyle slalom skating par Jackson dans la video Skalienation..


retrouver l'ensemble des scènes sur

2017 SSO Junior Female Classic Slalom,1st,Sofia Bogdanova,Russia 上海轮滑公开赛 冠军 索菲亚

2017 SSO Shanghai Slalom Open
Junior Female Classic Slalom,Champion 1st,Sofia Bogdanova (Russia)
2017 上海轮滑公开赛 青女花桩 冠军 索菲亚 俄罗斯
Music:The Arena - Lindsey Stirling
佳能 Canon 5D4,70-200mm f/2.8L is

Bogdanova Sofia - BEST Freestyle slalom skating - Girl on skates

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???? - Online Slalom video lessons for beginners.

Bogdanova Sofia and her freestyle slalom classic run on the 16th of July in Paris (PSWC).

Amazing Sofia Bogdanova with high technique and very clear super presented her new slalom classic on Paris Slalom World Cup!
Sophia Bogdanova in 2019 is a wonderful inline skater on rollerblades and a cute girl on skates!

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Freestyle Slalom - CRAZY LEGS / CRAZY LEGS SPIN - Lesson 11

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???? - Online Slalom video lessons for beginners.

Slalom trick CRAZY LEGS - E category:
1) Crazy Legs
2) Crazy legs spin

Thank you!

Threestlye freestyle slalom - Lorenzo Guslandi & his Tau skates

Threestlye freestyle slalom - Lorenzo Guslandi & his Tau Urban Triskates - Powerslide Inline Skates. Powerslide Urban team member Lorenzo Guslandi went free on three in this freestyle slalom video in Poland on a product testing weekend.
Lorenzo´s spinning endlessly on a prototype 3x90mm Trinity frame, Powerslide Tau skates and 90mm 88A UC wheels.
The Tau is convincing with its unique 3-point mounting construction. The super low center of gravity of the Tau as well as the superior power transfer and vibration control change the level of skating! The perfect match of comfort and performance will let you skate at your limit and beyond. This is the perfect freestyle and allround urban skate.
It seems his setup is working quite well to say the least.

Video: Pablo Soler

#tauskates #inlineskates #slalomskates

Fantastic little girl ! the best talent in the world 2016 Rollerblade Freestyle Slalom dancing usa

Fantastic little girl ! the best talent in the world 2016 Rollerblade Freestyle Slalom dancing usa auditions kids - Rider Sofia Bogdanova (russia) team Powerslide magic/seba skates. Event : World Championship Paris France (pswc & wfsc) moments fails training sport performance - If you like, remember to visit my other video (^_^) 2015 beasts

#inlineskating #rollerskating #redbulltv
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Emily Moskalenko Beautiful live

Championnat de France roller freestyle 2019 : slalom battle

Les Championnats de France roller freestyle 2019, slalom, skatecross et hauteur pure, ont eu lieu du 31 mai au 2 juin au Parc des Expositions Noron de Niort. 240 riders ont pris part à la compétition de slalom battle. Images...

Awesome freestyle slalom skating in Lecco, Italy

-SKATERS: Lorenzo Guslandi (sponsored by Powerslide fsk), Valerio Degli Agostini and Lorenzo Degli Agostini.
-CAMERAMAN: Luca Galliani
-EDIT BY:Lorenzo Guslandi.
-MUSIC:纯音乐 - omfg-hello

Beginner slalom on inline skates - lesson 1

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Our first steps in slalom on inline skates:
1.Half snake
2.Fish (2 cones & per each cone)
3. Lemon (2 cones, per each cone, forward 3c to backward 2c, preparation for the grapevine)

Amazing Freestyle Skating - Sofia Bogdanova 1st

Classic Slalom CFWC - Categoria: Junior ladies.

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