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Freestyle footbag


Ultimate Footbag Skills 2016 | World Champion

Camera & Edit by Slava Sidorin
Multiple World Footbag Champion Honza Weber showing the best of his freestyle skills one at Prague sunrise one day before his 30th birthday. :)

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Footbag Worlds 2019 Last Shred

Competition ended late in Warsaw on Saturday night and players gave the last of their energy to a few shred circles that had formed in the side area of the gym. Vasek, Arek, Pawel, and many of the other top performers threw down hard as everyone waited for the awards ceremony. It was a fitting end to another fantastic Worlds competition and may be some of the most fun shred in the calendar year.

Freestyle Footbag on Playground | World Champion Honza Weber in Slow Motion

Slow motion footbag - hackysack footage of 7 times World champion Honza Weber. Additional footage that was shot for Czech TV on Honza`s profile in 2014, but was never used.

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Worlds 2017 Open Circle Finals


Intense Freestyle Footbag (hacky sack tricks)

Nathan Deschamps playing freestyle footbag. New moves. Triple around the world. Good stuff :)

2019 IFPA World Footbag Championships - Freestyle Teaser

In 2019 Warsaw Footbag Association hosts 40th IFPA World Footbag Championships! Find out more at

camera/edit: Paweł Rożek
intro: Michał Róg
music: Retro Future Nights - Synthwave

Unseen New Footbag Goddess 2008

Freestyle football/footbag compilation 2

After several weeks of mucking around, several computer crashes and a lot of profanities, the ultimate footbag/football freestyle compilation is completed. I hope you guys have as much fun as I had editing it. It certainly had been a pleasure.

On my way to work, I shred. Freestyle Footbag.

I practice freestyle footbag everyday! The other day, I got to do my practice in front of the Michigan Avenue Apple Store and the beautiful new shred grounds they have created for public use. As a 51 year old who has played footbag for over 4184 days in a row (since my 40th birthday), getting out in the middle of the City of Chicago and shredding my ass off on a chilly morning at the Chicago Riverfront, I’m holding my own. What do you do before work?

You be the judge. Thanks for watching.

The Greatest Footbag/Hacky Sack Routine of All Time

Performed at the World Footbag Championships 2010 by Nick Landes during the Semi-Finals. This routine beat the current world champion, Vasek Klouda, and the former world champion, Damian Gielnicki.

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Freestyle Footbag (Hacky Sack) | Electro Swing Show

New Footbag electro swing show by World Footbag Champion Honza Weber & 4Dance studio.

Worlds 2019 Routines Finals - Vasek Klouda

Freestyle Football/Freestyle Footbag compilation part 1

I decided to put together 2 compilation videos of freestyle football and freestyle footbag to help bring the players of both sports closer together and for all to see the potential of what people can do in each. I hope I did both sport justice in these 2 reviews!

This is the first part: the so called Hardcore freestyle part of both sports, aka. The Revolution/Dexterity Fiasco (for the most part!). Enjoy guys!

Freestyle Footbag

Routine from an East Coast tournament. Highlighting one of David's many routines.

Freestyle Footbag

full performance from grass.

Footbag vs Freestyle football 2019 | Hala Gwardii Warszawa

Podsumowanie Freestyle Footbag VS Freestyle football w Hali Gwardii w Warszawie!



????by Paweł Kot

Footbag freestyle skills by Thomas: Level 1

In this video you can see basic footbag skills - Level 1. If you can do this stuff, you are good Beginner player and you can to go to the next level - Intermediate player.

Sorry for a worse quality :))

Freestyle Footbag by Marco Hartig Freiburg 2017


Anssi Sundberg - Footbag Freestyle

Footbag at it's finest performed by Anssi Sundberg, the 2011 vice world champion.
Video filmed in Turku, Finland in July 2011. Shot and edited by Jay Boychuk.
On this channel, Anz' Trikz, you can find tutorials for learning footbag.
Check out and for more information about the sport of footbag.
E-mail at anztrikz at gmail for any questions.

-- the only fake visual effect in this video is the glow on the footbag. The skills are real.

freestyle footbag / hacky sack
instagram @Kl3pan



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